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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sirat thinking I m ready to fight as a bahu if Chauhan does anything. Ranvir holds her hand and takes her. He asks are you happy. She says yes, because you are with me, but its not easy for me to stay with Chauhan. He says we didn’t come here for his sake, we are here for Amma’s sake, when she gets fine, we will go from here. She says pray that your dad and I don’t get into a match. He makes her smile and clicks a selfie. Kartik shows the pic to Nani and says Sirat has sent this pic to show you. He gets Sirat’s call. He asks her to do any work in her Sasural. She asks when will you go to get the bride. He says I can’t hear you. She says I won’t forget it. He says there is no network. He disconnects the call. He jokes. Nani laughs. He asks her to spare her. She makes Kartik’s profile.

She imagines Kartik. He says you are making my profile, so I thought to come, my fav colour… She says blue, your fav food… He says you won’t know it. She says kachori, fav passtime… He says I don’t have any time to pass. She says basketball, you like to play it with kids. He says its good observation. He says I know you well, you are my friend. Ranvir comes and says you are right, no one knows Kartik more well than you. He says Amma is better now, she fell asleep. She says I m making Kartik’s profile. She shows the girls’ profiles. He says she is good. She says no, Kartik will never like her. He says Kartik should get a chance to select. She says you know I know Kartik well. He says I feel the way you are rejecting the girls, you don’t want his marriage to happen. She asks are you crazy, I have taken this responsibility, I want to find the best girl for Kartik. He praises a girl’s looks.

She says she isn’t right for Kartik. He says I have praised her, you didn’t get jealous, you didn’t pay attention, my Sirat didn’t hear any girl’s name from me, I like my old Sirat. She says I trust myself, I m not jealous, let me do my work. He says fine, call me when you are done. She says its surprising, why didn’t I get jealous. Sirat calls Kartik and says I had to meet you. He asks what happened, did Chauhan do anything. She says no, its imp, about nationals preparations, its urgent. He says I will come. Kairav says I will go to Vansh. Kartik thanks Kairav. He asks Sirat where shall I come. She sends the address. He says its some restaurant, why is she calling me here. He goes. Manish asks are you thinking the same. Suwarna says yes, else she would have come here to discuss it. Sirat greets Saroj. Saroj says Ranvir told me that you are thinking to get Kartik married. Nidhi says yes, he will get a nice girl, like Ranvir got you.

Sirat meets Shreya at the cafe and compliments her. Shreya says I strongly believe that looks aren’t imp, there should be compatibility. Sirat asks why did you like Kartik, he is my fav, he has two kids. Shreya says kids are cute, I saw the pics, his smile is so cute, his joint family is so cool. Sirat thinks is she really good or just acting. Shreya asks is Kartik coming. Sirat says no, he is busy, he will take time, sorry. Shreya says its okay. Sirat says I will call you. Shreya goes. Sirat calls Kartik and asks him not to come, the work is over. He says you said its about nationals training. She asks him not to come. He says strange girl.

She thinks did I do right to send that girl away. He goes back to the resort. She says I will get him married to the best girl, who will understand him and also the family, he would have rejected this girl, I did right. She answers Suwarna’s call. Suwarna asks are you still there, did Kartik like the girl. Sirat says no, I have sent her back, I felt she is oversmart. Gayu asks why. Sirat says I didn’t like her. Gayu says we know a person by meeting 2-3 times. Suwarna says our family didn’t like you first and then you won their hearts. Sirat asks shall I call her at the resort in the evening. Suwarna says its a good idea, you also come, we won’t tell this to Kartik. Kartik comes. He says Sirat called me and then asked me not to come, what is she telling you now. Suwarna says she wants to talk to me, you go. He goes. Sirat says what would I tell Shreya now. She calls Shreya.

Ranvir surprises Sirat by hanging some Rasgullas She asks what’s this revenge, sweets aren’t allowed. He says its sugar free, I don’t understand what you want. She says I don’t understand it myself. He asks what, have at least one Rasgulla, people eat poison in love. She agrees. They go to eat the sweets first and compete. He says I got a gift for you. She checks it. She likes the dress. She says I had worn such a dress on my birthday, this year, it was Kartik and Naira’s anniversary. She tells him everything. He says its impossible to take someone’s place even if the face resembles. She says Kartik misses Naira a lot. He says yes, she was his true love. She says its tough to convince him for marriage. He says you do you work, maybe he agrees to move on.

Sirat asks Kartik to go and wear any other shirt. He asks who is coming to see me. She says Shreya, sorry I didn’t tell you. He shouts get out, stay away from my life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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