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Episode starts with… 

Riddhima and vansh reaches sharma house. Riddhima gets happy seeing angre. While, ishani gets happy seeing vansh..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, where is mom and dad? 

ANGRE: They both have gone to the temple. They’ll come by afternoon..


The four spend some time together. Ishani suddenly gets upset seeing angre’s happiness.. 

ISHANI: (thinking) Angre, I haven’t seen this happiness in you, yesterday. I know that you miss your sister. But, I told you that I’m with you. Doesn’t that matter to you? If it matters to you then, you would have at least tried to be happy with me. If your happiness lies with your sister. Then, what role do I play in your life? 

Riddhima notices ishani being upset. Ishani silently goes from there. Riddhima follows her. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, suddenly what happened to you? 

ISHANI: Nothing..

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, don’t hide anything from me. I saw you looking at bhai and getting upset. What happened? Is there any problem between you both? Sorry, I know that I shouldn’t ask this. This is your personal. But, I saw you getting upset. That’s why, I’m asking this. Tell me.. What’s your problem?

ISHANI: You are my problem, riddhima..

RIDDHIMA: Ishani..

ISHANI: Yes, you are my problem. You know how much I love angre. I know that even angre loves me so much. But, the truth is his happiness lies in you. Not me.. This truth is making me upset. Before our marriage, whenever he comes to meet me he used to be very happy. I thought that his happiness is because of me. But, after this marriage in this two days, I couldn’t find that smile and happiness in his face. Because, he is missing you. I know that the bond between you both is special. But my question is, what role do I play in his life? Riddhima, I know that you have sacrificed lot for our love. I know that even your wish will be that we should live happily. Even, I like you a lot. You are my best friend. But, the truth is making me upset. I’m feeling that as if I’m in someone’s life, someone’s house, someone’s place. I’m not telling that you are the reason for this. You are not at fault. I expected a lot from angre. When my expectations are wrong, I couldn’t take it easily. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, I’m sorry..

ISHANI: No.. This is not your fault. Please, you don’t feel sorry for this. Please, don’t tell this to anyone. I’m just little bit upset. My love for angre is bigger than anything in this world. You please don’t worry. I’ll manage. You asked me. So, I told this to you. Leave it.. Don’t think about anything. Come, we’ll go..

RIDDHIMA: You go.. I’ll come..

Ishani goes.. 

Riddhima understands ishani’s discomfort. Riddhima roams around the house. She goes to angre’s room and finds her photos everywhere. Riddhima thinks for a while. She calls sejal and asks her to do a work. Just then, angre and vansh comes there. Riddhima notices him coming.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, I’ll message yoy, what you should do. Do it immediately and call me back once the work is done. Okay.. 

Saying so, she cuts the call.. 

She goes aside and messages something to sejal.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, what are you doing here? 

RIDDHIMA: Nothing bhai. Bhai, actually I forgot to tell.. Vansh has planned a family picnic for three days.

ANGRE: Family picnic?

Vansh looks at riddhima.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Which picnic is she speaking about? I didn’t tell anything like that.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, till now we were talking a lit. But, why didn’t you tell about this to me? Was it really your idea?

Riddhima signs vansh to tell yes.. 

VANSH: Yes.. I have planned this.. 

ANGRE: But, where? When are we going?

VANSH: Actually… I’ll tell you about it by evening.

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I want all our photo frames..

ANGRE: Photo frames?


Saying so, she removes all the photos from angre’s rooms.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, what are you doing? If you want you can get some other phtos framed, right? Why are you removing this?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, actually I missed all these photos. So, I’m taking it with me. That’s it..

Vansh observes all this.. 

ANGRE: So, you won’t listen to me right?

RIDDHIMA: Not in this matter..

Saying so, she goes.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, what happened to this girl? 

VANSH: Don’t worry. I think she misses you. So, she has taken all these photos. She won’t listen to any of us. Better leave it..

Ishani sees all this and goes to riddhima who was standing alone in the balcony.. 

ISHANI: Riddhima, did I hurt you? Sorry my intention was not to hurt you. Shy did you take these photos. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, don’t worry. I’m not hurt. And these photos shouldn’t be there. I did what I have to do? That room is now your’s. It shouldn’t be there.

ISHANI: I have no intention to take your place in this house or in angre’s life.

RIDDHIMA: I know. Don’t think that I’m giving my place to you. You have special place in this house as well as in bhai’s life. That special place is what you earned and you deserve it because you are such a cute and sweet.

