Everyone in Goenka are very sad and complains about naira. Naksh suggests anchal as a psychiatrist. Mishti and naira reaches Goa. Singhanias shocked to learn everything. Anchal agrees to treat Karthik. Kunal, kuhu and Abir plans to prank Mishti. Anchal meets Karthik and calms him. Everyone gets relief. As per the prank, Abir, Kunal and kuhu do the prank, and naira faints.

In the hospital

Mishti was seen walking outside the hospital ward. She was very frightened and angry.

Mishti- what was the need for that prank? ( no one answers) Abir……. Kunal….. Kuhu answer me. ( Abir and Kunal looks down).

Kuhu- sorry Mishti. We didn’t mean to hurt Naira Di.

Kunal- haan Mishti. We were just doing a prank on you. ( Mishti worries).

Abir- but, what happened to her? She is brave na?

Mishti- she is having cancer, Abir.

( Abir, Kunal and Kuhu gets shocked).

Kuhu- what? Naira Di…. Cancer… Don’t joke.

Mishti- no, I’m saying truth.

Kunal- then where is Kartik? They were going to marry, right? ( Mishti looks down).

Abir- kya hua Mishti? What happened? Where is Karthik? Why didn’t he come with you?

Mishti hugs Kuhu and says, they separates.

Kuhu- kya….

Abir- Mishti, tell us what happened?

Mishti tells everything to them in detail. They all were in tears.

Abir- but Mishti, what she did is not right.

Kunal- Abir is right. Naira break Karthik’s trust. Now he cant love any other person and will not trust anyone.

Kuhu- misti, I think we should talk to dii and convince her.

Mishti- no way. She had taken decision and she will not back off.

Suddenly, doctor comes from the ICU.

Mishti- doctor, how is she? Is She ok?

Doctor- haan, don’t worry, she is out of danger.

( they all get relieved)

Doctor- is she a cancer patient?

Mishti- haan, blood cancer.

Doctor- which stage.

Mishti- second stage.

Doctor- what? Why don’t you be careful?

Mishti- sorry.

Abir- if there will be any problem?

Doctor- Dekho, she needs to be treated carefully. No shock should be there. We need to do chemotherapy. Regular Check up should be done. Then we can cure her. But…..

Mishti- but….

Doctor- she is not having any will power. I think she is having some depression like that.

Mishti- but what we have to do?

Doctor- you should keep her happy and safe.

Mishti- ok doctor. Can we meet her?

Doctor- haan, sure. ( they goes).

At Goenka house

Naksh- Kirti, I am going to house. You have to be here. Otherwise, Anchal will feel alone.

Kirti- haan, ok. And Naksh are you ok? ( Naksh looks down). Dekho, I don’t think Naira..

Naksh- stop it. I don’t want to hear her name.

Kirti- but.

Naksh- I am going. ( he goes from there and Anchal sees this).

Anchal- kya hua Kirti? All ok. ( she gives coffee to Kirti).

Kirti- nothing.

Anchal- can I ask you something?

Kirti- don’t be formal, ask it.

Anchal- do you also believe that Naira cheated Kartik.

Kirti- everyone believes it. But, my heart is not believing it. She can’t do it and that too to Kartik. No.

Anchal- that is the thing. She cant even think about living without Karthik. There must be some reason.

Kirti- but we can’t tell it now. We will wait for Kartik recovery. Then we can find it.

Anchal- haan.

In the hospital

Mishti- Naira dii, are you ok?

Naira- haan. Don’t worry. ( she looks at Kuhu, Kunal and Abir).

Mishti- these are my friends.

Naira- hi.

Abir- we are sorry. Actually we were doing a prank on Mishti, but it backfires.

Kunal- if we knows everything then we won’t be doing it.

Naira- it’s ok. No problem.

Kuhu- now onwards I, Mishti and Naira Di are living together.

Kunal- and I and Abir will be your bodyguard.

Abir- not only body guard, but your brothers.

Naira- Achcha Baba.

They all smiles and shares a moment.

After 3 years

In Goa, a lady is seen praying to God. Her face was revealed to be Naira.

Naira:- bhagavan ji, please give happiness in everyone’s life; specially my Mishti. Mishti and kuhu is sleeping, they must be giving me a surprise. I had heard Abir and Kunal talking about it. They both are very possessive about me. They won’t allow me to go anywhere alone. (Smiles). Please, give them four a lot of happiness. And Karthik. I hope, he is fine. I miss him a lot. Please give hm everything he wish. (Cries). Now, I am going, otherwise those girls won’t wake up.

Naira goes to kuhu’s and Mishti’s room. (Now they are living together and Abir and Kunal also live next to them.) In the room, Mishti and kuhu were sleeping.

Naira:- kuhu…… Mishti……wake up fast…. Mishti……jaldi…..wake up.. (they didn’t move, so naira take a bucket full of water and pour it on them.)

Kuhu and Mishti:- Naira dii, please…….

Naira:- no, wake up, otherwise I will again get water.

