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The Episode starts with Thakumaa saying you are loyal to Anirudh, you have food there. Anirudh says I have gone there, but I m loyal to you, I know what he wants to go. Thakumaa asks what. Anirudh says I will tell you. They go to the room. Anirudh says I go to that haveli, but I m loyal to only you, I go there to spy on Anirudh, I found out what he is planning. Thakumaa asks what. Anirudh says he is going to file a case on you for torturing kids, you had twisted Bondita’s fingers that day, he had made a plan, how shall I say, I can’t even say it. Thakumaa asks what plan. Anirudh says he wants to send Bondita to child ashram, when she isn’t here, when she goes there, then you can’t control her, Anirudh will run her life by his wish, he is going to Tulsipur for few days. Thakumaa asks how shall I believe you.

Anirudh says yes, right, who will a queen believe a maid, I can’t see you in tension, really, your tension is like my pyre, you did a big favor on me, I got that food to prove that I really went there, I can die for you and Bondita, you can do anything. Thakumaa goes out and calls Rimjhim. She says I m going to Calcutta tomorrow morning. Anirudh asks Bondita to smile. Bondita smiles. Rimjhim asks really, you said you won’t go. Thakumaa says Roopa will become my eyes and ears, how many bones are there in a body. Bondita says 206. thakumaa says if you break my trust, then I will break your 206 bones. Anirudh says don’t worry, I will not let anything happen. Bondita thinks Thakumaa will go to Calcutta for two days, we will plan to go to London. She goes to Anirudh and helps. He asks her to go and write an essay. She argues and gets upset. He asks her to study. She says I will do this work from tomorrow, when Thakumaa isn’t here, you are my strength, just books look good in your hands. He says in your hands also, I can do anything to see you studying, we have to work hard and stay alert, when we get visa, then we will go away from Thakumaa’s bounding traditions, I will wash utensils and you will study. She says fine, I will study. He asks her to smile and study.

Thakumaa asks everyone to not break any rules. Bondita smiles. Thakumaa leaves. Bihari comes to Trilochan and asks what are you doing here Trilochan says talk in slow tone, I m waiting for that girl, she is inside, I have locked her inside, I will see. Trilochan and Bihari hide. Anirudh thinks don’t know why room door isn’t opening, I have to go from here, Thakumaa would have left. Trilochan says Bihari see, that woman is going out from the window. Bihari says don’t see her. Trilochan says I will find out the truth today. Anirudh comes down by the saree rope. Trilochan says I will confront Anirudh today. He shouts stop. Anirudh worries. Trilochan says turn this side. Anirudh smiles. Trilochan says you are a maid in that house, how dare you enter Anirudh’s room. Anirudh says Thakumaa…. and runs. Trilochan runs after him and falls down. Anirudh goes to him. Trilochan says even if I die, I won’t let a stranger woman touch me. Anirudh says Kaka, if you fall and I don’t do anything, can this happen. Trilochan and Bihari get shocked. Anirudh helps him. Trilochan says come with me. He takes him inside the house. He says you think you will go to her house and Thakumaa won’t know it, that woman is clever, did you forget what she said, she will cut your hands. Anirudh says she can’t know it. He says you don’t know her, I know her, I know I made a big mistake, I should have not got you here, we will go back. Anirudh refuses.

Bondita waits for him. Tapur says first rain of the season will blossom. Bondita thinks I used to enjoy rains with Anirudh. She recalls Anirudh getting an umbrella. She thinks to enjoy the rains. He leaves the umbrella. He says I want to enjoy the first rains of the season, will you enjoy. She says yes, I felt you won’t like to enjoy rains, I was wrong, I never missed the first rains in village. He says we will promise to always enjoy the season’s first rains. She says promise. She jumps and dances in the rains. He smiles. FB ends. Bondita dances. Tapur stops her. Bondita says Anirudh will come to keep his promise and enjoy the rain. Trilochan says swear on me. Anirudh says I already promised Bondita of a bright golden future. Trilochan says I don’t matter to you. Trilochan locks him in the room. Anirudh says open the door. It starts raining. Bondita enjoys the rains. Trilochan says Anirudh shouldn’t go out. Anirudh says please open the door. Trilochan says you don’t worry for your life, I worry for your life, I won’t let you go. Bondita dances. Thakumaa comes there and sees Bondita. She gets shocked seeing the blood stain on her saree. She goes to Bondita. She catches Bondita’s hair. She says you got periods, you are dancing like a peacock here, come. She takes Bondita with her to some dark room. Anirudh says she needs me. Trilochan says you will stay locked here.

Anirudh says let me go if you love me. Trilochan says I love you, so I won’t let you go. Thakumaa locks Bondita. Bondita says every woman gets periods, what’s my mistake. Thakumaa says to be born as a girl is your biggest mistake. Anirudh says Kaka please, let me go, Bondita needs me, I promised her, I will come. Trilochan says no, Kalindi will cut your hands, I can’t let this happen. He says Bihari, this door shouldn’t open. Anirudh says you promised that you won’t let us cry. Trilochan says I m keeping the promise, I will always protect you children, I always gave you happiness. Anirudh says Bondita is my happiness, you are giving me sorrow by making me away from her, don’t know how is she. Thakumaa says every woman of this house stays in this dark room during periods, be it anyone. Bondita asks what. She thinks if Anirudh was with me, I would have not undergone all this.

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