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Authors pov…..


Vansh was busy in a important call with Angre .. He was all stressed by this deal .. when his eyes fall on Vanya who was about to slip from the bed .. and without wasting any moment , he ran to her , throwing his phone nowhere .. 


And before she could slip down ,Vansh like a superhero saved our little bundle of joy … ( Even his )


Taking a relief of breath to see his daughter safe in his arms , he started kissing her face .. while his eyes were filled with tears …


Tears of fear , tears of losing her , tears of joy to get her safe … 




( This little one is really cute , how I didn’t found her earlier .. )


Whereas her daughter was admiring her dad , who always wants to make her comfortable and make her safe …. 


But then suddenly anger erupted in him .. and standing upright with Vanya in his arms , Vansh shouted…


Vansh: ” Riddhima , Riddhima..” He started shouting to find her… while this scared Vanya was been on the verge of crying ..


It was the same time , when riddhima immediately stepped out of bathroom , And seeing her daughter crying , she ran towards him to take Vanya in her arms …


But Vansh hold her and asked to be away from his daughter .. 


Riddhima : ” What happened Vansh , and why she’s crying ?? .. ” while Vansh smiles …


Vansh: ” O really , what were you then , when my angel was on the verge of falling ?? .. ” shouted angrily… while Riddhima jumped in fear , on this side of Vansh , she had experience but only once and that too in the college party 3 years ago.. later he was all calm and sweet … But today after his accident , for the first time , it felt as he’s not hers ..but the Vansh Rai Singhania .. whom the world fear of ..


This was the first time when Riddhima had tears , and that too because of Vansh … Pulling herself from her thoughts … She spoke , and tried not to crack up ..


Riddhima : ” But … But what did I ?? .. ” And was left incomplete by Vansh ..


Vansh ( furious ) : ” You know what all happened bla bla bla .. ” ( I am not interested in writing that bullshit again … ) , ” If by mistake I would have got one second late …….. Hhh I can’t even complete it .. ” while Riddhima silently cried ..


Riddhima ( teary ) : ” Vansh I .. I had .. pillows .. but when she got … “but this only rose his anger …


Vansh : ” O shut up the crab riddhima .. I don’t want your justification .. ” and silently moved toward the bed with Vanya .. whereas Riddhima stood fill up with tears .. 


Later when wiping her tears she moved to bed , while Vansh turned to another side facing the wall , this really pricked her heart … But she too decided , she can’t bear his ignorance .. so taking the pillow she moved to couch and slept watching his face .. 


Later at night when Vanya cried for milk , but Vansh , he denied riddhima to feed her , instead he boiled the milk , that late and fed her , while riddhima could just cry there …





Next Morning ..


Riddhima with a lots of hope , prepared breakfast the way he likes .. toast , sandwich , salad , protein shake ..


She was all set , with a bright smile on her face to mend her husband’s anger … 



She was drown in the thoughts of Vansh .. which got broke by knock on the door .. while a servant opened the door , where the another side of door was a women who was in her earlier 40s .. 


While riddhima was all confused to see a lady , so without making any own theories , she decides to ask on the first note ..


Riddhima : ” Yes , how may I help you .. ” asked in confusion , looking that her …


Lady : ” Actually I am a Nanny , a babysitter , and I’m called for the same .. ” and all the while her face was adorned by a small smile ….


Which somewhat gave a positive vibes to Riddhima … But the main question who called her ?? .. 


Riddhima : ” Ji , I didn’t call you then who did .. I mean … ” , ” I called her .. ” came a voice from back , which none other than Vansh … 


Who was upstairs dressed in all three piece … Moving ahead downstairs he came stood straight facing Riddhima .. she had a faint smile .. while he was with a poker


Ignoring all her , he directly told her , or laid his order ” I called her to take care of My daughter .. ” 


Riddhima : ” But Vansh what’s the need I am here and …. ” But got cut off ..


” O I saw that last night .. No need riddhima .. ” mocked Vansh making tears escape her eyes , which she weep immediately before anyone can noticed it ..


Vansh : ” I want you to take proper care of my daughter .. and you won’t be alive to make a mistake… ” Spoke in his usual VR tone .. 


While the lady without any fear just nods with a smile …


Vansh ( to Riddhima ) : ” And riddhima you don’t have to take the affect of feeding , ( turning to lady ) give her bottle milk .. “


Taking the leave , Vansh moved out .. while soon all the Mrs. D’Souza left with the lady to show the room followed by the servants ..


And Riddhima was left alone in the hall , slamming down , she silently cried .. 



Cried and cried a lot , but there was no one Pacific her , wip her tears , make her smile , now she was all alone left to spare the loneliness ….


Riddhima ( to herself ) : ” Am I bad mum that I can’t take care of my own daughter , feed her by own , will I hurt her ever ?? .. ” and broke down again .. 





The nanny was really nice , she all the day take a good care of her , but the most important thing was to now feed her … 


Another side Riddhima was kept crying in her room which was captured by darkness .. then someone knock on the door , wiping her tears , she immediately opens the door and at the door , was none other than that lady with a smile on her face like usual …


Lady : ” You won’t feed your daughter , she is starving .. ” while riddhima looks at her daughter who was crying continuously …


And without any further word , She immediately took her daughter and sat on the bed , feeding her …. while cares her hairs and kisses her crown ..


While the lady admires her , and breaking one rule to give a little happiness to both mum and daughter is not a sin .. 



So how it was …. 

Hope you like it ..

I don’t know what I wrote , it was my fingers who typed them ..

Now the story is changing is it’s whether … 

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