The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 8 – Telly Updates

After enjoying the trip for few more days they go back to mumbai

At VR mansion

Siya : so how is your trip children

Rishi : so nice chachi , we loved it

Anju : yeah , and we enjoyed our new friends company

Ishani : and who are those new friends

Rishi : we will introduce them on some other day

Angre : first you all go and fresh up

Later , kids are playing and vansh is doing his incomplete work

At Rathore Mansion

Rivan : mom , at starting with whom I fought , now I became friends with her

Vriddhi : yeah , I really loved to be with them

Tanish : for now get ready , we will go to park

Vridhi and rivan nod

At the park

Even rishi and anju go to the park and meet them and they decide to keep a race and in it rivan won

Rivan to everyone : kabhi kushi , kabhi gham vaise hi , ek ek baar jeet tera , ek ek baar jeet mera

Next day :

At the school

Principal : so children the school is going to keep a fest

Rishi : yes , we can enjoy even more than the previous year

Vriddhi : so every year it will be ??

Anju : yess , and will always be updated

And then teacher calls them

Teacher : so children , there will be a dance competition too , so I will select the pairs now , who are interested come forward

Rivan – vriddhi
Tanish – ritu
Anju – karthik
Rishi- madhavi

But karthik doesn’t learn the steps well and vriddhi gets a sprain on her leg

Rivan : don’t worry yaar , it will be ok

Vriddhi : but with whom you will dance ??

Rivan : hmmm , I will ask mam ok you take care of yourself

Rivan goes to the teacher

Rivan : mam as my partner got a sprain on her leg , can you give me a new dance partner

Teacher : sure take , trisha

Rivan : mam , you know na few days back what happened , no I can’t

Teacher : ok , then take anju as her partner is no one

Rivan : great , thank u miss

Rivan goes to anju and they dance , later rivan goes to vriddhi and makes her leg normal

Precap : the school fest

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