Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-11) – Telly Updates


In VR Mansion:-

Vansh wakes up and washes his face and rushes towards Angre’s room

In Angre’s room:-

There Vansh saw that Angre was lying on floor with Kabir’s head on his stomach and Aryan on the couch…. He got shocked seeing their condition and moves to wake them up

Vansh (while shaking them one by one) – Angre,… get up…. Kabir…. Aryan…. Guys get up…. Who did this to you?

Angre (in sleepy voice) – Vansh, you came

Kabir (in sleepy voice) – We were waiting for you!!

Vansh- Yaa… I came but who did this to you… Tell him I will kill that person then and there only

Aryan (in sleepy voice) – Bro, Our Sleep did this

Vansh (confused) – What? Forget it you’re still not in your senses after last night drink……… Angre you tell me who did this to you all?

Angre- Actually Vansh, Kabir and Aryan came to my room at 6:00 in the morning, they said that till you will come, they will wait here only after that Aryan sat on the couch while we both were too sleepy that we sat on the floor…. We waited for you till 6:10 but you didn’t arrive so Aryan laid on the couch and slept meanwhile I laid down on floor and Kabir on me

Vansh- Then what happened?

Kabir- Nothing, we were sleeping only

Vansh (hitting his head) – So you guys were just sleeping and what all I had thought….. Forget it…….. (As he watches Aryan who is still sleeping)…. Aryan get up and sit on the chair…. You’re not allowed to sit on the couch

Aryan- Ok bro……. (sits on the chair) Now tell why you called us so early?

Vansh- I called to tell you that did Ishani, Sejal and Siya had told you that today they are going to give a surprise to Ruchi, of her baby shower

Angre- Yaa Siya told me…..

Kabir- Sejal too….

Aryan- That witch (yawning) I mean Ishani also (yawning)

Vansh- Aryan…..

No reply came from him he again called him but he didn’t answered when Vansh turns he saw him sleeping on the chair….. He gets up and bring a glass full of water and then splash….. Aryan was fully covered in water and he gets up with a jerk

Kabir and Angre burst out laughing

Vansh- Good Morning Aryan, Now dare you to sleep again without listening to our whole plan……… btw what else Ishani told you

Aryan- Bhai why are making me remind of her words in early morning….. God knows what will happen today

Vansh- Aryan tell me what else she told

Aryan- She told me that they’ll even go for shopping for the baby shower

Vansh- Any idea Kabir, Where they will go?

Kabir- They’ll visit the same mall which they visited yesterday

Vansh- That “Infinity Mall”

Angre- I guess he is right because it’s the biggest mall of Mumbai and anything can easily be available there

Vansh- So We will kidnap them today

All got shocked

Kabir, Angre, Aryan (unison) – What???

Vansh- Yaa… What so shocking in it?

Kabir- But Vansh, after yesterday don’t you think that today will be strict security for them

Vansh- No In fact today there will be no security with them…..

Angre- How??

They discuss about their plan (that’s a secret)

Aryan- Vansh Bro, this plan is amazing…… But where we will take them because they shouldn’t feel like they are kidnapped so we need to take them somewhere where no one could even think

Vansh- We will take them to Darjeeling…… there we had another VR Mansion but that’s out of reach for anyone even police and about this plan I only told this to Dad and he informed it to Tara

Angre- and Mom, What we will tell her?

Kabir- It’s easy, we can tell her we are tired and need a rest for almost two months and then she won’t doubt

Vansh- and anyhow we need to kidnap them today because tomorrow it’s court hearing….

They all nodded and went to their work after completely discussing their plan

In RV Mansion:-

All had started decorating their house for the baby shower while Ruchi was sleeping in her room

At 9:30 am:-

Ruchi was about to wake up in her room when everyone came in her room and she woke up and sat up and rubbed her eyes and suddenly everyone shouted

Everyone- Happy Baby Shower

Ruchi- What’s all this Riddhima?

Riddhima- Bhabhi You didn’t liked it…. Actually today is your beginning of 5 month of pregnancy….

