Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Kuldeep sees Shubhra and Rishi with Harsh – Telly Updates

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Harsh comes to the room and says where is my friend? Rishi is lying with a blanket on his face. Shubhra says Rishi see who’s here. Harsh says order three fresh lime. Harsh gets in Rishi’s blanket. Rishi hugs him. Harsh says this is our secret tent. Whatever we say here will stay between us. Now tell me why are you sad? He says is aai mad at me? Harsh says where were you going? Rishi says I got angry. Aai must be angry at me now, right? Harsh says no aai never gets mad at kids. Rishi says I make so many mistakes aai will also leave me one day. Harsh says no-no. I make so many mistakes but my aai always loves me and forgives me. But they have one condition? No secrets between us and them. We can’t hide anything from them. Whenever I am in trouble I will share it with you. Rishi says when I am in a problem I will share it with you. Why are sitting here like a pumpkin? Rishi says I feel angry, not happy. Harsh says happiness is looking for you. You’re playing hide and seek with it. Get out of this tent and see how much happiness is looking for you. Rishi says yes, I will find happiness. He hugs Shubhra and says I am sorry aai. Shubhra says it’s okay. She says thank you to Harsh. Rishi says Harsh, no one should know our secret. I am going to look fr it.

Shubhra says thank you so much. He says fresh lime? Shubhra says I didn’t even order. He says tea? Shubhra says sure. Please sit. Madhura comes in. Harsh says hello aunty, I am Shubhra’s college friend. Madhura says Shubhra you had no friend named Harsh? Shubhra gives tea to Harsh. He gives it to Madhuraand says aunty this is for you. I am getting late. Madhura says I knew all your friends. Who is he? Is my memory weak? Shubhra says he’s Rishi’s therapist. Madhura says but why? Shubhra says there’s nothing wrong with going to a therapist. You saw how Rishi was. Harsh is making him better. Rishi doesn’t know Harsh is a doctor, so we lied that we are friends. Madhura says can he treat angry people? Shubhra says who? Madhura says your dad. They both laugh. Shubhra recalls Roli’s behavior. Madhura says don’t worry. Roli can’t stay mad at you. She will come to you herself. Come with me.

Madhura brings Shubhra outside and says sit here with eyes closed. I am coming. Shubhra waits there. She says aai, should I open my eyes? Madhura asks Roli to sneak it. Roli comes there and says mama.. She gives her a flower and says sorry mama. Shubhra looks at Madhura. Shubhra says no sorry. I won’t take this flower. You did katti. What will this flower do? Mama needs a kiss. Roli kisses her. Shubhra hugs her. Madhura smiles. Roli says papa spoke to me and told me what I did as wrong and my mama is the world’s best mama. I am sorry mama. She does ups and downs. Shubhra does it with her. They both laugh.

Scene 2
Kuldeep recalls what Harsh said and how Madhura asked him not to move back. Kuldeep prays. He recalls his moments with his family. Kuldeep goes to his room.

Scene 3
Rishi plays football. Shubhra scares him. She says you didn’t get scared? He says I knew it was you. Rishi says Harsh asked me to find happiness. Football makes me happy. Who should I play with? Shubhra says let’s play. Rishi says but you’re a girl. Shubhra says so what? Girls aren’t less than boys. You’re scared. Rishi says let’s play. I will win. Shubhra says challenge accepted. He says you play by foot. Shubhra says I know. Just wait and watch. She ties her saree. Shubhra and Rishi play football. The song kuch tou bata zindagi plays. Harsh looks at them. Rishi says no more cheating. He akes a goal. Shubhra makes a goal as well. Rishi says Harsh come. It will be so much fun. Shubhra says yeah girls vs. boys. Harsh says we will see how girls’ team wins. We will beat her Rishi.

Kuldeep calls Shubhra but her phone is in the room. Shubhra Harsh and Rishi are playing. Kuldeep asks receptionist to connect to room 108. He says no one is picking. Kuldeep asks the manager if he saw Shubhra. He says she was in garden. Kuldep walks out. Shubhra is playing with Rishi and Harsh.

Episode ends.

Precap-Chandrani calls Shubhrand says I am stuck in my room. Please come and save me. Room no. 101. Shubhra comes there and says Biji where are you? She turns on the light. Kuldeep is sitting there in the decorated room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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