Juhi Chawla explains why she filed 5G petition: All we are asking that authorities certify network is safe


Juhi Chawla explains why she filed 5G petition: We are asking that authorities certify 5G is safe 

Bollywood actress and environmentalist Juhi Chawla took to social media on Wednesday to claim that she is not against 5G technology but just wants to learn whether it is safe for all. Juhi shared a video on Instagram where speaking in Hindi and English she said: “There has been so much noise in the past few days that I almost could not hear myself too! And I feel that a very important message probably got lost in the middle of all this noise, which is that we are not against 5G. In fact, we are welcoming of it. Please bring it.”

“All we are asking is that the authorities certify that 5G is safe. Please certify it and publish your studies and research made on this on the public domain so that we get rid of this fear of ours. We just want to know that it is safe for children, for pregnant women, for unborn children, for people who are old, infirm, for flora fauna. That is all we are asking,” the actress said in her video.

Juhi’s video comes just a few days after the Delhi High Court dismissed the lawsuit filed by her against the setting up of 5G wireless networks in the country, and also imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh for the abuse of the process of law.

The plea filed by Juhi Chawla, Veeresh Malik and Teena Vachani claimed that 5G wireless technology can be a potential threat to provoke irreversible and serious effects on humans and it could also permanently damage the earth’s ecosystems.

Earlier, Juhi took to instagram to talk about how radiation will increase exponentially with 5G and urged people who were interested, to join her in the first virtual hearing being conducted at the Delhi High Court.

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Chawla joined the virtual proceedings from South Africa on June 2. As the Court began hearing the lawsuit, an unidentified man entered the virtual hearing disrupting the proceedings. The man started singing some of the hit songs from Juhi’s Bollywood films. The action of the man resulted in the periodic interruption of hearing and on the judge’s directions, the person was repeatedly removed from the hearing, but he kept on joining and started singing till the time the proceedings were locked.

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