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Qurbaan Hua 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel scolds Chahat saying he can bear her in his house but would not be able to forgive her if his family gets into any sort of problem because of her as it would not be a healthy option for her, he says that she must bring Vyas je back home as he left because of her, Chahat agrees to bring Vyas je but not alone, she pulls Neel however he shuns her questioning what right does she have over him, Chahat replies it is the same right which he tried to exercise in the night when they were alone in the room, she pulls him with her while Aalekh is worried because if they are able to find, he secret would also be revealed.

Neel says they have been searching for the past two hours so if they are not able to find Vyas je before evening then it would cause a lot of problem, Chahat asks him to get angry after they have found Vyas je, she sees a girl coming who has his shawl, she signals Neel that the girl has the shawl of Vyas je, Neel seeing her explains that he might have given her the shawl to cover her body, Chahat questions where did she get the shawl from, he girls points them towards a bar.

Neel and Chahat reach the gate but they are bared from entering when the guard explains Indian clothes are not allowed, Chahat is still adamant to enter the bar but Neel pulls her back saying that he is sure Vyas je would not be in the bar, he is not like her so cannot let go of his ethics.

Neel doesnot find Chahat when he sees that she is walking, he runs after her but is shocked to see that she is not Chahat, he asks her about his wife, she points him towards Chahat who is wearing a short western dress, Chahat questions the guard if she is now allowed so she enters the pub thinking that if she is able to see Vyas je then would be sure that the person in Delhi’s hospital is the real Vyas je, two men see her so start teasing her demanding that she dance with them, Chahat tries to leave however they pull her closer, Neel comes slapping them and when they question he reveals she is his wife, Chahat thanks her but he says that he would have helped any girl who was in need of his help.

Neel and Chahat both hear Vyas je exclaiming that the second drink would be from him and Shella, he sits with her, Neel calls him and he gets tunned seeing Neel standing in front of him, Chahat and Neel bring Vyas with them, Neel tries to question him asking what has happened that he got into such a habit as how can he take him home in such a condition, Chahat tries to explain what has happened by in forming that he is not the real Vyas je however Neel doesnot believe her, Aalekh also comes from behind with the family explaining that he has a secret of Vyas je and it is the he has Alzheimer’s disease which means he forgets who he really is, he explains that when he brought back Vyas je from the kidnappers, he even refused to recognize him so the doctors revealed about his disease, Nele gets stunned so sits with Vyas je, Chahat taking the reports questions how can Vyas je have Alzheimer’s when all of his reports are fine, Neel doesnot believe her questioning if she is saying that Vyas je is acting, he exclaims he doesnot believe anything she is saying especially after she made the remark about him being an imposter.

Aalekh consoles Neel apologizing to him saying that he did not said anything about the condition of Vyas jee because of the conditions of the family, he pleads to allow him to take care of Vyas je, Aalekh takes him away when Chahat thinks there is something wrong because she cannot believe that Vyas je has Alzheimer’s, Aalekh pushes Agam inside the room saying that he must not drink anymore because Chahat has even started the investigation and he must not think she is like everyone else, Agam insists that Aalekh bring another peg, Aalekh leaves after which Agam lies down on the bed.

Chahat is in the room with Bopho, she calls the sister asking her to let her talk with the patient who is on the bed 203, Chahat talks with Vyas je asking if he is alright, Vyas je exclaims he would not go back to Devpriagh until he dies, Bopho is shocked to see that there are two Vyas je and asks if their mother went to the mella because those two are the look alike of each other, Bopho questions why did she not tell Neel about them both, Chahat exclaims she knows his anger and trust so would not reveal the truth.
Neel throws the paper on the bed demanding Chahat to sign them, he reveals they are the custody papers and it is written that the children would live with him after the divorce, Chahat insists she would not leave her children and can even live with all of his anger and trust issues, Neel challenges to do everything he can to get the custody of their children, Chahat explains that he has challenged the motherhood of a mother so would not be able to win the competition.

Precap: Chahat asks Sahil to move out of her way, they both push each other when his walking stick drops, Chahat is amazed to see him walk, she questions how is it possible when he reveals that it was all just an act as he desired to gain her sympathy. He pulls her closer, but she tries to get away from him.

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