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Hi everyone!! Sorry for not updating my FF because I am Searching for ideas. This OS was requested by Aayu ji.. I hope it fulfills what you thought it to be. Chappals accepted 😝 keeping it little mysterious.

Riddhima D’Mello, wife to be of Vansh Rai Singhania. Yes, their religion was different, but love; was as pure as scent of a fresh rose. Both of their families accepted their relation and had started a preparing for their marriage.
One evening, in a park
Riddhima: Vansh……
Vansh: Yes….
Riddhima: Let’s play a game.
Vansh: Come on Riddhima, we are not kids. What happened to you? You are not as cheery and bubbly as everyday? I love that Riddhima more than this serious Riddhima.
Riddhima: Bappa knows, what happens.
Vansh: You confuse me very much. Your mother is a Hindu and father a Christian. You pray to Jesus and Bappa at the same time.
Riddhima:(pouts) I challenge you, Vansh Rai Singhania.
Vansh: What?
Riddhima: You have to make no connection with me straight for 24 hours.
Vansh: What!? No Riddhima. Why? Don’t do this to your Vansh.
Riddhima: I challenged a Rai Singhania.
Vansh: You know how particular I am. Done. Starting from 6 pm today to tomorrow.
Riddhima: Done. No text, no calls. No meetings.
Vansh(sadly): Ok.
Riddhima: Mumma’s call. Byee. I love you.
Vansh: I love you too. (Thinking) why is she behaving so odd? Should I ask her? What about the challenge? Ufff….this girl. Well. I will ask her after completing the challenge.
Next evening
Vansh was sitting at the same place tapping his feet, looking at the watch when he heard a cough. He turned back and saw Riddhima smiling.
Vansh: There you are. Why are you doing this. Look. I did it.
Riddhima (faking a smile): hmm. I knew you can.
Vansh: What happened to you? You are not sharing with me.
Riddhima: Nothing… Cough and cold.
Vansh: Look I told you na, you aren’t able to take care of yourself even a day.
Riddhima: Accha? I will prove I can.
Vansh(chuckles): You think you can?
Riddhima: Of course.
Vansh: For how much time?
Riddhima: 1 week. I will show you.(pouts)
Vansh: Really? Not again. How will I stay without talking to you?
Riddhima: If you can stay for a day, you can stay for a week too.
Vansh: Fine.
A week later
Vansh (thinking): I am so desperate to meet her. Finally. I am missing her so much.
The doorbell rings and Vansh opens the door.
Courier boy: Letter for you from Riddhima D’Mello.
Vansh takes the letter and closes the door. He starts reading it.
Hi my grumpy elephant! Hope you are reading this letter. Vansh, you did really well. You can stay away from me for a week, then why not forever? I am sorry. I tried my best to live for you, but I couldn’t. I lost my battle of life. Please don’t cry for me. And never leave your dreams. And you have to complete my only wish too. I want my every wish to be completed by you. I love you Vansh. I am always with you. In your heart. I am always behind you.
Vansh was having tears and he ran to her house. He pushed everyone and entered the home. There was a coffin in the middle of the house. He fell on his knees and was expressionless. In a state of shock. He caressed his hand on the coffin and was crying.

13 days have passed from Riddhima’s demise. Vansh was in shock sitting in his house playing there recorded videos and watching them. The doorbell rang and it was a pen drive. He took the pendrive and played it. It was Riddhima in the video, with a big smile on her face.
Riddhima (in video): Hello my grumpy elephant! Your grumpy cat here. I don’t know when you will get it but it will bring a smile, which I would be seeing from somewhere.
A tear falls from Vansh’s eyes making way through his cheeks and falling on his hand.
Riddhima(in video): I know you are crying. And making me cry too. Vansh. I love you. And you have to complete my wish by going to the temple on the 13th day of my death. I don’t want to tell you how I died. And I will not. You remember when the first me met? You understood me your mom! (Chuckles)
Vansh chuckles with tears in his eyes.
Riddhima (in video): Wipe your tears now, you look like a small baby with beard.
Vansh wipes his tears.
Riddhima (in video): Good. You are a good boy. Now go to the temple. Right now. And pray that I rest in peace.
The video ended. Vansh took his shoes and went to the temple. He prayed to god. He distributed the prasad in kids. And was sat alone on a bench.
Riddhima: You are a good lover. You obeyed me.
Vansh: Riddhima?
Riddhima: hmmm. You did it. Now I can go peacefully.
Vansh: Please stay with me. I am all alone. How will I live without you?
Riddhima: Am I not going to live without you? But this is not the solution na. Everyone has to move on. You will. I will. I love you.
Vansh:(with tears) I love you too.
Vansh drives to a hill top. He sat on the bench. Looking at the city. He sees Riddhima on the edge.
Vansh: Riddhima…..
Riddhima opens her hands for a hig with a smile and tears in her eyes. Vansh runs to her and he fells of the cliff.

This was the end. Mai bhi murderer ban gyi.🙁 I will write more OS so if you want some please tell me🙃

Tanvi 🌠

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