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Choti Sardarni 8th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says you won’t feel any shortcoming here. He says, you girl.. I don’t like it if anyone interrupts me. Meher says I was just.. He says I don’t repeat anything twice. Meher says sorry. Meher touches his feet. He asks her name. Meher says Meher. He says which village are you from? Meher says Atari. He asks father’s name. Meher says Shaheed Sobdar Karanjit Singh. They ask the mother’s name. Meher is silent. Sarab says Kulwant Kaur. Sarab says kids, come touch their feet. They are your dada dadi. They are scared. Daar says looks like you haven’t trained them right. Show me the room. Sarab takes him to the room. Harleen meets Tai ji.

Dolly says Amrit Parjai you here, after this long? I thought Daar ji won’t ever come back. He says he was mad at Gurbakash but he wanted to come here to meet the kids. He will get his knee transplant here as well. Kids touch her feet. Param says I am Param, Karan says I am Karan and Seher says I am Seher. Meher says I am glad you brought him here. I will heal his knees I have many desi remedies. She says don’t even think about it. Daar ji hates half doctors. Harleen says let me show you your room.

Scene 2
Saraba asks all staff to go to Daar ji on one order and stand with hands folded in front of him. Sarab asks kids to lower the TV volume. He says Daar ji doesn’t like noise. If make any mistakes he hits with his stick, I don’t wanna get hit by it anymore. Tai comes and hugs him. She says you have always been my favorite kid. Sarab says why didn’t you call me before comng. Daar ji was again. She says he’s still an old lion. Meher tells something to the male chef. Tai ji says she will get Daar ji upset. Meher says what’s wrong? Tai ji says what are you wearing? Such small shalwar. Our DILs don’t wear such short shalwars. Change it before he sees. Meher goes. Tai ji says didn’t you tell her our rituals?

Scene 3
Sarab comes to Meher and says I am sorry Tai ji scolded you. Meher says their scold has vitamin D. It was funny to see you getting scared like a kid. He says yeah I also liked seeing you quiet as well. He says I am glad I have a life partner like you. Meher says you never told me about Daar ji. He says 25 years ago he left us and this house forever. Meher says what happened?

Daar says 25 years ago Gurbaksh did a sin by marrying that other woman. If he didn’t have an affair with her and Aditi wasn’t born I won’t have left this house forever. Tai says let it go. We are here after years. What’s the point of discussing the past? Our Sarab has kids now. Your grandkids. They are your third generation. What else do we want?

Scene 4
Sarab says he was our old tree. The mistakes took him from us. We can’t do any mistake that he leaves this house again. Karan says he won’t leave on his own. We have to make a plan. There were two witches now there’s another devil. Seher says he is our Daar Ji. Param says are Daar jis like that? So angry. Karan is right. We have to make a plan so they leave. Karan says I found it. Once there was a devil in Alice’s house. It had all the powers in the stick. Param says so Daar ji’s powers are in his stick? Kara says yes and the plan is that we have to break his stick. He says Param you are the eldest and most intelligent. Param says of course. Karan says you will bring his stick. Param of course no. I won’t go. You go. Karan says I am not well. Seher says I will bring it.

The kids come outside Daar’s room. Seher sneaks in. Seher picks his stick.. Daar stands and sees her. Seher is scared.. Seher says I came to say sasrikaal. He hits it on the ground. The kids run. Daar ji is angry.

Scene 5
Meher is cooking. Sarab says you are worried right? The problem that happened with Aditi 25 years ago might happen again? Meher says we can’t let that happen. I won’t let Karan’s truth come in front of him. Sarab says I know it hurts you. It hurts me as well. We never hid the truth. But this time.. Meher says but if hiding this truth keeps peace in the house we have to stay silent. I will get close to him and tell him myself but till then we can’t know this truth. Tai comes and says what truth? Meher says the food is ready. She says is this roti? So thin? 10 of these would make one of his rotis. All the food is made on a gas stove? Sarab says sorry I forgot to tell Daar ji eats food made on the woodstove. Tai says and he doesn’t eat food made by servants. He says the real food is made by the family. Meher says but chef made this. Meher says I will cook again. Tai ji says how? He eats on time. If he doesn’t get food on time he will leave.

Sarab says what will we do now? He comes to the table at 7. Meher says I will do something. Meher says I have 15 minutes. I have to serve at 5. Dolly and Harleen help her.

Scene 6
Everyone starts cooking. The kids look at Daar ji and run away. Meher makes rotis. Daar ji walks towards the table. Everyone stands there. He sits in his seat. Meher comes there with food. Tai ji sits as well. Daar ji picks the roti and leaves it. He says Amrit pack the bags. Everyone is scared.

Episode ends.

Precap-Sarab says please don’t leave us Daar ji. He says move Sarab. Meher sits at his feet. She says please Daar for the first time we have an elder in this house. Please don’t take away this blessing from us. He says I have 2 conditions.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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