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Riddhima: aisa khuch nhi h Yaar! …
Tara : let’s go for a picnic trip guys. After all it’s Sunday !
Harshit : I think Tara is right! We should go for a trip ! We’ll come by this evening!
Vansh : I am ready!
Riddhima: guys actually somehow I am getting negative vibes so I don’t feel like going to this trip!
Harshit : riddhima don’t you worry! We’ll refresh your mood! Let’s go na! Vansh say something!
Vansh : what should I say ? If she wants to ruin our day because of her then it’s fine guys!
Tara : aww yes it’s fine
Riddhima : ok fine let’s go
( vansh 1 riddhima 0 )
Tara : woo-hoo!
Harshit : let’s go to bhangarh fort suna h it’s one of the most haunted places in Asia
‎Tara and vansh : yupp that’s a good idea!
( harshit called his brother sarthak and sarthak drove the car to the fort of rajasthan – the bhangarh fort! It was a total journey of nearly 2 hours )
‎after reaching there :

‎riddhima : I’ve heard many myths and rumours about this place!
‎Tara : haan that’s ratnavati and tantarik na!
‎harshit : kaha jata hai ki tantarik rani ke piche pagal tha Ek din jb uski Dasi ko usne Rani ke liye perfume late dekha to black magic krke usne use aisa perfume diya jisse rani ko usse pyar ho jaye pr Rani came to know about it and threw the bottle or fir mrte mrte tantarik ne rani or is puri place ko curse de diya tbse ye cursed or India ka sbse haunted fort me se Ek h ( people say that there was a beautiful queen and one tantarik fell in love with her so when he saw his maid buying perfume for her he gave her a perfume made by black magic so that she can fall in love with him but queen came to know about it and threw the bottle so before dying he gave curse to her and this whole town)
‎vansh : khuch bhi haan I don’t believe in this!
‎harshit : believe krna ya nhi hmpe depend krta h nhi ? ( it depends on us whether we are believing in this or not)
‎( riddhima felt like someone is staring her but she ignored it )
‎they did a few chit chats and then clicked few photos then riddhima said : yaar evening Ho gyi h ! Chlo kisi restrau me dinner krke vapas chlte h ( it’s evening let’s go to a nearby restrau
‎( they went to nearby restaurants )
‎riddhima: Mai bahar hu tum log aa jana finish krke! ( I am outside! You guys can catch up with me after finishing)
‎Tara : you’re okay na babes?

‎riddhima : haan haan I am!
( she went outside )
Vansh : Mai aata hu tum log yhi ruko ( I am coming! Wait)
Sarthak bhaiya : ruko vansh counter tk Mai bhi chlta hu pay krne ke liye ( wait vansh I am also coming as I have to pay)
( sarthak stopped at the counter and vansh went outside too)
Vansh: hey! Aise chand ko kyu stare kr rhi Ho vo bechara sharma jayega ( don’t stare at the moon! He’ll shy)
Riddhima laughed and said : achha to tumhe stare kru kya ( so should I stare you)
Vansh : hm mujhe to bhot log krte h ab dekho na Mai hun hi itna handsome ( hm everyone does that! Oh I am so handsome)
Riddhima smiled
Vansh : toh kya hua h tumhe? ( what happened? )
Riddhima : khuch shi nhi lg rha h bs! Sb Thik hoga na ( nothing is feeling good! Everything will become normal! No?)
Vansh : haan sb Thik ho jayega tum tension mt lo ( everything will be okay don’t worry)
( vansh tightly hugged riddhima )

( Ek sec vansh our bad boy itna caring kahan se Ho gya! Looks like he is feeling something for riddhima) ( vansh our bad boy is caring our girl woo-hoo)

Riddhima : chlo bs kro itne caring mt bno ( don’t become so much caring !)
Vansh : kyu are you scared of falling in love with me? Aww no problem babe I promise no one will take your place in my heart! ( why? Are you afraid of felling in love with me? ) ( winked) ( mujhe sach me SRK ki yaad ayi yahan pe vo khuch khuch hota h wala scene 😂😂 )
( riddhima 0 vansh 1 )

‎sarthak : I think We should head back !
‎harshit : haan haan let’s go
‎( suddenly sarthak’s phone rang
‎sarthak : oh… Nhi yaar bhangarh fort pe aya tha harshit or uske friends ko ghumane…… Achha…. Thik h mai ata hu )
‎sarthak : harshit Ek urgent work aa gya h mujhe to mujhe jana pdega tu car drive kr lega na ( harshit some work has striked! I have to go will you drive the car?)
‎harshit : haan ap tension mt lo ( yes don’t worry)
‎riddhima to herself : kyu baar baar lg rha h ki koi mujhe stare kr rha h! (why am I feeling like someone is staring me) ….no ridz bs enjoy kr enjoy
‎( after having a small convo sarthak left and harshit started driving at 9 PM but unfortunately they lost their path)
‎at 11 PM
‎vansh: yaar ye kahan le aya h ( where are we? )
‎Tara : I think ki hm raasta bhatak chuke h ( we are lost)
‎riddhima : yaar kal college me assignment h vo nhi diya to ..( tomorrow is my assignment guys)
‎vansh : seriously tumhe college ki pdi h idhar hm fas gye h or network bhi nhi h ( like we’re strucked here and you’re talking about your blo*dy assignment)
‎( suddenly car puncher ho gyi! Cmon car ka puncher hona normal h isn’t it ? They should’ve checked before) (car puncher)
‎harshit : shit car ko bhi abhi puncher hona tha! Vansh chal jara dekhte h!( vansh let’s check it out)
‎vansh : hm
‎Tara : riddhi phone..
‎riddhima : oh mom ka call h! Network bhi nhi h ruk Mai car se utar kr thoda dekhti hu ( wait! It’s my mom’s call and there are no network here let me check out side
‎Tara : hm jyada door mt jana ( don’t go too far
‎( riddhima got off )
‎vansh : Tara aage jra tools rakhe h screwdriver or wrench pass kro jra ( Tara hand me the tools)
‎Tara : ye lo ( here)
‎harshit : finally Thik ho gya ab chlte h ( the puncher is repaired)
‎vansh : riddhima kahan pe hai? ( where is riddhima?)
‎harshit : bro aj kal jyada riddhima riddhima nhi kr rha h tu ( you’re saying too much about her nowadays)
‎Tara : nhi harshit sach me riddhi nhi dikh rhi h ( no she’s not here)
‎vansh : Ek min vo tere sath thi na ( she was with you)
‎Tara : haan pr Mai tujhe dene aayi or vo car se bahar network… Aunty ka call ( I came here for handing you the wrench)

