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Vansh was siting in his study area .  As the Engagment was coming closer his fear was increasing. He was worried for Ridhimma’s life. He knew attacking Ridhimma in such crowd will be easy for the attacker .  Just then Angre came


Angre: boss you were right the girl went to nearby medicine  shop and was captured in there camera . Here is the footage.

Vansh: very good Angre let’s see what we find out.


Vansh started the footage. They saw the girl the coming to store asking for some medicines. Then he saw a tattoo in her hand , he paused and zoomed at it.

Vansh: Angre see this tattoo . This will help us to catch the culprit . If the person wants to kill Ridhimma she will surely come to engagment to attack her so we have to keep a sharp look around . Tell all or men to come to party as waiters and circulate the this tattoo picture among them .

Angre: okay boss


Saying this he went away . Vansh was happy that they got another clue about that girl but was still worried for Ridhimma.


Next day was very busy and all were doing decorations. Vansh and Ridhimma also went to office and  finished all the meetings which was very hectic  for them. As soon as they came home they retarded to bed .


Engagment day

There was hustle all around the house. All were busy in doing neccessery arrangements and ensuring everything is perfect.

Dadi: Kabir where is Vansh and Ridhimma. I haven’t seen them from morning.

Kabir: dadi let me see .

Saying this he goes towards Vansh room and finds him chatting on the phone. He was smiling seeing phone.

Kabir: even when the girl is two room away you are busy in chatting with her.

Vansh: who said I am chatting with Ridhimma ??

Kabir: the way you are smiling seeing the phone I think you can smile this way by only seeing Ridhimma I don’t think you can drool over your phone.

Dadi is calling you down stairs come with your chatting partner .


After a while Vansh Ridhimma came down and went to dadi

Dadi: listen time for engagment is 5:30pm so you two should get ready before it. I don’t want any problem in the function.

Vansh: okay dadi , now please stop taking stress . Wait I will give you juice.


He went towards kitchen to get juice and Ridhimma and dadi were chatting with each other

The day went rather fast and it was nearly time for function to start. Ridhimma was getting ready in her room when someone back hugged her.

Ridhimma: Vansh what are you doing here ??

Vansh: adoring my sweetheart what else do you think I will be doing in your room.

Ridhimma: sweetheart?? Since when did you start calling me that

Vansh: from now and after engagment I will  get the whole right to call by any name .

Ridhimma: okay okay . Now let me get ready.

Vansh: I have a better idea . Let me make you ready.


Saying this he started making her wear necklace and earing.  All this while Ridhimma was looking at Vansh lovingly through mirror. After getting her ready he turned her toward himself and looking at her said

Vansh: perfect , now you are looking like Vansh Raisinghania  fiancee


Ridhimma : thankyou now lets go down before dadi scolds us.

Vansh: ya , lets go

Both came down hand in hand and the spotlight was shifted towards them. All the family members  except anupriya smiled seeing them coming .

Both sat on couch which was kept for them in middle of hall . Kabir and sejal brought the rings . Vansh and Ridhimma made eachother wear it and smiled at eachother.

Everyone clapped and Kabir took the mic and spoke

Kabir: since the most important event of the day is completed let’s celebrate this moment.

He went to music system switched on the music and called the dancers.  He went to Riansh and brought them to centre of stage. Family members and dancers were dancing around them.

Vansh: (thinking) it feel so nice to them happy but I have be careful and protect Ridhimma from that attacker.

He signed Angre to keep a look to which Angre nodded.


Everyone was dancing and enjoying when Vansh saw a dancer trying to sneak out secretly and then suddenly light fell on her and he saw her ring. It was the same ring which the attacker had. He went behind her . They were outside Vansh pulled and turned her . The sight shook him to the core .

Vansh: you??


Precap: Vansh: you are alive??

Girl: yes Vansh I am alive


So here part 18 ends . Hope you liked it.  If you liked it please comment and let me know.  I will update first chapter of “Divergents love” soon .


So here part 18 ends .hope you liked it. please tell me your views in comments .


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