ISHANI: Then, why did you take these photos?

RIDDHIMA: Simple.. If I’m a daughter of this house, then you are the daughter-in-law of this house. We both have equal place. In fact you have more rights than me. In that case, why should my photos alone be here? There should be your photos too. I’m not taking all the photos. Even I need to some photos to take it to my house, raisinghania house.. Ishani, you have to make your place in this house. Take the responsibilities in your hands. Now, the place is empty. You should make your own place. That is your duty too..

ISHANI: Riddhima..

RIDDHIMA: Don’t make this as an issue. This is just a photos. Please..

Saying so, she smiles.. Ishani too smiles.. 

Riddhima comes to angre who was standing alone.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, what are you thinking?

ANGRE: Riddhu, are you happy? Are you comfortable in vansh’s house?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I’m happy. Stop thinking about me and live your life. Is ishani happy here? Because, even she left her home and came her, right? So, even she’ll miss her family, right? I know that she loves you. Your marriage is a love marriage. Ishani, very well knows you, mom and dad. But, even though she’ll miss her family. Till two days back she was with sia and vansh. But, now she is alone.

Just then, angre looks at ishani who was talking with vansh. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, till now I didn’t hear anything about ishani from you. You were continuously speaking about me. What about ishani?

ANGRE: She will be happy. This house is not new for her, right?

RIDDHIMA: Even vansh’s house is not new for me. Then, what are you asking me whether I’m feeling comfortable there? Bhai, I’m not staying in this house. But, that doesn’t mean that I have forgotten you. Every girl has to face this. And in our case ishani and I are in same situation. When you expect vansh to support me, look after me and care for me. Then, even you should do that right? Bhai, you have fulfilled your duty as a brother by getting vansh married to me. Now, you have many duties as a husband. You should fulfill that too. I’m telling this not as your sister as ishani’s bhabhi. Please, take care of her..

Saying so, she goes.. Angre looks at ishani from far. Ishani notices him and asks what. He signs nothing.. 

Riddhima messages vansh.. 

We should leave now. Tell them that you have an important work. 

Vansh reads her message. Just then, riddhima comes there.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, just now I recieved a call from my office. I have to leave immediately.. 

VANSH: Even I have an important work…

ANGRE: But..

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, you drop me at the office. Bhai, I’ll see mom and dad afterwards. Now, I have to leave..

ANGRE: Okay..

As she was about to go.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, take care.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, don’t worry. Vansh is there to support and take care of me. You take care of ishani..

ANGRE: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her..

Saying so, he holds ishani’s hand.. 

Riddhima smiles and goes.. 

Vansh looks at riddhima surprisingly.. Riddhima leaves along with the photos she took from angre’s room.. 

Vansh and riddhima is in the car. Just then, riddhima recieves a call from sejal.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, have you done the work? Okay, fast.. Complete it and call me.. Don’t tell about this to anyone.. 

Saying so, she cuts the call.. 

Vansh stops the car.. 

RIDDHIMA: What happened? 

VANSH: What’s happening here? Why did you lie to angre and ishani?


VANSH: Why did you lie about that picnic? What did you lie about these photos? Why did you lie as if you trust me?

RIDDHIMA: Don’t ask me the reason for these lies. I won’t tell. But, only the first two are lies..

VANSH: Which means?

RIDDHIMA: first tell me one thing. Was your help and support lie or true?

VANSH: What do you think?

RIDDHIMA: I thought what you thought while doing all that?

VANSH: What’s this? I need the answer..

RIDDHIMA: The answer is within you. You won’t get it from my mouth..

Hearing this, vansh smiles at her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, are you free?

VANSH: Yes..

Hearing this, riddhima gets down. 

She comes to the other side. 

RIDDHIMA: Then, move aside. I’ll drive..

VANSH: Why? 

RIDDHIMA: I’m not going to kidnap you.. Just move and sit..

Vansh moves to the next seat. Riddhima sits in the driver seat. She drives the car.. 

VANSH: You are always a puzzle.. Won’t you speak anything clearly..

RIDDHIMA: Don’t think over about this puzzle. It won’t be that easy.. Don’t waste your life..

VANSH: (murmurs) I’m not solving. I’m admiring this puzzle. This puzzle is making my life so interesting..

RIDDHIMA: Did you say anything?


Vansh looks at riddhima and smiles.. 

PRECAP: The plan is super. But, there is a small change in the number.. It is not 8.. It is 7..

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