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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 13th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shankar asking Omkar why did he burn his hand and hurting himself. Omkar says I can’t forget the pain which I gave to Mayura, this pain is nothing infront of that pain. He says I can’t forgive myself and even now I have to lie with her, for my daughter for her safety, else I would have told her truth. He asks God not to punish Tara or Mayura for his wrong doings. He says time has come to attack vishaka for the last time, this way or that. Later Vishaka gains consciousness and sees Omkar sitting near her bedside. She says I will not leave you. Omkar says you knows well that I am doing all this and tells that he has nothing to do with her brother’s death. He says why will I want anyone to die, but I know that you will not believe me, my God knows about it. He asks her to tell truth to Mayura that she has kidnapped Tara and kept her somewhere. Vishaka says you will tell truth to Mayura and says if anything happens with me, then so much will happen with Tara. Omkar says I will get Tara freed from your cage, and giving you a last chance. Mayura comes there. Omkar hides. Vishaka tells that Omkar was hiding behind the curtain. Mayura checks, but he is not there. Vishaka says he was hiding here and talked to me seated here. She says he is trying to make my mental balance lose. Mayura says I can understand that it is not easy to lose a young brother and it is not easy for forget him. She says you are stressed as you couldn’t get his guilty punished. Vishaka asks her to go. Mayura asks her to rest and goes out.

Omkar thinks Vishaka has done a big mistake, now see what will I do. Later Vishaka hears Vishal asking her to save him. She wakes up shouting and finds someone walking towards Vishal (lookalike) holding knife in his hand. She asks the person not to kill her brother. Shankar tells Mayura that today is auspicious day to do puja. Mayura says she will bring puja flowers. Shankar says mahurat shall not end. Mayura says I will be back in 2 mins. He sees Vishaka running. Vishaka comes to the room holding the stick and says I am coming Vishal. Omkar gets hurt and falls down. He thinks if Mayura sees then it will be a problem. Megha takes Omkar away from there. Shankar tells Mayura that he will be back. Vishaka sees Mayura holding diya holder and tells that she will not leave her, who wants to kill her brother. She attacks Mayura, but Omkar comes there and holds the stick. Mayura closes her yes. Omkar looks at Mayura. Mayura opens her eyes and sees Shankar holding the stick. Omkar asks what happened Mayura? Mayura asks Vishaka why she was trying to attack her? Vishaka says you have knife in your hand. Mayura says no and shows the lamp holder. She says you had said that your brother is dead. Omkar recalls planning with Megha and Shankar that they shall do something to send Vishaka to clinic. He tells Shankar that he didn’t think that Vishaka will attack Mayura, but as it happened, they have to take its advantage.

Omkar asks Mayura to send Vishaka to clinic for her treatment. Vishaka says I am fine, Omkar has done this. Shankar asks Mayura to send her to clinic. Mayura calls Doctor and asks her to take Vishaka to clinic. Vishaka says I will not let Omkar ruin her again. Mayura asks what do you mean? Megha says Ambulance came. Mayura tells the guard that she loves Vishaka ji so much and needs to send her there. Omkar tells Mayura that he will come with her to clinic. In the hospital, Doctor tells that they need to do some test. Mayura asks Omkar to come out. She asks why Vishaka ji said that you want to ruin her again. She says I understood that she wants to take out personal enmity on you. Omkar thinks that Mayura will find out about Tara, and asks if she trusts him. She asks if he knows Vishaka ji from before. Omkar says you made me meet Vishaka ji for the first time, I have nothing to do with her. Mayura says I trust you, but it is strange the way she is accusing you. Mayura asks if you knew her brother. Omkar says I didn’t know him personally, but don’t remember if I know him professionally. Mayura says there is some link which is missing, Vishaka ji helping me etc. Omkar says you are understanding atleast about Vishaka’s motive. Mayura says one person can help us. Omkar asks what? Nurse goes from there and pushes Mayura on Omkar, says sorry and goes. Mayura falls on Omkar and says sorry. She says Nurse did a mistake. Omkar says do this mistake again and says no problem. Yeh pagalpan hai….plays….

Mayura says we shall go to the person earliest, who knows Vishaka well. Megha, Shankar and Sanjay see Guard leaving in car and tell that they shall follow her, she must be meeting Tara.

Mayura tells Omkar that they got the files from Vishaka’s lawyer somehow. She says now the connection will be found between you and Vishaka. He says he would have helped her with the files. Mayura says I will do, thanks him for the support. Omkar thanks her for supporting him in this condition though he has done wrong with her in the past. Mayura says I will not think about past, but can’t bear any betrayal. Omkar asks her to trust him. Mayura thinks don’t break my trust.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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