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Shakti 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman seeing Parmeet talking to someone late in the night. He goes from there. Parmeet is still talking. Harman comes to his room and finds it decorated with candles and flowers, while the light is off. Mahi switches on the lights and plays the music. She starts dancing and tries to woo Harman. She dances with him. She then throws flower petals on him and dances around him. Harman is surprised. Mahi holds him and is about to kiss him, when he pushes her. Mahi says I was sure that you don’t want to marry me, and that’s why hesitating. She says if you wanted to marry me then wouldn’t have left. He says I am marrying you, as this is right, but I need time to come near you, I can’t get Soumya out of my heart so soon. Mahi asks do you want time to think something and asks him to make her believe that he is doing right. Harman asks her to believe him. Mahi says the same Harman who had set example of love with Soumya, never accepted his wife, today got ready to accept me. He says today you refused to fill my maang with sindoor. Harman asks her to wait for 2-3 days until the marriage happens. Mahi says there is still time for that and asks him to make her believe right itself. Harman asks how to make you believe? Mahi says by hugging me, taking me in your embrace that you are mine. Harman recalls Virat asking if he is sure and says we shall not create more big problem than this. Mahi asks him what is the problem, asks him to make her believe and hug her, tell that he wants to accept her and is just hers. Harman walks towards Mahi and thinks he is doing this to save his gulabo, prays that nothing wrong shall happen. He walks towards Mahi. Mahi is about to hug him. Just then someone is knocked.

Harman relaxes and says I will check. He opens the door and finds Virat standing. Virat says sorry for disturbing them. Mahi says no problem. Virat asks Harman to come with him, and says he has some important work. Harman says ok, come. Virat and Harman go to the terrace. Harman asks what is the important talk. Virat says I will just be back and brings drinks there with snacks. He serves drink to Harman and says cheers. Harman says so this is the important work. Harman says when I saw Mahi going to your room and locking the door, I understood that you need my help. Harman says Mahi…Virat says I love Heer very much more than his life and married her, and understands how it feels to be with another woman. He asks him to take the glass and cheers. Harman drinks and says he wants another drink. Virat gives him another drink. Harman drinks and says you are very smart, you have helped me and it is my duty to help you. Virat says yes, but don’t get trap in fake marriage trap. Harman says once I save Soumya and Heer from Angel’s trap, I don’t mind what will happen with me. He tells that he is hurting Harak Singh and Preeto by marrying Mahi and tells that he is sure that Angel hates Soumya so much and will take advantage of my marriage, she will bring Soumya there. Virat says she will kill soumya.

Harman says he is sure that she will bring Soumya there. They see a reflection and find someone hearing them. They see the fallen vase and someone running away. They come to the hall, but couldn’t find anyone there. They sign each other. They check in rooms and come out. Harman tells Virat that this is the safest place to talk. He says informer is keeping an eye on us and knows that we are searching Soumya and Heer along with Police. Virat says we have to catch the informer. Angel calls Harman and asks if he is done with the search and asks did you find something? She asks if you are really marrying Mahi, leaving Soumya. She says no reply, I know you are on call. She says you can make khichdi with Virat on terrace, but you will not get Soumya and Heer. She ends the call. Harman tells Virat that Angel knows that we are in garden now. Virat asks how the news is reaching angel. Harman says through mobile. Virat says we shall make everyone’s phone go missing before your fake rasam of marriage and says we will check the call lists and gallery. He says my name is not Virat Singh, if I don’t expose the informer.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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