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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shalu falls, Mahi saves her from hitting the ground. Everyone runs to her. They pick her. Mahi’s hand is bleeding. Jogi holds her hand. Mahi says di are you okay? Pappu says what a drama? You were going to step out of that paper so you did this drama to save Shalu. You did this to get sympathy. What a drama queen. Jogi says the one who helped you’re saying all this to her? Shalu could get injured and Mahi saved her. She injured her own hand. Pappu says yeah whatever you are not the judge. He says Akash announces the inner. Jogi says you’re the judge either. Jogi says people will decide who is the liar and who won. He says if you think my Mahi is right, vote for her. Akash says you have 10 minutes to vote.

Voting time is over. Akash announces Mahi got 100% votes. Rupa and Jogi clap. Jogi hugs Mahi. Everyone else is angry and shocked. Akash says Mahi Jogi is winner for Mrs. Ambarsar contest. Shalu leaves in anger. Renu leaves as well. Chanda say don’t worry our trump card I left. Mahi will lose anyone. Pappu says enough with this drama. What childish drama is this? Mahi says yeah you find things childish when you lose them. Pappu says what do you mean? Mahi says I mean I just became the star but you have always been the star for my family. So I want you to give me this prize. You have to keep people happy online or they won’t vote for you offline. Pappu says you are right. Mahi says more than winning I am glad that my respectable jeju is giving me this prize. Chanda says don’t worry give her the prize and I will prepare to kill her husband.

Jogi says bring back the tabela papers as well. Got them but couldn’t do anything? Pappu in heart be happy before you di. He gives the papers to Jogi and gives money to Mahi. Seema says in her heart my daughter Mahi won. Mahi says I became Mrs. Ambarsar today. But for me, my jeju has always been Mr. Ambarsar, Mr. Punjab, Mr. World, in fact, he’s out of this world. Because what h does, no normal person of this world can do. Thank you for your support. whenever I was scared you people gave me courage. Mahi says I want to thank someone before you all. The one whose support matters the most to me, my jeju. Pratap Sehgal.

Scene 2
Shalu sits down crying. Shalu says in this competition I couldn’t prove that I love my husband the most. But I know what do I have to do. you did all this Mahi. If my marriage breaks, I will break yours as well. I will plan your Jogi’s last breath. He has to ie. Chanda looks at her and says one target is ready.

Mahi says because of Jeju I had the courage to fight all the odds and win. Because whenever he could, he brought problems into my life. But I know why did all that. He wanted to train me to fight all the evils in life. Everyone laughs. Mahi says people love themselves the most but I love you the most. My family calls you God. You always get them out of trouble. Though your style to help is different. That Pappu style that not everyone can understand. But I understood. FOr example, you could give these 10 lacs directly to my family but he didn’t. Why? Pappu style. Mahi says mummy you must be wondering why didn’t he give you the money? He wanted you to get this money through me. So our broken relationship is fixed. Am I right Jeju?

Scene 3
Renu is scared. She drinks water and says how can I shot anyone? Jogi is my sister’s husband. How can I kill him? Chanda shoves her and says when you had to do the action you ran away? Renu says I can’t do this. I can’t kill anyone. Please.. Chanda slaps her and says, you, idiot. Someone will die today. If not Jogi, then you. I don’t care like you before killing anyone. My PP saves me every time. Do you wanna die? Renu says no, please. She takes the gun. Renu says I will kill Jogi. Chanda says, good girl. Chanda says Jogi will die today but I will see who does it.

Mahi says another Pappu style thing is that the fees of competition increased shockingly. It could be an accident and then it got canceled. My dress.. Its zip broke. That could be an accident too. But it can’t be so many accidents. Or who knows if it was Pappu style? Pappu says are you accusing me? Mahi touches his feet and says I only wanted to thank you. Because of you, I became his strength. You taught me how to break the faces of enemies. Whenever you created problems in my life I became stronger. Thank you for that. I was just your SIL now your neighbor as well. I will return all the favors you have done on me and my husband and MIL. I will return all the help. You will also know how close I live to you. Time for you to become strong and handle troubles.

Renu and Chanda point their guns towards Jogi. Mahi says till today you have been interfering in my life, now I will do that. The competition didn’t end today, a new one started today. We will see who wins. You or me. Mahi leaves.. Chanda says I will.. Pappu says don’t worry. She will be a widow in a few moments. She has to cry all her life.

Mahi gives the papers to Rupa and says this is your tabela and will always be yours. No one can touch it as long as I am there. Jogi hugs Rupa. Pappu says why aren’t they shooting yet? Chanda says if none of them shoots, I will. Jogi hugs Mahi and Rupa.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seema makes Mahi wear her bangles. She says with these I will give you my love and blessings. Seema and Rupa hug Mahi together. Jogi sings the song. Mahi says the singer I had been trying to find was Jogi?

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