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Hey everyone, am back! I was thinking to write this before a long time but I was scared, but now, as the response on my previous post was lovely, here I am!

Here we go!

Riddhima’s POV:

Aaahhhhh! God, why are you giving me this pain? Its better I die peacefully! And now, I am going to ask you my most favourite question: WHY??

Why do you do this to us? Okay so I think there are many confused faces, am I right or am I right! So, I will tell you my condition. Yes, you all guessed it right, I am on periods! For everyone ( excluding girls but including old Grandmas’), periods are just a normal thing. For them, it’s like we are overreacting as it will go in 5 days.But for me, it’s like I am all set to go in a war for 5 days, and when I’ll come back, my mother will make sweets and I’ll dance around the whole balcony. Well, isn’t it relatable 😉. I know it is, as I am very smart girl 😎.

So yeah, coming back to the question, why don’t boys have periods? Well, don’t dare to laugh okay, am serious right now. I mean why the women only have to bear pain, whether it’s of periods, taunts, handling mood swings during pregnancy or anything, WHY???.


Why God chose us only for all this sh*t? If a man is having pain in neck, shoulder or legs, we are asked to heal it. But if a woman is in pain, instead of asking us to rest, we are asked to make food and serve everyone, clean the floor, wash utensils and clothes and serve your brothers and fathers. I can understand of father, but can’t a brother himself go to kitchen and take a glass of water for ATLEAST himself!! But no, why will he! He is the heir of this house, we are just their typical sister-slave!!


Coming back, most of the people who blaim a mother for a girl child are illiterate (TBH). If they would have studies biology, they would have get to know that it’s the mistake of father fir god’s sake! But who will make understand the dumb people! Making them understand is like a mouse is hanging a bell in cat’s neck!


Now, all girls or women don’t have the Vansh RaiSinghania na, who will help her, give her hot water bag, will handle all her mood swings and will pamper her!


I really need these kind of people in my life. Please god, if you can’t answer my question WHY, then send a VRS to very girl. Oh no, grandma is coming, if she will see I am talking to you, she’ll eat me alive! So bye lovelies.



Hope you all liked it. Well it’s not the condition of my house, but the words Riddhima is speaking are mine. Even today, in many villages and cities, discrimination happens and women aren’t allowed to live the way they want. 

Hope you all understood and felt what I meant to say. Thanks for reading!

And yes, don’t worry, everything will be fine soon, trust on God! 


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