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Toh aaj main yeh fan fiction start kr rhe hun yeh basically Hatred to love fan fiction pr based hai. Characters are same but the story will be a little different.
After Abhi Pragya met their daughters and come to know their truth, Rhea is not able to tolerate that Prachi is her elder twin sister. She hates her a lot because Ranbir loves her  so she makes a plan to get Prachi out of her family and Ranbir’s life.

In Mehra Mansion
Rhea-Dad if u love me pls marry Meera aunty.
Abhi-Rhea this cannot happen because  I can never-ever love in fact think about anyother woman except Pragya.
Rhea- Ohkk dad if u want this I’ll leave this house and we’ll never return.
Abhi-(angrily) Rhea!but why do u want me to marry Meera?  U used to love ur mom a lot when u weren’t aware that she is ur mom then what happened now.
Rhea-Why don’t u ask this question to mom. She left me for Prachi and she loves her not me then how can I love her?
Abhi-No, Rhea she loves u .
Rhea-Dad I don’t know wether she loves me or not but I know that Meera aunty loves me a lot. U marry her or I’ll leave u forever, the decision is urs to choose between ur wife and ur daughter.

In Pragya’s house
Prachi-What! maa Mehra sir is my dad and Rhea is my sister.
Pragya- Yes Prachi ur Mehra sir is ur father and Rhea is ur sister.
Pragya leaves from there with tears in her eyes.
Prachi-Wow I am so excited to meet my dad and my sister …
Sarita-But will they accept u especially Rhea. She hates u a lot then how she’ll accept u.
Prachi-But.. ..
Shahana-Yess . Sarita jii is right Mehra sir can accept u but Rhea will never accept u, she tried to kill u so many times and frame u in false accusations .
Prachi-But when Rhea will come to know that I am her sister she will surely accept  me .
Shahana- I don’t think this will happen because she is not a good girl and I feel that she can never be a good sister.

Kohli Mansion
Ranbir- What Prachi and Rhea are sisters
Aryan -Yess. U heard right in fact I cannot even believe that Prachi is Rhea’s sister.
Ranbir-What do u mean?
Aryan-I mean that Prachi is so simple, caring girl while Rhea is a girl  who just  thinks about herself.
(Aryan continues praising Prachi)
While Rannir is lost in thoughts of Prachi and is thinking about her… Aryan suddenly notices him and shouts Ranbir, Ranbir… And after many trials jolts him to bring him out of his lost world
Ranbir-Aryan What are u doing, it hurts yrr
Aryan-I called out ur name so many times but u didn’t hear me so I had to do this.By the way in whose thoughts were u lost in (asks Aryan teasingly ).
Ranbir sighs and says u know her very well, it’s almost 1 day and I hv not met Prachi, I am missing her..
Aryan- So let’s go
Ranbir- Where?
Aryan- Prachi’s house. I am sure that she must be missing u.
Ranbir and Aryan leave for Prachi’s house.

In Prachi’s House
Sarita and Pragya leave to go to the market.
After some times..
Bell rings.. Shahana goes to open the door and gets happy on seeing Aryan and Ranbir and ask them to come in.
Ranbir straight away goes to Prachi’s room and hugs her and they both hv a emotional talk about Rhea and Abhi.
Aryan and Shahana are outside and Shahana seems to be sad. Aryan notices her and asks the reason.. First she hesitates and later tells that she is leaving for Hoshiyarpur after some days, Aryan gets sad on hearing this and asks her about the reason . Shahana says that she came Delhi to study and in few days her  college was getting over so she’ll leave Delhi after that.

Shahana’s POV
Why did I tell Aryan about my problems? Maybe becoz we hv become good friends. Leave it whatever but
I am sorry Aryan, I cannot tell u the truth. I am leaving Delhi becoz I don’t have a family and now very soon massi and Prachi will start living with their real family and I don’t want to become a burden over them… So I hv to leave.
Suddenly Ranbir and Prachi come there and ask about the matter. Aryan was going to tell but Shahana cuts him in between and makes an excuse and goes to the kitchen.
Aryan follows her…
Aryan-Why did u lie to Pranbir?
Shahana -Becoz I don’t want Prachi to know about it otherwise she’ll not let me go. I request u Aryan not tell anyone otherwise I’ll  leave today and without informing anyone.
Aryan (sadly) -Ohkk I’ll not  tell anyone but u don’t leave today.
Aryan and Ranbir leave…Aryan is little disturbed on hearing about Shahana’s departure.

Aryan PoV
Why am I thinking so much about Shahana, I should be happy that she is leaving she is so troubling, annoying… (But is not able to think bad about her ). Maybe we hv become nice friends that is the reason that I am not able to think bad about her … Ya this is the only reason otherwise I don’t hv any problem if she is leaving..
Alia returns from the office and Mitali tells her that Prachi is Abhi’s elder daughter.
Alia-What the hell Mitali Bhabhi! What are u saying? That middle class girl Prachi is bhai’s daughter, it is not even possible.

Mitali- Alia I was also shocked but this is the reality.
Alia- Rhea knows it?
Mitali – Yes she knows this and u won’t believe what she did..
Alia interrupts her in between and asks what did she do?
Mitali describes the whole scene created by Rhea and tells that she asked Abhi to marry Meera…
Alia asks about Rhea and leaves from there happily to meet her.

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