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Episode starts with:

VR Mansion: Author’s POV;

It’s next morning, Vansh is sleeping peacefully, Riddhima comes out of the Washroom dressed up and smiles seeing Vansh sleeping, she goes to him and playfully sprinkles some water from her wet hair on his face, he wakes up and she smiles and as she was about to go, Vansh pulls her over him and says..

Vansh: What were you upto Sweetheart?

Riddhima: Nothing, Vansh just leave me someone will see.

Vansh: Door is closed Riddhima, So no one will see. Stop excusing! It’s a beautiful morning, just one thing is missing 😐

Riddhima: What?

Vansh: (Seductively) If you give me a Kiss, then the day will be perfect (arrey raat mei bhi toh ki thi Vanshwa 🙄😜😂)

Riddhima: No not now.

Vansh: You’ve to otherwise full day you’ll be like this over me.

Riddhima: Full day??

(She leans towards his lips, as their lips were about to meet, Riddhima kisses him in his cheeks and wishes Goodmorning, moving from him and goes to the dressing table, while Vansh gets up saying..)

Vansh: Not fair Riddhima, not fair!

(Vansh goes and backhugs Riddhima as she was getting ready, he made her wear the earrings and nuptial chain and makes her sit and gave her a glass of turmeric milk saying..)

Vansh: Come on now drink this milk.

Riddhima (making faces): not now Vansh after 10mins.

Vansh: What will change in 10mins?

Riddhima: My hair are wet na so I’ll catch that SardGaram (excusing)

Vansh: This is the medicine for SardGaram only Riddhima. Stop acting like a kid and finish your milk by that time I’ll dry your hair.

Riddhima: Vansh Please I don’t like this milk.

Vansh: Riddhima it’s for our baby, you can be careless but we can’t be careless. I’m drying your hair till then you drink this milk.

(Vansh took the dryer and handling her like a child dried her hair, she said..)

Riddhima: It’s done, Why this today.

Vansh: A PAMPERING SESSION for my Sweetheart and our baby 💞

Riddhima: I love you but I need to finish this milk completely?

Vansh: Riddhima (Stern) because of the Baby you are also becoming a baby. Finish it.

Riddhima: (finishing the milk) done 👍

Vansh: Good girl. And Baby says Thanku Mumma ❤️

Riddhima: (pulling his cheeks) Your Welcome Papa ❤️

Vansh: BTW where’s my Sweetheart going?

Riddhima: I’m going to Office!

Vansh: No full nine months you’ll have work from home.

Riddhima: Vansh I’m going and don’t bother me!

Vansh: Okay then I’ll drop you.

(Angre knocks the door, he enters and says..)

Angre: Sorry to disturb BHABHI but boss your meeting has started please come. The international underworld dons (😂😂) are waiting for the deal.

Vansh: But I’m going to drop Riddhima now.

Riddhima: Vansh (stern)

Vansh: But take care of yourself, I’ll pick you in the evening.

(He hugs her, kisses her forehead and she leaves for office, while Vansh and Angre go to attend the meeting..)

At Planning Bells: Author’s POV;

Riddhima enters her office, Everyone wishes her while she walks inside her cabin followed by Rahul, he says..

Rahul: Good morning Riddhima. How’s your health?

Riddhima: Means?

Rahul: Actually Vansh sir called me few minutes back and told that you’re expecting. Congratulations Riddhima. Sir told me to take extra care of your health from now, I’ll handle all your meetings and Riya will see all your patients you just relax. And no media will come to know about your pregnancy.

Riddhima: Thanku! but Rahul, you are My PA not Vansh’s. So follow what I say, I’ll do my work as I do. Okay please get me the files of yesterday.

Rahul: Okay Riddhima.

(Rahul Leaves while Riddhima sees Vansh’s photo and says..)

Riddhima: You Mr Raisinghania, why do you love me so much 🥺 you are the best thing life has given me and now we’ll be very happy with our baby 💞

(Saying so Her cabin door knocks, she asks the person to come in, the person’s face is covered with files, she asked him to keep the file and go suddenly the person removes files and Riddhima shockingly says..)

Riddhima: Vansh you’re here? And that too in afternoon?

Vansh: Yes, now I’ll take care of you.

Riddhima: Your meeting?

Vansh: It got over so I decided to take care of your health in office itself, I was missing my Sweetheart and my baby both.

Riddhima: You?

Vansh: Eat food!

(She irritatingly goes out of the cabin, Vansh follows her and says..)

Vansh: Have water!

Riddhima: (going to the conference room, clients were waiting) Good afternoon all, let’s start with the presentation,

(Vansh watches from outside and after half an Hour he barges the conference room, everyone stands up and greets him, while he says..)

Vansh: Riddhima have your supplements, don’t take stress, don’t work much.

(Meanwhile Employees were witnessing this and were so surprised the biggest Business Tycoon VRS is so caring for her Wife, Riddhima asks clients to go ahead with the project, and Riddhima takes Vansh to his cabin while the Employees say..)

Employees: He’s a loving husband 😍

In Cabin:

Riddhima: What was that Vansh?

Vansh: PAMPERING SESSION Sweetheart ❣️

Riddhima: Vansh but this is office.

Vansh: I know Riddhima but I don’t want you and our baby to exert yourselves this much. Now let’s go home it’s already 6pm.

Riddhima: (smiling and hitting her head) Tum sudhroge nhi na Vansh.

(They reach back home and they spend some family time with everyone at Mansion talking, Vansh blindfolds Riddhima and says..)

Vansh: Come I’ve a surprise for you.

Riddhima: Really? Okay now show na!

(Vansh takes her to the terrace and opens the blindfold, Riddhima was so happy to the terrace decorated and the path full if rose petals, there was a bed decorated, Curtains fallin teddy bear and toys kept, written (MUMMA, PAPA N BABY TIME😘❤️) there was a projector kept, Riddhima got emotional, and said..)

Riddhima: Wow Vansh it’s beautiful ❤️ but Why?

Vansh: (bending to her Belly) Baby your mumma has surely become bhulakkad. Today’s the PAMPERING SESSION for Mumma and Baby na. So..

Riddhima: Oo! (Lending her hand to him) Mr Raisinghania will you have a dance with me?

(Vansh holds her hand and nods, they dance in Beintehaa, eat food, spend quality time watching their childhood photos on the projector and sleep in EACHOTHER’S Arms..)

Episode Ends!


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