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Riddhima was driving her car to the police station lost in her thoughts…
‘Your bhai will never come between us’
‘I will always stand with you’
A tear fell from Riddhima’s eyes and she reached the police station. She closed the door hardly and ran inside.
Riddhima: I want to take my case back.
Aryan who was sitting their stood up.
Aryan: Really? You are taking the case back.
Policeman: Are you sure? It’s an attempt to murder case by your father.
Riddhima: I don’t have the right to take it back? I know him nicely and there is a misunderstanding.
Policeman: Sure. You can sign here and take the case back.
Riddhima signed the paper and sighed.
Riddhima: Can I meet him?
Policeman: Sure.
Riddhima reached the room. Vansh stoop up seeing her. She ran and hugged Vansh. Vansh hugged her back and kissed her forehead.
Riddhima: I am sorry Vansh. I am sorry.
Vansh: No my love, I am sorry. I didn’t speak a word thinking you will hate me. How is he?
Riddhima: He is fine. He only told me what happened. You told him that I love you. He is very happy.
Vansh: I knew he will come between his sister’s happiness. Like I do.
Aryan was listening to there conversation from outside. He fake coughed to indicate his presence. Riddhima pared from Vansh and Aryan came inside.
Aryan: Bhai, let’s go home.
Vansh: Not so soon Aryan, we have to complete some formalities. And Riddh…. Riddhima? Where did she go?
Riddhima was not there.
Aryan: She got a call and went away. I saw her leaving.
Vansh: Fine, let’s go.
At Hospital
Jai: Why did you do this Ramansh? Why did you send her to take the case back? He must be punished.
Ramansh: He didn’t do anything Dad. Then why should he be punished? Riddhu will be back in a minute or two. Mom is at home?
Jai: Just came back after leaving her.
Ramansh: Ok. You will also go and have some rest after Riddhima comes.
Jai: Fine. But where is she? Shouldn’t she be here by now?
Ramansh: I don’t know. Maybe it take time to complete the formalities.
At police station
Vansh and Aryan come out if the police station. Vansh sees Riddhima’s car still standing there.
Vansh(thinking): She is still on phone? Where is she? I needed to stay with her some more time.
Aryan: Bhai? Thinking about Bhabhi?
Vansh: Yes, actually she…What!? Bhabhi?
Aryan(laughing): Oh. Bhai is in love with her. Nice. Good. So when are you getting married? I want to see atleast a wedding in my life.
Vansh: Shut up Aryan. We are studying right now. And what marriage? Do you think it’s easy like making a coffee? Dumb. Let’s go home. Everyone must be waiting.
Aryan: The car is here.
At Hospital
Ramansh (thinking): Why is she taking so much time? Is she with Vansh? I must confirm.
Ramansh calls Vansh.
Vansh(on call): Hello?
Ramansh: Is Riddhima with you?
Vansh: No. She got a call and left.
Ramansh: Must be on her way.
Vansh: Yes. Say her to call me when she reaches
Ramansh: Ok.
Ramansh cuts the call.
Jai: Where is this girl? Always creating problem for me.
Ramansh: hmmm. Must be on her way.
Jai: You are saying this the 4rth time.
Ramansh: I know.
At VR Mansion
Vansh reaches home. Everyone becomes happy seeing him back.
Uma: My son. I knew he couldn’t do anything.
Siya: What ma. I was sure.
Ishani: I was confident.
Aryan: I was confirmed.
Siya: No…. Only me.
Ishani: Are but….
Aryan: No no no. I am the one who loves Bhai…
Siya: I love him more than ….
Ishani: He loves me…
Aryan: No me….and he
Siya: He loves only me…
Ishani: I am his princ…
Vansh: Stop it guys!
Everyone laughs.
Ajay comes to Vansh and keeps his hand on Vansh’s shoulder.
Ajay: My son is just like me. Perfect for everything.
Vansh smiled while Kabir gritted his teeth.
Ajay: Uma, find a girl for him. He will be married soon after his college ends.
Vansh: Dad. I don’t want to think anything over my studies right now. I will complete my studies, join you and help you with work, after that I will think of it.
Aryan: Really?
Vansh glared at Aryan.
Ajay: That’s good, I like you want to be focused on business (eyeing at Kabir) more than marriage.
Precap- Riddhima?

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