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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Veer says if you top this exam in the top 5, you can get a scholarship. Rani says I can do this. He says start preparing. The exam is in 2 days. Rani says how will I do it in 2 days? He says what happened to your confidence? Rani says people prepare for years. I can’t pass this year. I can skip it for now. How can I read all this in 3 days? Veer says we have to work hard if we want something not run away. I know you can pass this exam even after preparing in three days. This exam is very important for all of us, not just you. I am with you in all this. Rani says you make me so emotional. I will give my best and make you and my dad proud. He says yes that’s the Rani I know. Start preparing.

Scene 2
Champa and Jai come to Kiara. She says what is it? Jai says your Veer takes care of Rani so much like she isn’t Birju’s wife but his. He makes her us do his work.. Champa says she doesn’t do anything but stays around Veer all day. Kiara recalls Veer with Rani all the time. She recalls Veer defending her. Kiara says get out and do your work. Don’t interfere in my life. Champa says she kicked us out. Jai says it will work. The fire is set.

Rani is studying. Veer gets her tea. Veer sits with her while she prepares. Rani says let me give Kiara her medicine. He says I already asked Vikram. Focus on your studies. She says you’re doing so much. He says you can give me a party when we go back. Rani says I can’t find my compass. Let me get a bowl. He says what? Will you take a bowl in the exam? I am arranging it. Rani says I am so lucky to have you.

Rani says where did Veer go? Kiara comes and takes her books. Rani says are you okay? Kiara says I want juice. You will make lunch today and an exotic dessert. Rani says but Jai.. She says Champa and Jai have gone out for groceries. Don’t waste time in these books. Your fate is already written. Go and prepare the lunch. Rani says what will I do now? Birju overhears it.

Birju comes to Kiara. He says I want to ask the truth. You are pretending to be not okay. You’re bringing Rani down. Kiara says what are you saying? It’s her job to do the work. Birju says wow, you are sick conveniently that you only remember what you like? Vikram says stop it Birju. Kiara says what is he saying? What drama did he do? Vikram says I will handle him. He asks Kiara to go to the room. Vikram shoves Birju and says she’s not well. She’s not doing any drama. Don’t say such words about her. Get out.

Vikram knocks on the door. Kiara says it’s Birju again. I will throw water on him. She shouts Birju.. She says Vikram you? Vikram says are you okay? Kiara says what was Birju saying? What am I doing a drama about? Vikram says I handled it. He’s a husband. Everyone husband gets worried when his wife is worried. Like I get worried for you too. Kiara says so sweet. He says you rest I will see you later. Kiara says let me see if Rani started preparing.

Scene 3
Rani looks at the food. She says I used to handle everything together back then as well. How will I cook? Veer, Vikram, and Birju come there with pans. Rani says what is all this? Birju says we are heere to help you. Vikram says we will cook and you don’t have to cook. Rani says Veer asked you both to help me? Birju says yes that’s the reason but the major reason is that you cook really bad food. They laugh. Veer says you will learn. But for now, study. Rani says stop making fun of me. I will learn with time. Veer you said you are with me. Veer says you’re passionate about everything but for now, you focus on your studies. Rani says who will cook? They say us. Birju says you go focus on your studies. We will cook.

The boys start cooking together. Birju says will we work together or will you shove me again? Vikram says I am sorry but Kiara isn’t well. She isn’t doing a drama. Birju says I won’t say it again. Veer looks at Rani and says I will be you at every step of the way.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kiara says to Rani you are a servant’s daughter and you will always be that. You thought you can fool Veer and you’re important for Veer? You’re a low-class maid. You better understand that with time. Rani leaves in tears. Veer says this isn’t your reality and I will make you realize that Rani.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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