chapter : 1

Kartik’s pov

i woke up in the morning , with the sun rays falling on my face. i woke up and touched the photo of my life – my naira . i pecked the picture and tears formed in my eyes while i remembered the night where our lives turned upside down . she left me all alone . well i don’t blame her but i hate her too. how can she let me suffer for 5 years but somewhere deep down i know that i love her . i don’t know it’s way too complicated somewhere down the lane i m guilty but somewhere i am hating her . my trance of thought was broken when vansh came and sat with me . he was a great support system to me . i played with him , had my breakfast and went to the office . the same cabin with a photo of my life . the same cabin where i spent 5 years of my life drowning myself in work , the same cabin where i dreamt of dancing and romancing with naira but i hate her . i know i did a mistake a huge one , but you can’t expect someone to feel guilty for 5 years . you can’t expect a person to mourn for you their whole life . i spent the rest of my day in my office . went back to home late night and sat on our bed which was currently not ours but mine , kept my hands on my face and bursted into crying . crying was a habit for me i could say. they were my best friend in these 5 years. i wanted to go to naira , find her and say that i love her and i am sorry but unknown to me she is not in udaipur and it will take me my whole life to find her in this big world ! i love you my sherni and i miss you . i drove to sleep while thinking about her !

kartik pov ends

Naira’s pov

It’s been 5 year’s to that day which I never thought would come in my life…my Kartik questioned my character and… family the people whom I considered my life also did not trust me…if I did not have Vedika and Mishti by my side I could not give birth to kairav…I have this fear inside my heart which any how I cannot remove…I know if i  take kairav to udaipur no one will trust me and they will accuse kairav as my and mihir’s son….From that horrific day I hate to admit that I was a Singhania and Goenka at any point of my life…..The reason why I live is only because of Kairav… Mishti even broke all the ties with Singhania’s and Vedika acted as my sister when my real sister was a temporary character in my life….how can gayu di do that…she was with mithali…what f**king wrong did I do with her….My day start’s from Kairav and ends with kairav….I went down and saw Vedika and Mishti cooking and singing songs I know they do it everyday to lighten my mood..I just love them!

I just love them! 

naira pov ends


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