Ishani- So we searched on Google

Siya- That in which month of pregnancy is baby shower done

Sejal- and it said that it’s celebrated in 5 month

Veer- So we planned to celebrate your baby shower today

Riddhima- But you didn’t liked it…. Sorry bhabhi

Ruchi (hugging her) – Who said I didn’t liked it, I loved it….. So had you guys prepared for evening party

Riddhima- No actually after 4 pm, there is some inauspicious time so we will celebrate it before 2 pm and before that we need to go for shopping

Ruchi- Ohkk…… I love you Riddhu…

Veer (making cute face) – Only Riddhu not me…….

Ruchi- Aww… my baby

Riddhima- Bhabhi….. we are here

Ruchi- So go… don’t you want to go for shopping

Riddhima- You guys are too desperate……. Ohk…. Let’s go guys

They left but before leaving they heard Riddhima’s voice

Riddhima (shouting) – Enjoy guys!!!

After that they left for getting ready for Shopping unaware of the storm waiting for them there

At 11:30 am:-

They were about to leave for shopping before that Sandhya stopped them

Sandhya- Riddhu, You guys can go later because see half of the decoration is left and guests are about to come

Ishani- But, mom shopping is even left

Sandhya- Yaa… for that you can send any of our bodyguards

Siya- Ohk mom……

In front of “Infinity Mall”:-

At 12 pm:-

Vansh- Are you guys had turned insane?

Aryan- Don’t know bhai but do you have a doubt?

Vansh- Till now I do have a doubt but now it’s confirmed

Aryan- How?

Vansh- Because as per your hearing sense, you guys had only said that they will reach till 11:00 am, and now see the time it’s 12:00 pm?

Aryan- Yaa…. Bhai it’s too late now I’m hungry let’s go inside we will have something….

Vansh- Shut up Aryan, I’m not saying that I’m hungry where are they?

Aryan- Who?

Angre- Dumbo…… He is talking about Riddhima, Ishani, Siya and Sejal…..

Vansh- Yes…. Idiot….. Because of you three I had to wait for them till now otherwise Vansh Raisinghania doesn’t

Kabir, Angre and Aryan (cutting him and saying in unison while giving a fake smile) – wait for anyone……….. We know we know

Vansh- Yaa right…

After half an hour-

Kabir- Aryan, Are you sure they said that they will come at 11:00 am?

Aryan- No, wait a second….. When I told you guys that they will come at 11:00 am, I definitely remember I hadn’t said anything like that

Vansh- Then who said?

Kabir- Neither I

Angre- nor I

Vansh- Even I hadn’t said

Kabir- Then why are we here…….

Vansh- Indeed we had turned insane while living with this Dumbo……

Aryan- What had I done?

Angre (hitting his head playfully) – Why hadn’t you told us before

Aryan- Because I thought Angre was informed about that

Angre- I thought Vansh…….

Vansh- I thought Kabir………

Kabir- I thought Aryan……….

Aryan- My dialogue is completed

Vansh- So let’s go back

Angre- Where?

Vansh- RV Mansion

Aryan- Why???

Vansh- Because from there only we could follow them…

They drove to RV Mansion

At 1:30 pm:-

It had been 45 minutes they had reached there reached there they saw Sejal and Siya guiding the decorators in the garden…..

Vansh- They are here only and we were there in this hot burning season in front of sun

Aryan- But we were in car with full and that too with AC….. How we were in front of sun

Vansh- Shut up Aryan!!!!!!!!

They were waiting for them for 15 minutes…..

At 1:45 pm:-

Inside RV Mansion:-

Ishani- Riddhu we hadn’t shopped any gift for bhabhi……

Riddhima- Yaa and those bodyguards are even busy….

Sejal- Riddhu, let’s drop a message to Dad and let’s leave for shopping we will come till pooja gets over

Siya- Dad, Won’t he scold us….. for leaving without bodyguards

Riddhima- I had an idea

Sejal- What

Riddhima- So listen

Precap- Missing??

Do comment and tell me your guesses about the planning of Riddhima and as well as of Vansh and who is missing

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