‎harshit : tum ldkiyan 2 min shanti se nhi reh skti na ( can’t you girls wait for sometime)
‎vansh : shut up harshit riddhima kidhar h? ( where is she)
‎Tara : yhin hogi yaar dekhte h
( three of them searched for riddhima everywhere but they got nothing! Suddenly Tara saw a piece of paper
Tara : guys ye kya h
Harshit : looks like koi letter h pdho Tara
Tara : uhh khuch smjh nhi aa rha open the light!
Harshit : ruko pdho ab
Tara :
Tum logon ko kya lgta hai ki tum Bach gye! Abhi toh bs shuruwat h! Mai Ek Ek se badla lekar rhunga ye mera vada h! Suna h tum logon ne mere admiyon ko dhamki di ab dekhna is ldki ka kya hota h! Tum logon ki batmeezi ka anjam ab ye shegi ( you think you guys can fool me this is just the beginning I’ll take my revenge I’ve heard that you have threaten my people’s and this girl will bear everything)
( Tara broked into tears while reading this )
Harshit : naam nhi likha usme vansh socho kaun kr skta h aisa ( there’s no name on it! Vansh can you remember who can write this)
Vansh : oh shit no no no….

Harshit : hua kya?
Vansh: us din hm khuch gundo se lde the unme se Ek ne kaha tha vo badla lekar rhega or ab ye!! ( one day we had a fight with some gangsters and they have threaten us)
Tara : riddhimaaaaaa!!!!!
Kahan Ho tum( she was crying)
Vansh : Tara don’t panic okay don’t panic

Tara : shut up! Vo phle se hi keh rhi thi use nhi ana glti meri h maine use aane ke liye bola
Harshit : Tara relax relax!
Tara : are you mad? She’s kidnapped!
Vansh came closer to Tara, held his hand and said : listen Tara listen use khuch nhi hoga I promise
(Tara hugged vansh and cried)
Harshit : guys raat bhot Ho gyi h hmara yahan rukna safe nhi h hme chlna chahiye
Tara : no Mai riddhima ke bina kahin nhi jaungi
Vansh : look Tara situation ko smjhne ki koshish kro! Tum dono car me baitho Mai aata hun!

Vansh to himself : ye kya ho gya ! Riddhima! God please use khuch nhi hona chahiye! Use khuch Ho gya to mai… Mujhe khud nhi pta ki vo akhir mere liye itni important kyu h ..

( after sometime three of them went to a hotel and booked three rooms ! Suddenly
Riddhima’s phone rang! Yes riddhima’s phone was left in that car )
Vansh : dekho Tara kiska phone h
Tara : oh no Mrs. Bansal ka phone h ab aunty se kya khenge hm
Harshit : hand me the phone!
Harshit : hello aunty namaste! Harshit speaking
Mrs. Bansal : harshit beta riddhima kahan h I was worried for her! Abhi call kiya tha use pr automatically cut ho gya ! Sb Thik h na vahan
Harshit : haan aunty riddhima abhi washroom me h Tara ke sath toh apse baad me baat krenge or raat bhot Ho gyi thi to hm log blue world me ruk gye
Mrs .bansal : OK beta take care
( Tara started crying again)
Vansh : Tara relax! Harshit abhi raat ke baad morning me dekhte h kya krna h
( harshit nodded and they went to their rooms)

Other side
( riddhima came into her senses after being unconscious ! Her legs and hands were tied with a rope on a chair )
Riddhima : where the hell am I? Ahh!
( suddenly she remembered what happened with her )
Riddhima : vansh Tara mai kahan hun! Chhodo mujhe
Stranger 1 : ae ldki chup! Bilkul chup
Riddhima: mujhe yahan kyu laya gya h
Stranger 2 : boss ne bola h ki ise unke pass leke jaye!
Stranger 1 : haan chlo
( they tied her mouth with a piece of cloth and went to their boss)
Strangers : sir…
Boss : hm tum dono jao
( strangers went)
Boss : so miss bansal kaisa lg rha h ! Oh sorry tum bologi kaise.
( riddhima was trying to open the ropes but she couldn’t! )
( their boss took a long knife in his one hand and placed it on her neck)
Boss : miss any last wishes….

……to be continued

Is this the end? Will she die? Riddhima’s life in danger! Will vansh be able to save her?
‎will the story end before it starts ?
‎what will happen next?

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