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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pankaj comes as a doctor. Jogi says do some medical drama that my legs are miraculously okay. Pankaj says Mahi will find out. Jogi says please do something. I have to help Mahi in the competition. I have to solve her problems. Please help me. He says I am a fan of your love. Jogi says to do something that makes them believe that my legs healed on their own. Pankaj tells him a plan.

Chanda comes to Jogi’s house and says keep this stuff here. Jogi says get out. Chanda says you broke your legs? Poor baby. Jogi says before I respond to you get out. Chanda says you’re in a wheelchair how will you make me run? Where is Mahi? What a dirty place. You’re neighbors though. She must have gone to distribute milk right? Poor Mahi. Mahi comes and says you don’t need to feel bad for me. We have no relation. Chanda coughs and says Mahi you stink. I can’t breathe. The cows here look cleaner than you. We all know whose relationship is a lie. Jogi says why are you and your brother so evil. Get out of here. Chanda takes a selfie with Mahi and says I will show it to Arjun your disgusting situation. Mahi says I wish you could see it’s your relationship with Arjun that’s disgusting. Chanda says jealous? Be more, because we are getting married soon. Mahi says he doesn’t respect this relationship or you..

Chanda is about to slap Mahi and says shut up.. Jogi comes in between with his wheelchair. Jogi says I don’t care if your Arjun respects you or not but I respect Mahi more than God. If you say a single word more, I will forget you’re a woman. Mahi holds Jogi’s wheelchair. Chanda leaves.

Scene 2
Dharam asks Pappu if they will get 60 lacs on house papers? Pappu says I am trying don’t worry. Get me the papers. Dharam brings the papers and gives them to Pappu. Dharam says you are there for us. Pappu says it’s always God. I am only a way. Pappu says in heart you lost this house, now I will shake your roots. Pappu gets a call and says I am coming.

Scene 3
Pankaj comes to Jogi’s house. Chanda shows the video of Pankaj and Jogi to Rai. She says I was doing pooja when I saw Jogi standing. See this is the truth. I went there and risked my life. He’s so dangerous. He could kill me but I went there. Pappu says see she took such a big risk. Rai says now I have also started thinking she’s a perfect match for Arjun. Pappu says so it’s done? Rai says first do your promise. Pappu says here e are Chopra house’s papers. Soon they will be on the roads. Rai says I want you to break Jogi’s legs. Pappu says I can break all his bones don’t worry.

Pankaj comes there and says sir you called me? Rai says you’re fired. Pankaj says what? Did I make a mistake? Rai shows him the video. Pankaj says I was helping Arjun. Rai says he ruined Arjun’s life and you were helping him? I have no place for you in my company. Pankaj says sir please I beg you. You know my family depends on this job. Rai says get out. Chanda says he can help us break Jogi’s legs. Rai says if you want to save your job do what Chanda asks.

Scene 4
Mahi cooks. Jogi looks at her and smiles. Biji says it’s Mahi’s first cooking. Jogi says it smells so good. Mahi serves the food. Rupa tastes it. Biji says isn’t it delicious Rupa? Jogi says I am so full. The food was so good. How do you like it maa? Rupa says it was good. Jogi says is there something you can’t do? Mahi says I can’t sit useless like you. You act like a child. Rupa says Mahi is right. Mahi says he’s so lazy does he even move his fingers? Rupa says he’s so lazy. I have to feed him. Biji says you MIL and DIL are after my Jogi. He works. Mahi says what does he do? Jogi says what kind of family are you? Look at my condition. The doctor asked me to rest. The doctor said I will be okay in 2 days. Mahi says how? He says my legs are strong. I have a lot of calcium.

Pankaj comes in as the doctor. Jogi says the doctor is here. Pappu comes in as well and there is another doctor with him. Jogi says what is this?

Episode ends.

Precap-Pappu says I challenge that Jogi is fine. To prove me wrong get the doctor to test him. Pappu hits Jogi’s leg with a hammer.. Jogi keeps sitting. Pappu says say the truth and end your pain here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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