Kuhu and Mishti:- noooo. We will wake up.

Naira:- today is a good day, isn’t it?

Kuhu:- haan, Happy Bi…..(Mishti pinches kuhu and eyes her)

Naira:- happy…

Mishti:- happy day. Today will be a happy day, isn’t it, kuhu?

Kuhu:- haan.

Naira:- then..

Mishti:- we were going out.

Naira:- but, today you have no college, isn’t it?

Mishti:- haan.

Kuhu:- actually, we were going out with abir and Kunal. Then we have to go to shopping.

Mishti:- and naira dii, Kunal will come to pick up you.

Naira:- where?

Kuhu:- shopping, so be ready at 6 pm. Ok.

(Naira noda and goes from there sadly.)

Mishti:- kuhu, dii is hurt. Will it affect her health.

Kuhu:- don’t worry. Nothing will happen to her.

Mishti:- haan.

In an office a man is seen walking to his cabin. Everyone wishes him good morning. He doesn’t mind them and goes to his cabin. Everyone gossips about him. It was Karthik.

Assistant:- sir.

Karthik:- yes.

Assistant:- sorry sir, that verma refuse to coperate with us.

Karthik becomes angry and breaks the glass and shouts:- what? Why did he do that? Call him. Connect Mr Varma.

Assistant:- yes sir. (In mind) what kind of man is this, can’t behave properly, better I should call her. Only she can manage him. (Loud) iam going sir.

Assistant, mukesh calls someone and tells her to come fast.

In Singhania house

Naithik was talking to akshara’s photo, he has hidden a small photo of naira behind Akshara’s frame.

Naithik:- Akshara, do you know today’s importance. Today is our princess’s birthday. Our princess. 3 years had gone, everyone had moved on, but Iam still there. She will be with her new husband, enjoying. But here, everyone is sad. Iam getting down, I can’t manage anymore. (He cries, someone hold him) Naksh…

Naksh:- Papa, stand up. Don’t cry. If you cry, mamma will become sad. Naira doesn’t care us, then why should we remember her. Please come.

Keerthi:- naksh, Papa’s health is deteriorating, I think we need to find Naira.

Naksh:- Keerthi, if you ever take her name………..


Karishma:- naman, did you know, today is Naira’s birthday.

Naman:- haan. As every year we should give something to the orphanage.

Karishma:- haan ok.

Naman:- did you call Mishti?

Karishma:- she is not taking my call, since yesterday. I think she is hiding something.

Naman:- may be they are studying.

Karishma:- Mishti and studying. Her college is closed now. Her exam result will come next month.

Naman:- I really miss her. 3 years had gone, Mishti and naira went. Haan. If you connect Mishti then tell her to call me.

Karishma:- ok.


A girl comes to Karthik’s cabin and knocks,” can, I come in”.

Karthik looks up and smiles, ” you are welcome anytime, Anchal”.

Anchal:- thank you.

Karthik:- I guess mukesh called you, right?

Anchal:- wow, you get it right.

Karthik:- for 1 year, this is a routine. Sorry for disturbing you. It’s such that my mood is off today. I get angry to him, I shouted at him for no reason.

Anchal:- gussa, and that too today. Why?

Karthik:- woh…

Anchal:- today is Naira’s birthday. (Karthik’s eye turns red.) Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You have to live with the fact. Shouting on others or sleeping pills won’t work everytime. You have to be practical.

Karthik:- how, can you tell me a solution. (Anchal looks down). Neither I can control it, nor you can find the solution. I have turned into a continuous time bomb which will explode anytime.

Anchal:- sorry, anyway, next week there is a function in Goa. Suvarna aunty told me to inform you. We have to go tomorrow.

Karthik:- you are coming.?

Anchal:- yes, the whole Singhanias are invited.

Karthik:- then it’s ok. And in Goa, what about Kabir. I have to meet him one day.

Anchal:- karthik.. (they smiles).

In Goa

Kunal:- naira dii come. I will take you to Mishti.

Naira:- but we have to go to shopping, right?


Naira:- then why did we come here?

Kunal:- to pick up Mishti and kuhu.

Naira:- ok, get them.

Suddenly Abir comes and closed her eyes with a shawl.

Naira:- Abir, what are you doing? Why are you closing my eyes? I can’t see anything.

Abir:- don’t worry, dii. Iam here. Don’t get panic.

Naira:- haan.

Abir signs kunal to go. Abir gets naira to a dark room, nothing was visible there.

Naira:- Abir, take off this shawl.

Abir:- haan, I will remove it.

He removes the shawl from her eyes.

Naira:- kya hain yeh? No light. I can’t see anything.

Suddenly lights get on.

Naira:- wow.

Promo:- naira enjoys her birthday. Mishti:- naira dii, I have a surprise for you. Someone comes to naira and she was shocked to see him. Karthik reaches Goa. Abir tells kuhu to propose Kunal.

I hopes you all like it…. please comment below……will come with the new chapter.

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