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As expected the place was unusually silent at this hour of the night, his men left the vehicles and started taking cover and a few of them waited for his next move.

“tum idhar hi ruko, Anna ne kaha hai tum idhar hi rahogi.” Farhad told the grief-stricken girl who was anxious about her mother and father.

“khuda ke liye mere hath to khol do, is locked car me se kaha jaungi.” she crossed him and he felt his will faltering.

“I am doing what my boss has told me and as Anna believes we’ll be back in 30 or 40 minutes so…

“Farhad, tu sabki Amma kyu ban ne lagta hai… jaldi car lock kar aur idhar aa.” Raghav’s temper was back again.

“haan Anna aaya…” he replied before opening the glasses a few inches for her to breathe easily.

“O, basement spy… ye time pe neend bahut achha aata hai to aaram se idhar so jao, I have promised to let you return to your family and I will once I have my family back.” Raghav retorted and Farhad couldn’t say a word other than following him mutely.

“This is a dangerous place Anna, why did we bring her here?” Farhad asked, again his concerns visible on his face and audible in his voice.

“Aaj tu bade sawal puchh raha, yaad rakh Pallavi aur Gorille ka ab tak pata nahi chala hai.” Raghav shut him down as they hid behind the wall ready with their weapons.


It was hard to believe what the man has told her, she was unable to get any sleep after hearing such things.

She knew her husband was no sane and it was because of his difficult early years but how could he let someone die knowing they loved them immensely.

“she kept pleading and he was gone without looking back… she took her life but he didn’t return.”

Her eyes hurt with the strain and tiredness it was as if tons of sand was thrown into them when she heard voices and turned her attention to the door. Indeed the place was in a scuffle and in the next few moments she was hearing shouts, commands, and hearty grunts.

She felt energy sparking through her nerves, the anticipation of when the door would open kept her on the bay but she waited.


“Anna, Harish is there… it looks like he was shot but the injury was given a wash and dressing, I am sending him to one of our cars.” Farhad’s voice boomed under his gear.

“Gorrila ko jaldi nipta aur upar ke floors check kar…”

“Raghav Rao… Ikkaḍa nā gamyaṁ vastundi.” the door opened to a long hall and inside were two men sitting side by side with no fear at all. (My destination is finally here).

“i knew you were not a match to her but she never paid me any heed, she was my bright girl… I tried to save her from you but looks like I was wrong, you have quite changed.” The old man who was rubbing his knees in a soft manner as if it hurt, welcomed him inside.

“Anna…” the men around him attempted to pull their weapons but Raghav stopped them.

“don’t you know who I am, why such a lame game, and I am surprised how a small shop owner has built one such Army?” Raghav mocked him and his cunning smile adorned his lips.

“Seven years is a long time Raghav Rao,” the other man seethed with anger.

“by the way you got yourself a beautiful Vitantuvu, but she won’t look good in white again, would she?” the young man was testing his temper but he calmed himself because he was not allowed to take the Pyregesics in less than 8 hours and his fever would accelerate if he strained himself a lot. (widow)

“let’s not talk about what looks good or whatnot, tu apna bol… aur ye sab kya drama hai, mai janta hai ye sab me Bushra involved hai par kyu…” he clicked to the main point.

“Abba, he remembers my sister…” the man mocked him.

“what happe.” he was unable to complete his sentence cause in the next moment the young man nor more than his own age clutched his throat.

“use mar ke puchhta hai use kya hua?” jab abba tak maan gaye the to toone kyu dhoka diya meri behan ko.” the man’s eyes turned red with anger.

“kya bakwas hai…” freeing himself from the man Raghav retorted back.

“bas aur nahi…Abba bolo Raamish ko, le jaye ise aur khatam kare ise… I see Bushra’s swollen face when I see him.” the young man turned away and a few men entered inside.

“Kya hua tha Bushra ko… he yelled when a few men started tying him and in return, his men opened fire.

“leave all of them here and burn their vehicles so they cant leave…” the young man assembled his father’s crunches and walked to the room behind him.

“Maine Bushra ko nahi mara, kam se kam galat bat mat soch budhe.” it took him a few seconds to free himself but till then they were gone and he could hear more shouts and yelps out of the room.

“Pallavi has to be here,” muttering to himself he covered himself and ran towards other rooms as his men took control of the situation.


