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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori and Tiwari sitting in bedroom Tiwari narrating the poem and Angoori imagines it all in wrong sense, Angoori screams on Tiwari says shutup what are you talking you have done planning to kill me in your poem and asks Tiwari to leave room. Tiwari says I’m your husband i was narrating poem for you but you took it in all wrong sense. Angoori say shutup and screams at him and makes him leave his house.

Tiwari outside Vibhu’s house tries to enter in bedroom through ladder and asks Vibhu to get up, Vibhu in his sleep saying I’ll return the depth. Tiwari what happen Vibhu you were saying ill return. Vibhu says kind hearted people always do good deeds not like you. Tiwari says to Vibhu people like you say they will give education but educate people in wrong sense. Vibhu asks Tiwari what are you doing in my bedroom in this middle of night. Tiwari says Angoori kicked me out of my house. Vibhu being happy saying that’s very sad. Tiwari says you are worried about me but it seems like you are very much happy from inside, what have you teach Angoori i was narrating poem for but but she kicked me out of my house. Vibhu says I’ll teach you poem and narrates to Tiwari, Tiwari starts sleeping in Vibhu’s bed. Vibhu says what is this why are you sleeping in my bed get up. Tiwari says where will I go then at this time and start screaming on Vibhu and asks him to sleep.

Angoori outside his house worried about Tiwari watching for him. TMT comes to Angoori asks what are you in this middle of night. Angoori say’s I did a very big mistake, after taking the anger management class I imagined all thing in wrong sense and kicked out Tiwari from house. Teeka says do not worry about Tiwari he is smart he will figure out something and will be back by1:30. Malkhan says he will be back don’t worry. Happu Singh comes to Angoori and TMT and asks what happen. Tillu says to Happu Singh, Angoori kicked out Tiwari from his house. Happu Singh says stop worrying and I’ll bring him back, but Angoori and TMT remember there class and starts imagining things in wrong sense, Angoori slaps Happu Singh says how dare you to talk like this for Tiwari and goes into the house. TMT starts laughing on Happu Singh. Happu Singh asks TMT what happen to her all of sudden and TMT start imagining in wrong sense and start beating Happu Singh.

Vibhu in dreams imagine Annu and wraps Tiwari. Tiwari wakes up and says what are you doing you should be ashamed of yourself. Listening this David and Helan comes in bedroom and sees Vibhu and Tiwari together in same bed. Helan asks Tiwari what are you doing here. Tiwari says Angoori kicked me out of my house so i came here to sleep but I didn’t know he is so shameless. David and Helan got shocked. Vibhu says I thought Annu is sleeping beside me don’t you worry you can go to sleep. David say’s that’s why I dont sleep with him he is so shameless. Helan I think so Annu should come now. Vibhu says no need to worry Tiwari you can go to sleep. Tiwari denies for that. David says to Tiwari if you want you can sleep with me I dont have such kind of habits.

Tiwari come to his house asking for Angoori. Angoori gets up and Tiwari gets scared of her, Angoori says why are you doing this dont be scared I’m sorry for what I did I’ll do anything to make things right. Tiwari say’s lets go upstairs. Happu Singh comes to Tiwari and say’s I brought arrest warrant against your wife, she slapped me on duty. Angoori say’s I don’t know what happen to me I imagined he is saying something wrong to me and I slapped him. Happu Singh says dont try to run and come with me. Tiwari say’s you know Angoori from many years she will not do like that and explains him she is taking anger management classes sometime things happen try to understand. Happu Singh says let law do his work. Tiwari tries to bribe Happu Singh. Happu Singh to Tiwari are you trying to buy me. Tiwari says consider this as loan. Happu Singh takes the money and say’s I don’t have change and leaves and says I have respect for you and says good thing for her. Angoori imagines again in wrong sense and slaps Happu Singh. Angoori says please forgive me.

TMT walking on road discussing about Happu Singh what they did and want to apologise, seeing Happu Singh they goes over him and start apologising. Happu Singh says wait a minute leave me and kicks Malkhan, dont get so emotional I know you from last many years I scold you so much but still love you all, I think you all should do for me and saying good things about them but TMT start imagining everything in wrong sense and start beating Happu Singh and leaves him on road

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