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At 8:30pm Rainbow garden

Vansh came to rainbow garden and didn’t find riddima but there are fairy lights kept to keep the beauty of colourful flowers and suddenly a spotlight comes and falls on a person who is none other than riddima she comes with a single red rose flower and kneels down on her knees and says

Riddima : vansh when I met you I thought that something connection is between us , next when you came closer to me I started developing feelings but I don’t know what are those feelings called where am I you are with me , you are in my thoughts , in my dreams , in my memories , my special moments are with you and even I want to make them more so being with me in everything can you be in life forever with me , will you marry me vansh ? and always be with me , support me , care about me , think about me , love me will you be my love in all my seven births vansh ?? Will you be with me in any circumstances vansh . Do you love me vansh ??

(Guys actually I read somany ffs and os but none of them has in it riddu’s proposal first so I decided to make it interesting by doing this proposal like this )

Vansh was totally surprised by her words he can’t believe whom he love the most loves him even more than him and want to live her whole life with him in any circumstances.

Vansh (soo happy) : yes riddima I will

Riddima was on cloud nine . She can’t believe that he accepted her proposal

Riddima : vansh do you love me from beginning??

Vansh (with no option ) : to be honest yes
Riddima : then why didn’t you express it ??
Vansh : I wanted to tell you many times but there are a lot of circumstances
Riddima : but I’m happy that I proposed you first
Vansh : so ??
Riddima : in any love story there will be the boy who will express it but I can’t hide my feelings anymore slowly I realised my feelings I wanted to know your opinion but you didn’t propose me or said about your feelings but I don’t wanna lose my true love soo easily with a very small issue so I decided to propose with a small hope but I doesn’t believe ki you too same feelings for me .

Vansh : anyhow just leave it come with me .
Riddima : but where
Vansh : after our confession before starting a relationship I have to start it with a good start right soo
Riddima : soo ??
Vansh : I want to give you a surprise
Riddima : but what is it ??

Then riansh leave to the restaurant where vansh decided to propose riddima to propose her but then he takes her to the restaurant and then after dinner they go back home and sleep

The very next day they start their relationship with a great start they spend time together and get more and more close

After 2 & half weeks

At Rathore Mansion
(Where abhiram live with his parents his wife and younger brother)

Neil : dad I wanna conduct a party today
Siya : I think there is something special neil
Neil : yes bhabhi I selected a life partner to me and I will announce who it was , if you all for this marriage without any objections we will get married

Raj & Rani : (neil and abhi ‘s father and mother) without even saying us ??

Abhi : common mom dad don’t feel guilty

And the party is held at 7:00pm at Rathore mansion and the guests are arrived even Raisinghania family and Riddima too

Siya to Riddima : riddima when you will introduce your parents to us

Riddima : I said at first only they will live far away from me and when right time comes I will introduce ok

And a boy proposes her suddenly at the garden of the house

Person : I love you riddima
Riddima : aniruddh I thought you as my best friend not like boyfriend or lover

Person : but I thought you like my love

Vansh came to meet riddima and was watching their conversation and wanted hit that person but decided to wait till his ladylove will speak

Riddima : you don’t know what is love the true love is that which is a kite tied with thread of trust and which is a mixture of feelings and emotions , it has happiness , sadness , pain , love , feelings , hatred , trust , betrayal , a second chance in love , misunderstanding , rift , reconcile , reunion , realising mistake , feeling guilty for not trusting their love and finally forgiven and many more in its journey this journey called love is so dangerous and adventurous but who truly love can fight it and win it everytime in any circumstances and they can do any sacrifices for their love’s happiness even they can sacrifice their love for their lover’s happiness , they are their first priority , even if they don’t love them they still love them and only love them till their last breath and didn’t even see any other person in their place or their life , usually when some other person try to touch or come close to their live they get angry bcoz of not possessiveness but bcoz they can’t control when they see some other person with their love becoz they love them a lot , life will be one one time happy if we marry our first and true love , but it will be sad when they didn’t love us back or betray us or cheat us with their fake love or they go faraway from them but destiny has in store of something in their life . And who loves truly their love definitely wins , if not won that doesn’t mean it was not true love but bcoz their fate is like that and definitely some other time they can find their soulmate and life partner very soon and I believe in it

Then anirudh is keenly listening to her words

Aniruddh : I am truly sorry for proposing you if you feel bad but it was a dare given by my friends to me

Vansh became relaxed after listening his ladylove ‘ s and annirudh’s words and he left from there

Riddima : it’s ok bye
Anirudh : bye

Person 1 : you know right I have a sister and she is bst friend too in childhood

Person 2 : yes I remember

Person 3 : guys I am missing her when she went to US and came back after completing her studies she doesn’t contacted us but thank God she is in touch with bhai

Person 1 & 2 : yes

Precap : the three persons identities revealed

Today ‘ s questions
1. Whom do you think to be that persons who are hidden and unknown

2. Is a new character entering in the ff who is the person 1 sister

3. Or she is old character only

Do comment your views in comment section

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