“Anna, there was some kind of chemical in the room which exploded somehow…” one of their men told Farhad.

Farhad took out his phone to inform Raghav about it but the phone had no signals. And in the next moment, he heard some blasts as if … he peeped outside the window and to his horror, their vehicles were on fire.

“Ya Allah.” he felt his lungs losing air on the sight and he contemplated where should he go first, to his boss or to that innocent doe-eyed feisty woman, he has tied to the car.


“Abba…” the cry was unmissable in the atmosphere and his hands stopped on the steering and he left the wheels and ran back.

He didn’t know how his baby sister was here but she was here and he could not lose another sister even if it meant anything.

“Abba, please don’t do anything, we might lose our little Aiza too,” he called back to his angry father who would go to any extent to avenge his other daughter if something happened to her.


The fire was spreading through the rags stuffed here and there and they didn’t have any signal to call the help, even Swami was late as usual.

With his pulse shooting up with every passing second he ran to the rooms when he realized something and ran towards the exit and to the backyard of the house.

A glimpse at the other one floored building and his instincts turned true when he saw her through the window glasses, looking exhausted but there was someone else too.

It was a brilliant plan to engage them in the other building and easily hide her in this one behind the main building.

He ran to get her when he felt the first tremor, his fever was shooting again. suddenly he felt his insides warming up and his eyes saw black for a moment.

“abhi nahi… please.” ignoring his body’s warning he ran to the doors.

The door was locked and it was strong steel he could not budge, they indeed had planned better all these years.

He ran outside to open the glass window somehow and rescue her, time was running and he had to save her before he himself collapsed.

Even Death would be peaceful only when he ensured she was alright.

he kept calling her but she was not paying attention to him, she had fixed her gaze on something in front of her.

“Pallavi, Pagal hai kya…” Raghav called her as the old man walked to her with hate and revenge making him horrible.

She wanted to walk to him but the young man’s words kept running in her head, “she kept pleading and he left without looking back… I lost my sister only because of Raghav Rao. Isn’t it cruel to let someone jump the bridge knowing they love you and you could save them but you were not interested”

he didn’t know what has gone wrong here but she was lost and if he was right it was not good for her and for them.

He searched for something and finally crushed the window glass with a twig, without giving a damn about the glass shards he jumped inside wincing when one sharp-edged one pierced his shirt and skin.

“ you already took the life of my one daughter and now, you happened to be another one’s killer as well… I didn’t intend to do any harm to her but now she has to go.

The old man didn’t care about the horrible pain his knees were having as he was unbalanced on only one crunch and was holding the gun in his free hand.

“dekh, there is some big misunderstanding buddhe… par Pallavi ko kuchh nahi hona.” he shouted as the old man walked to them and he searched for his own weapon covering Pallavi.

But the old man was looking like death at this moment and he didn’t hesitate when he pulled the trigger and Raghav let them both fall on the ground.

“Abba… Let’s go, Police is here.” someone shouted from the outside. “let them die, come on.” in the next moment his son entered inside and supported the old man to leave the space as Raghav secured his hand on the gun hiding behind the table.

It took her a few seconds to realize they were left alone.

“you are burning…” her terrified voice reached him but no response came from his side.

She came out of the table and observed his face and she was shocked to see blood around them. It was only a moment before she collected him in her arms and he collapsed a happy man.



Hey everyone, I wanted to let him collect her in his arms, to tell everything was alright but it is equally beautiful when the woman collects their man in their embrace after they are exhausted, to tell they have got them… ain’t it? 

Now let’s get ready for the genre I am comfortable with – the love and humor of Raghav and Pallavi.

Also, was someone concerned for someone? *winks*

please take care of yourself and your family, Guys.

it is horrible to look around ourselves to see people suffering but staying positive is the need of the hour… please hang on to the hope.

stay safe

with love Morusya.

P.S. – As we complete 1 month with the gigantic response here or on Wattpad or India forums i want to thank every one of you who read  PTHH and often made me smile with your kind words.

Thank you so much Yammy, Prajkta, Habiba, Pooja, Ravneet, Liz, Bhargavi, R.N. , Angela , Ayesha for your kindness and support. Means a lot ♥♥

please take care of yourself and together let’s spread kindness and positivity🌼🎈


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