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Episode  22– Read Here

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Episode 23 :

Kabir the Murderer ?

The episode starts

Scene – 1

Angre : tell me riddhima,  that who is vaaz and why did you wanted Red Diary  ?

Riddhima  : It’s not your work . I will find about the 2 day mystery myself.

She goes from there.

Riddhima  : i want to know about what exactly happened within 2 days . I have a plan . Only kabir could tell me about this .

Riddhima goes to kabir room . Kabir is sitting.

Riddhima  : i got to know what happened between two days ?

Kabir  : Ziddhima,  so you got to know everything.

Riddhima  : yes and that is you killed Vansh. 🔪 . And that car 🚗accident was fake…plan made by you.

Kabir  : so you are so smart Ziddhima.  Yes , i killed Vansh.  Death for death . He killed Ajay and I killed him.

Riddhima  goes near  to 🤗👐kabir.

Riddhima  : Wow ! I am so happy kabir,  our enemy vansh has died , and you killed him.

Kabir  : (smirks) yes , i killed Vansh . And i burnt his body , therefore it took me 2 days .

Riddhima : (in her mind) Kabir,  now as you killed Vansh its your turn to die .

She goes from there .

Kabir  : (laughs 🤣🤣🤣) Ziddhima you will get something bigger surprise that you don’t know about. Wait for time ⏲️…….

Scene  -2

Riddhima  : (to herself) Atleast this kabir made my work easy by killing vansh.  But now its his turn . Kabir has to die .

She removes a poison .


( To the readers- the venom of BLACK MAMBA is an easter egg for recent track in tv show)

Riddhima mixes the neurotoxin poison ( black mamba poison type) in kabir’s drink and takes it to kabir’s room .

Scene – 3

Riddhima brought that venomous drink to kabir .

Riddhima  : let’s celebrate 🍾kabir at the happiness of Vansh’s death . Take this drink.

Riddhima gives that venomous drink to kabir

Kabir  : yes , riddhima let’s celebrate 🍾.

Kabir starts to drink the juice but stopped it . Kabir removed something from his pocket and put it in the venomous drink .

Kabir  : Ziddhima,  do you know why love is poisonous  ?

Riddhima  : (shocked) no…no

Kabir  : Because love ❤ 🔪kills from inside.  But i love poisons . But your poison is not deadly . So drink this poisonous juice yourself.

Riddhima  : what? How do you know?

Kabir  : Look at this ph paper . The ph paper has ph reading between 7.35 to 7.45 . The ph between 7.35 to 7.45 means it has poison….poison of snake 🐍specially black mamba.  You drink your juice🥃 .

Kabir makes riddhima to drink that venomous juice 🥃. Riddhima forcefully drank the entire venomous juice

Riddhima  : i have drinked the poison🥃 now what will happen  ? 💊

Kabir put a packet infront of riddhima and went from there.

Kabir  : bye Ziddhima 👋.  Enjoy the reaction of neurotoxin venom of black mamba and then death.

Precap –  Kabir i want to announce you all that as per Vansh’s  death bed confession . Now i am the owner of Raisinghania Legacy .

Episode ends.

So how did you like today episode.

1) which part you enjoyed most ?

2) how did you like kabir’s ph plan  ?

3) which packet did he kept infront of riddhima at end ?

4) What was Vansh’s death bed confession  ?

5) Is kabir…the murder?

6) What is kabir’s new surprise  ?

Are you feeling thrilled ? . Wait for new episode.

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