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The next morning as Virat woke up and headed towards the kitchen, the breakfast was already set on the table. Virat was not used to having a proper breakfast, he would either make pancakes or just have corn flakes. He had planned this with Pakhi, he wanted her to wake him up with morning tea everyday and them making the breakfast. He was looking at the girl, hair tied in a messed up bun, with a few loose strands falling on her face covered with bits of flour here and there, an apron tied around the waist and her running around searching for required items in that kitchen, that was alien to her!

He couldn’t deny the fact that the smell had already made him hungry and the platter was tempting just by the look of it!

Sayi carefully garnished the plates and turned to keep them on the table. Her eyes grew wide in shock seeing Virat stand there. Virat thanked the god that she didn’t drop the plates getting scared. They had an unintentional staring contest for a moment, until Sayi asked him to sit and have food.

Virat took the first bite, and judging by his expressions, one could tell that he loved it! As much as he wanted to enjoy and cherish the first proper breakfast he had since he shifted to this place, he wanted to leave and escape the awkwardness as soon as possible, the reason for him stuffing his mouth with food like a 5 year old. Sayi had already packed his lunch, her mother-in-law had called her early in the morning especially to instruct her to pack the lunch for Virat and she did exactly what was told to her.

Sayi went till the door to see him off and lied straight on the couch the moment she came back. She was habituated to stay alone, she never had any siblings, but, for the first time in her life, she was somewhat getting bored. She finally realized, what is it like to feel bored and was hoping for someone to come and give her a company!

She thought to call Ayyan to discuss her cabin and other stuff, but realized he might be in a meeting! She turned on the television and started to browse, even she didn’t know when did she fall asleep, the sound of the bell brought her back from her dream land. She hurriedly opened the door and found Virat standing on the other side. She looked towards the clock, it was just noon.

Before she could say anything “This is an important project, we would need to stay there for a few days, I came to get my stuff” Virat replied as if he had read her mind. She followed him to his room

“Pack your stuff, I will drop you to my parents, you will get bored alone” he said while packing and without even looking towards her.

She silently went back to her room and randomly started to keep her clothes and other stuff in an airbag.

Both came out of their rooms together, Virat carried her bags, while she locked the doors

“I have informed maa of your coming, I will pick you up when I’m done” he was keeping the bags in the car trunk “Call me if you need anything or want to come back here. You may not be used to living in a joint family.”

She just nods her head in affirmative and sits on the passenger seat.

The drive was another quiet one. They were on the phase of their relationship, where one has thousands of things to tell, the other had hundreds of questions in the mind, but none had words to speak. They both wanted to initiate a conversation, but were too awkward and formal around each other! Whenever Virat would try to speak, he would look at her staring on the world outside the window, and whenever she turned to his side, she would find him concentrated on his driving! Sayi always wanted to learn driving, but her dad would never let her drive saying these things are not meant for girls! Though he did bend a few rules in their family because of his helplessness, he was still adamant to follow them as written by his ancestors!

Thinking about their past and present, and if they both had a future together, they finally reached the ‘Chavan Nest’

Virat helped Sayi with her bags, met his family briefly and immediately ran away back to the work!

“Sachi!” little Pranjali came running towards Sayi and hugged her legs (where her height could reach) Sayi too bent down to pick her in the arms.

Sayi touched the elder’s feet and Prachi guided her to her room. She looked around, nothing much had changed since she last left, except, that there were photos of her and Virat around the room from their wedding ceremonies, her eyes went towards the huge frame hung right over the bed, she remembers it was taken right after the coronation ceremony! She had to admit that they were indeed looking really good in that one.

Sayi didn’t had that fond memories with this room, she kept her luggage on the bed and arranged her clothes and other items at their places. If someone asked her how was she feeling, she would honestly reply that she indeed felt a bit weird. The family decided to give her enough space and time to accommodate and she thanked them a thousand times by now in her heart.

As she was done unpacking, Karishma came to invite her for the lunch! She looked down from the balcony on the stairway, they were all happily enjoying and chatting.

Ashwini sensed her hesitation “Sayi?? Why are you standing there? Come join us!”

Sayi slowly walked towards them and took her seat.

It took her some time, but, Sayi, developed a great bond with the family. She would run around the whole house behind Pranjali, would cook new dishes with Ashwini, learn make-up from Sonali, shop online with Pallavi, learn to wear sari from dida, help Devi with studies and pull all nighters drinking beer and watching movies with Karishma and Prachi. No one would have thought of Sayi’s this avatar, if someone had described this Sayi a week ago, the Chavans would have sent that person to some asylum!


Virat was coming back home, after staying at the office for almost half a month. Sayi got to know through Karishma and Prachi who were nowhere to be seen after announcing the coming home of their husbands! The whole house was on feet that day since the morning and Sayi had transformed back to her old self, the shy, quiet and awkward Sayi Joshi Chavan.

The car horns indicated their arrival, Bhola (their house help) opened the door and the family gathered next.

Virat looked around at the happy faces, his eyes scanned the whole place searching for that one person, Sayi’s absence for some reason disappointed him and it showed on his face. Seconds later, she showed up, ordering the staff to set the table, with her hair tied in a messy bun with strands of hair covering her face covered with flour and apron around her waist. It was like a déjà vu. She looked up, their eyes met and he winked at her! Sayi looked around to see if someone was present their and finding no one around realized that the wink was meant for her. No one, not even Virat himself could figure out the reason for his action, but, for some reason, he didn’t even regret that. He bit his lower lip trying to suppress his smile seeing her reaction.

The whole family, for the first time after Sayi’s arrival sat to dine together. This was a new experience for Sayi, she had no idea how living in a joint family felt, how stealing the food from others’ plate was more joyous than having a fixed portion of dinner, even if you starved later, how the lamest joke by the eldest would make the whole family laugh till the stomach aches and how the cute antics by the youngest would make everyone go aww. She would just smile seeing the love and affection they all held for each other.


Virat and Sayi were now alone in their room.

“When do you plan to go back home?” Virat questioned selecting his clothes from his bag.

“Whenever you feel like going” Sayi’s response made him look towards her, not because she had said something unusual, but because from their wedding ceremonies till date, for the first time as far as he can remember, he heard her mellifluous voice.

“Were you….comfortable here? I mean to say, how was your stay here?” he tried to lead the conversation.

“It was better than I ever though” came her reply

“I’ll just freshen up, you pack your stuff till then” he excused himself finding no way to keep the conversation going.

She nods as she starts to pick her stuff.

During his stay at the office, he had several thoughts and questions regarding his relationship with Sayi and his past relation with Pakhi and he finally came to the conclusion that even if he won’t be able to get Pakhi out of is heart and move on from her, at least for now, and that he still has to be sincere and loyal towards his relationship with Sayi, as she is now his legally wedded wife. So, if he can’t love Sayi, they can at least become friends for them to spend the rest of their lives smoothly.

I’m extremely sorry for the delay and a trash update.

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. The current situation is concerning, but let’s not lose hopes and stay strong!

I promise a longer update next time!

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