“I feel helpless every single day” – Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood stepped out to help out migrant workers reach back home during the lockdown last year and ever since has been hailed the messiah of the masses. He hasn’t stopped helping people and has been taking efforts to procure oxygen and medical supplies for the needy as the pandemic hits a second wave. He has taken it a notch higher by starting his own foundation. He has been providing free help for several COVID-19 patients and their families. Recently during an interview with a journalist Barkha Dutt, Sonu opened up about feeling helpless constantly.

He said, “My heart breaks when I see all that. I have been listening to all these people and when I see those visuals, I can imagine myself,” He added, “You fail as an individual, you feel like you’ve done nothing in life.” Sonu mentioned feeling helpless continuously during the pandemic while helping people, he said”I feel helpless every single day, I learn about newer problems and I feel what kind of country we are living in.”  

Sonu Sood

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