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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohit asks Sai who is Harini followed by Ashwini. Sai says all this arrangement is for Harini’s birthday. Ninad asks who is she. Omkar says he is hearing her name for the first tiem. Ashwini asks if Harini is her friend. Sai says Harini is her relative, but they are all more related to her than her. Sonali asks who is this mysterious relative. Sai says Bhavani knows her well. Ninad and Omkar yell at her to tell who is Harini. Sai asks Bhavani to tell who Harini is. Ninad continues yelling and asks Virat if he brought here to spoil their mood, they thought to spend quality time with family, but with Sai’s presence its impossible. Omkar says they will not let Sai insult Bhavani and will from here right now. Bhavani asks Sai why is she is creating drama with Harini’s name. Virat asks Bhavani if she knows who Harini is then. Ashwini asks if even he knows who Harini is. Virat says yes and says Harini is… Sai says the family head speak about Harini. Bhavani thinks what to tell about Harini. Pakhi yells at Sai that she should be ashamed to force Bhavani not bothering about her old age. Family drama continues. Sonali asks Omkar if he knows who Harini is. Omkar says she must be someone important and hence Bhavani is tensed. Ninad yells that Sai is living on their favor and is insulting them. Virat asks if Sai is bad because she speaks truth. Pakhi yells he shouldn’t be blind in his wife’s love that he cannot see his family’s insult. Virat asks if she wants him to hide truth because of family, truth is like a bitter which is necessary. Pakhi continues yelling. Virat warns that truth must be out today.

Sai asks Bhavani if she will tell truth or shall she. Bhavani asks which truth she is talking about, she is quiet doesn’t mean she can force her, she is talking about a dirty blood which can never be part of their family. Sai warns her to stop and says her past deeds cannot be changed, she thought she will repent for her sins, but she doesn’t want to change at all and is blaming an innocent child while she is at mistake; how can she say this and if she doesn’t have a heart in her chest. Bhavani yells not to allege her hearing false stories as she doesn’t know what had happened. Sai says she knows everything, what happened, why it happened, and when it happened. Bhavani asks if she is threatening her. Sai says truth cannot be hidden and when it comes out, it hurts dear ones; she wants to maintain her dignity, but her adamancy is bigger than her dignity. She warns her to tell truth before she counts till 3 or else she will tell truth. She starts counting. Bhavani reminisces giving Devi’s baby to Ninad and Omkar and asking to throw it it. Devi asks her about her baby, and she lies that her baby was born alive. Sai informs that Devi’s daughter is staying with Pulkit and not in orphanage. Out of flashback, Bhavani reveals that Harini is Devi and Pulkit’s daughter. Family is shocked to hear that.

Omkar and Ninad discuss that Harini is the same girl whom they had ransacked, that is why Bhavani got tensed hearing her name. Ashwini asks why didn’t Bhavani tell that Devi has a daughter. Sai says Bhavani didn’t want to reveal truth and she decides whom she has to. Ashwini says she cannot understand anything. Virat asks which truth she knows that they all don’t know. Sai informs that when Devi gave birth to a baby girl and Bhavani sent the baby to orphanage. Virat shocked asks if she is telling truth. Sai says if he doesn’t trust her, he can ask Bhavani and Omkar and Ninad supported her in this heinous act. Virat asks them to tell its a lie. Bhavani says she had to do this as she didn’t have any other option. Virat asks how can she separate a baby from her parents as she didn’t have any other option. Pakhi says she accepts that Bhavani did wrong, but she her revealed why she lied. Sai asks how can she support Bhavani even after knowing the truth, being a literate, she should have helped her perform Pulkit and Devi’s marriage. Pakhi yells not to expect anything from her and says Bhavani did this as nobody knew about Devi and Pulkit’s marriage as they had married in a temple without any evidence, so to save family’s dignity, Bhavani sent Harini to orphanage. Ninad praises that Pakhi is a true bahu who is defending her elders and knows that elders do everything for family’s betterment; asks if Virat wanted them to bring a servant’s baby home. Virat says Pulit was not a servant and was studying then, asks Bhavani how can she do this to her own daughter. Bhavani asks if she had let an unmarried mother’s stamp on her daughter and throw her on road.

Precap: Virat says whatever happened was a sin and they all have to repent for it, so he promised Pulkit that he will celebrate Harini’s birthday with Chavan’s family. Bhavani says she will never do that as she accept Devi and not Pulkit and his daughter.

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