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Chapter 5 : Night Of Love

Vansh walks outside the cave and takes the boat. He looks at the waning moon in the sky. Angre’s words ring in his ears “Bhai you love her”

Vansh: Do I love her? Is Angre right?

He closes his eyes and sees a smiling Riddhima. His lips bear a smile without his knowledge. He feels the chillness of the night and gently opens his eyes. He sees the beautiful moon’s reflection in the water. For the first time in his life he enjoys the beauty of the scenic night. Though he is an author he doesn’t enjoy the joys of Life. All he writes is crime novels which bear no joy or love. All they express is anguish , blood and anger. But that Vansh is enjoying a scenery now.

His boat reaches the other side. He gets out and takes his care. His hand switches the radio and a song starts to play

Ho tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi

Sapne teri chahaton ke, sapne teri chahaton ke

Dekhti hoon ab kayee

Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayi

Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi

These lines remind him of Ridhimaa..his Ridhimaa..he himself doesn’t know how but his heart has made her its.

Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, rab ne milaya tumhe,

Honthon pe sajaya tumhe, nag mein sagaya tumhe

Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, sab se chupaya tumhe,

Sapna banaya tumhe, neendhon mein bulaya tumhe

Chahaton ka mazaa, faasalon mein nahin

Aa chupa loon tumhe hauslon mein kahin

Sab se upar likha, hai tere naam ko

Khwaishon se jude silsilon mein kahin

His car goes straight to her apartment. He doesn’t need a map or even eyes anymore. His heart is enough to guide him to her house. He parks his car at a distance and gets down. He grabs his wand and goes near her apartment. Thats when he remembers the guy telling him that Kabir wants to lure Ridhimaa to kill her..just to bring out the Dark Lord’s power.. How can he dare to kill Ridhimaa..his Ridhimaa. Anger boils inside him. He wants to kill Kabir with his hands but he calms himself

Vansh: Unless I have Ridhimaa near me..I need a way to protect her.

He raises his wand and : Ati Raksha Bhava

White light erupts from his wand and encircles the apartment

Vansh : Now you will be safe here Ridhimaa..yesterday that spirit saved you..I must find what it is and who sent it.

He suddenly thinks of something. He rushes to his car and takes him broomstick out. Moments later Vansh is flying near the window of of Ridhimaa’s room. He extends his wand

Vansh: Alohomora

The window opens but to his luck the sound doesn’t wake Ridhimaa up. He gently gets inside. Places his broomstick aside and walks to her. He gently kneels down near a sleeping Ridhimaa

Vansh: She looks too beautiful in this streak of moonlight. When someone mentions of hurting you I feel like killing them at the mention of it. Its been just few days since you came into my life but I have started consider you as mine..I know this makes it sound like you are a thing and I want to achieve you but no..I don’t want to achieve you..all I want is your happiness. And if this is called love..I …I love you Ridhimaa

He gently caresses her face but fearing that it might wake her up he takes his hand away

Vansh: Ill not let that Kabir touch your shadow even. Its a promise on my love. Something I have found after these many years and something I want to cherish throughout the rest of my life

He slowly gets up but Ridhimaa adjusts her sleeping position such that his hand is sandwiched between her and the bed. Vansh starts to smile wide

Vansh: So you don’t want me to leave you. I too dont want to leave my dear but if you wake up you will kill me Ill leave..once you accept me and give me the right to stay near you as long as we wish Ill stay with you and never leave you

He gently takes his hand away and gets out.

Meanwhile Rai Singhania Mansion

Ishani meets Angre when he comes to Angre’s room. She locks the door and goes to him

Angre: Ishani..what if someone

Ishani: Bhai wont be back …he is staying out all these nights and comes only in early morning. What’s happening? Tell me?

Angre tells everything from the prophecy ball to Vansh loving Riddhima

Ishani: What? Bhai is in love?

Angre: Haan..even I could not believe it

Ishani: Sia and I were the only ones to whom he was showing real love and care. But he was a beast inside

Angre: May be the tale beauty and the beast happened here

Ishani: Anyway Im so the way my album is releasing tomorrow. I want you to accompany me..will you..?

Angre: I wish I could..but ..Ill try my best dear

Ishani: We should tell about us soon

Angre: Yes I need to leave.

He gives a quick peck on her cheek and leaves from there.

A unidentified building

In a large room an old man is reading something. A spirit flies to him

Man: You have come so soon…what happened?

Spirit: Gaurav ji..someone has casted the rakshak spell over there. I had no work

Gaurav: I expected this..he is here..she has crossed her twenties and he is here

Spirit: Why will Kabir do it?

Gaurav: Not Kabir you fool..Vansh is here..hereafter you need to guard her

Spirit: Yesterday I came to tell you about Kabir’s arrival and left her under partial protection spell. Today he has castes a total protection

Gaurav: Soul connection is leading to heart connection for him. He will take care of her hereafter

Spirit: So Kabir has failed

Gaurav: Ridhimaa will not love Kabir at any cost which means he has failed

Spirit: How did Vansh find Ridhimaa

Gaurav: I made him..its the destiny..once she turns 20 her powers come into effect and his arrival is needed so I gave hint about the prophecy ball

Spirit: What powers make Kabir and Vansh dependent on her?

Gaurav: Something which her mother gifted her with. You know what happened when she was pregnant right

Spirit: The great struggle happened. Even Vansh’s parents lost their lives at the end of it right

Gaurav: Exactly..thats when this was gifted to Ridhimaa when she was still in her mother’s womb

Spirit: What is it exactly?

Gaurav: Its not the time for it. Ill tell you later. I have an important message to pass

Spirit: One last question sir..will Vansh receive what he strives for

Gaurav doesnt say anything. He just smiles and leaves.


Vansh gets back to the cave. Angre too reaches

Vansh: Where is Anmol

Angre: Bring Anmol here

Angre notices the happiness on Vansh’s face and understands where he had been

Anmol is brought to Vansh

Vansh: So you are going to publish me being a wizard in the paper

Anmol: Ill definitely do it. People need to know the truth of you wizard living under the cover of an author

Vansh: Angre what do western people call these people as

Angre: Muggle

Vansh: We need to respect them right

Angre: Yeah..

Vansh: Yeah..but unless they dont poke their nose into our business. Now he has been spying us ..what should we do..

Angre in mind: Only few hours ago he killed someone..please god prevent him from doing another killing curse

Vansh: Angre?

Angre: Punish

Vansh: Good..shall I use peditto… …no…he doesn’t deserve that…lets erase his memory

Anmol: Am I a computer to erase my memory

Vansh laughs,  and takes his wand : Vismaran

Moments later they make Anmol unconscious and take him out

Vansh: Leave him at his house. He would have forgotten everything about us.

Angre in mind: Thankfully he didn’t do anything harsh…thanks Ridhimaa

Riddhima’s apartment, Morning 

Not knowing anything that happened, Ridhimaa wakes up from her bed. She gets ready for her day and to her annoyance her mind is wandering to Vansh

Riddhima: Shut up Riddhu..why are you thinking of him. I wont even meet him or talk to him anymore

Saying this she leaves for her day. But is she right?

Next Chapter: Saviour

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