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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Happu crying in room and feeling apologetic for standing still, seeing her falling on the ground and not helping her get up. He says what you might have thought about me. Haseena says I am impressed with your charm. Happu says this is my emotions for my wife which is coming out from my heart. Haseena says I am very impressed seeing your emotions and hopes her would be husband shall have hot emotions like him. Happu asks what do you mean? Haseena tries to flirt with him. Happu gets upset with her for her drama and cries. Haseena sings hum tum ek kamre me band ho……She rests beside him and dances. Happu pushes her and goes out of the room. Rajjo tells Amma that he is not Happu, but Dada only. Amma says he is Happu only and tells that he can fool all the world, but not me. Rajjo says he seems to be Happu Singh’s lookalike. Amma says you are feeling bad as he didn’t care for you, when you fell down, he didn’t help you get up. He says if I had fallen, then he would have help me get up and hug me. Rajjo says I am his wife. Amma says Amma is Amma and wife is wife. Rajjo asks if I have thorn. Amma says a wife can’t take mother’s place. Rajjo asks if Amma can take wife’s place. Amma says you are arguing with me. She asks her to think why he got distracted. Rajjo says now he doesn’t like house trophy and wants to have rasgula, but she is a dangerous wife and will take out rasgula from his mouth. Amma asks her to follow Gandhi ji’s nonviolence act. Rajjo says she will not leave him. Amma asks her to order juice fast. Hritik comes to the hotel with Chamchi, Kat, Beni, Ranbir, Malaika, and the triplets. The kids like the hotel and say why Papa came here.

Amma and Rajjo get happy seeing them. Kamlesh comes there calling Kat. Rajjo asks why did you come? Kamlesh says I brought them here in car. Beni asks if the opposite party went from your hand. Amma says it is not like that. Rajjo asks if you will agree when he spend wedding night with her. Kat asks how they will not take tension if Papa is thinking to get new Mummy. Ranbir says he will beat him. Rajjo asks him to be ashamed of his thoughts. Hritik says we have to do this. Rajjo says only she can take actions against him. Beni asks her not to take law in her hands. Hritik says Papa will not melt down with emotions. Rajjo says I tried everything. Amma talks about emotions and tells that he will melt down seeing kids. Hritik says Dadi is right. Chamchi says I will bring such an emotion on my face that Papa will ask me to stop. Rajjo gets happy seeing her kids taking a stand for her. Malaika says she will not do any emotional act. Kat says she will sing song. Beni says you don’t need to sing song. Rajjo asks shall I shoot him? Beni says no, he is my only friend and asks her to control him wisely. He says lets go inside, buffet is free in this hotel. Amma says let go and have food.

The people sitting in the Pub ask for Haseena. Someone says she will come in the night. Ranbir says someone is here to dance and calls Hritik on the stage. Hritik dances on the stage Paisa Paisa..Other kids and Kamlesh also dance. Happu looks at them from outside and gets happy seeing his kids dancing. Haseena comes there and says your kids are cute and lovely. She asks how many kids? Happu says you know well, 9. She asks what is his intention? Happu says it depends on my wife. Haseena says she wants just 1 kid like them. Happu says I am just your protector. He comes to the stage and tells that the kids danced well. Hritik calls him Papa. Happu says he is not their Papa. He goes from there, refusing to recognize them. Hritik says shall we kidnap the dancer. Malaika says don’t take law in your hands. Kat says he is not our father. Kamlesh says he is Shankar Dada, then where is Happu uncle. Beni tells Rajjo that Happu is in influence of Haseena Bechain and he can’t come out of it. Rajjo asks him to cut the trap of Haseena and promises Beni to get him married to Bimlesh, if he saves Happu from Haseena. Beni says ok and asks her to book this banquet hall for his wedding. Rajjo talks to Resham Pal and asks him to think of his promotion. Manohar comes there and calls him dancer. Happu asks him to say jai hind. Manohar says jai hind twice and says do you want me to call Happu singh, so that they come to know about your identity and our mission fail. Happu says he is troubled by his family members and his mission is in trouble. He says if I tell Beni then he will help me in my work. Manohar asks him not to take his help.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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