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Sherlin tries to jump out of the window but she stop seeing Pammi and wonders if she saw then they would get in a lot of trouble, she runs back into the room, Preeta walks out of the bathroom, Sherlin immediately hides behind the chair, Preeta gets suspicious so turns to look for her, Sherlin gets nervous, Preeta sits on the bed and starts taking out her ear rings, Sherlin secretly calls someone, Preeta start looking at her diary, she starts searching for something behind the pillow, Sherlin seeing he opportunity runs towards the door but gets shocked hearing the knock so hides in the bathroom, Preeta opens the door to find Shristhi who comes inside with the warm tea, she exclaims that Preeta has not had anything to eat, Shristhi gets worried so questions about the mobile, Preeta getting tensed asks what does she mean as she has not touched anything, Preeta exclaims this means the thief is still in the room when all of the doors and windows are locked, they start searching the room, Sherlin opens the door which Shristhi hears so they rush after her outside the room, Sherlin hides under the table, Preeta along with Shristhi rush upstairs.

Sherlin seeing the opportunity runs to the other direction when Prithvi see, he wonders who else has come to steal Akshay’s mobile, Pammi is wondering where might Sherlin have gone, she is looking for her while Sherlin also walks backwards and they both bump into each other, Pammi gets nervous shouting who it is after which she starts calling her as the thief, Preeta and Shristhi hear the call of Pammi so rush downstairs, Prithvi is walking upstairs thinking that he needs the mobile the most so would have to do anything to get the mobile.

Sherlin is wondering what she must do to get out of the house, Mahesh and Rakhi wonder why are they yelling, Pammi comes running saying that someone has come to steal, Mahesh questions what has he come to steal as it is their old house and there is nothing, Preeta reveals that the thief has come to steal Akshay’s mobile as the thief has come to know that they have gotten the proof against him so has come to steal the mobile, they all wonder what they can do so Shristhi plans to close all the windows of the house so the thief gets trapped, the Luthra’s start searching the house, Shelrin si worried what she can do as now she is getting trapped, Mahesh along with Suresh and the family are closing the windows, Sherlin signals Mahira to help her which worries Mahira who thinks that she might be caught if she tries to help Sherlin so would stay in her room, Prithvi sees the thief from behind but prepares to catch him.

Shristhi comes to Preeta then questions what she is doing, Preeta says that she feels that the thief is not Megha and so she is video calling her and if she accepts the call then they would know she is not the thief, Prithvi tries to catch the thief however she runs further away, Prithvi gets frustrated thinking he would not allow anyone to blackmail then once again.

Preeta calls Megha who picks it up and they come to know that she is not the thief, Prithvi is able to catch the thief not knowing she is Sherlin, Preeta assures everyone that Megha is not the thief as she is not in their house, they once again start the search, Prithvi is still holding the thief, she takes off the mask, he gets shocked, Sherlin runs way hiding behind the curtain. Sherlin thinks that he knows she is not Sherlin nor Megha so why is he still trying to catch her, she thinks he might be trying to snatch the mobile however she vows to not let him.

Preeta along with Shristhi come to the hall where she notices someone behind the curtain, she signals Shristhi they even stop Rakhi, Shristhi rushes to call everyone, they all gather around Preeta, Shristhi signals them to keep quiet, Sherlin is sure that she will be caught now.
Prithvi thinks he must do anything to save Sherlin otherwise he would also be caught with her, he takes his step backwards running up the stairs where he sees Preeta who is about to open the curtain, he is tensed so prays that Sherlin is saved otherwise he would also be caught, he yells aloud after which everyone turns to rush to him, Preeta takes off the curtain but doesnot find anyone however she sees the trail of the footsteps so they rush follow it.

Kritika comes to prithvi questioning what has happened, Pammi questions why he is yelling like a girl, Suresh helps him stand taking him inside the room, Kritika tries to go with him but Pammi asks her to follow her.

Sherlin rushes out of the house, she turns to the lawn from where she once again comes back inside the house, Preeta along with Shristhi and Sameer get disheartened thinking the thief has been able to run away with the proof. Shristhi however explains that she feels the thief has once again gone back inside the house, Preeta agrees, and they then follow after which she thinks that the thief is a member of the Luthra family.

Suresh and Mahesh help Prithvi into the room, they make him comfortable on the bed, Rakhi comes with the first aid box requesting him to allow her to apply the medicine as it is the same one which Preeta uses, she is sure he would feel nice, Prithvi thinks that the act was us tto help Sherlin run away from the house, Suresh also asks him to eat it, he thinks that he prays Sherlin is able to run away from the hands of Preeta and Shristhi.

Shristhi, Sameer and Preeta follow the footprints and are able to see that they have gone back inside, Sameer asks her to remember who the person was who was not with them in the house, Preeta takes the name of Sherlin, both of them get shocked hearing her name.

Precap: Shristhi asks Preeta why is she going to sleep on the floor, Preeta says that Karan is also going to sleep on the floor, she is cryi8ng while lying on the floor while Karan is also just remembering her.

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