Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 23 – Telly Updates

And then when police came they have shown the proofs which are related to vihaan and police took him away

Abhi : finally we have succeeded

Angre : and now , we should take vansh back home

They bring vansh back

In riansh room

Vansh : riddima

Riddima : haa

Vansh : if I took any loan from you

Riddima : no , why

Vansh : toh phir roz roz mujhe tumpar interest kyu bad rahi hai

Riddima blushes

Vansh : so my kiss

Riddima : let you cure down

Vansh : riddima , you are trying to escape right , but you can’t………..

Riddima then keeps a kiss on his cheek and leaves from there

Then vansh decides to go to honeymoon

Vansh : riddima pack your clothes

Riddima : but why , are you sending me back home ??

Vansh : shut up , we are going to honeymoon

Riddima : really ??

Vansh : yes and go and pack your bags

Vansh takes a separate room for them for their privacy

Riddima : yaar vansh , why we need a separate room

Vansh : come on sweetheart , we are newly Wed , (naughty smirk)

Riddima (doubting) : oh hlo excuse me , did you plan something naughty or what

Vansh smiles to say yes

R : vansh come on , if you wanna do romance then do it in the bedroom not here

V : but what can I do as I wanna

Riddima tries to escape but vansh corners her to the wall

Vansh : don’t you dare try to escape , bcoz no one can go away from vansh’s clutches , remember that

Then he sits on a seat and makes her sit on his lap and then he starts kissing her neck , riddima tries to stop him but she can’t and then he keeps a mark on her neck which is a love bite

Riddima : vansh , now how can I cover it

Vansh : I don’t know

Riddima hits him

Vansh : ok ok cover it with this scarf (he is showing it by making her see the scarf

Riddima : god , if I keep this scarf with me all the time then what ……….I can’t no thanks

Vansh : riddima till when we reach our room

Riddima : then what about enjoying the honeymoon

Vansh : yaar in this country , these are common so don’t worry ok

Precap : a new enemy

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