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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tipsy and Vibhu in flat. Tipsy says lets drink. Vibhu says to Teeka you are forgetting what you are. Tipsy says I surrender myself in front of you. Tiwari looking at them from outside window and recording them.

Anu in her hall doing zumba. Tiwari looking at Anu from gate and dancing. Anu calls Tiwari and ask how you came, come sit. Tiwari says I was just going from here so thought of seeing you, why don’t you open zumba institute. Anu asks are you alright. Tiwari says when are you starting to teach zumba and start crying. Anu ask what happen look at me you have my promise. Tiwari says I tried to control myself from not telling but you gave me your swear and shows him video of Vibhuti. Anu gets shocked and ask what’s happening. Tiwari says this lady is Vibhus brand new wife, and insults Vibhuti. Anu asks Tiwari to leave.

Angoori in her bedroom folding clothes. Tiwari come and says de we have sweets I need to eat something sweet. Angoori says what happen what is the good news did you sell all the undergarments. Tiwari says you were right about Vibhuti and I took a snap also of him. Angoori says what you did are you a peeping tom. Tiwari says we must have some evidence against Vibhuti. Angoori says it means you told everything to Anu this is not right, you did wrong I’m worried about Anita. Angoori gets call form Ammaji, put the phone on speaker and greets her, says I told you about Vibhuti so Tiwari went and said everything about Vibhuti to Anita. Ammaji gets angry and says slap him from my side now listen to me Angoori go and take care of Anita and Tiwari listing this time you will go with 2rs coin and bury it while listening rap song with headphones. Tiwari says I’ll not do that last what happen to me I can’t even say. Ammaji says to Angoori tell me if he does not do I’ll bury him below those bush. Angoori says okay and hungs up phone.

Anu in her bedroom Vibhu come and greets her. Anu says what happen you look so happy. Vibhu says life give you two choices one you can be happy other you can cry your whole life so I choose first option I want to be happy in my life. Anu says how convenient Vibhu you kept two options in your life if you get bored with one option the other one is ready for you, Actually same ideology like you one of my friend husband keeps, recently he did a new scandal, he did second marriage but I’m so lucky you are not like that you are loyal, and recently he buied a new house where he is living with his new wife happily, but baby you are not like that. Vibhu says Ofcourse you are not like that, Angoori was also talking about same thing that her friend husband is doing same how coincidental, lets forget about this why should we talk about people like this come on give me a hug. Anu says no today I’m not in mood you go to sleep and leaves the bedroom. Tillu and Malkhan singing song and drinking and start crying. Tiwari looking for bush and say’s to himself, I’ll says to Ammaji that this is last superstitious remedy I’m doing after this I’ll not do any work of this kind. Tiwari put on his earphone and start digging. Tillu and Malkhan come after drinking and discussing about there girlfriend. Tillu holding a knife in his hand, while talking it slips from his hand and get stuck in Tiwari.

Anu in her hall Tiwari come. Anu says to Tiwari come fast I was waiting for you, I have a work to do and that work can only be done by you. Tiwari says tell me what work should I go and pay bill. Anu says no this time its not about bill its about heart I want a dashing, charming guy who can be my husband. Tiwari gets shock Anu ask what happen. Tiwari says nothing I thought earthquake came, you were saying something Anu. Anu says I want to make Vibhu jealous that’s why I called you, do one thing bring Prem immediately. Tiwari gets shocked why Prem. Anu says he is dashing charming handsome he will suit me apart from him no one else can be my husband, you go fast bring Prem till that time I’ll get ready thank you so much. Tiwari start singing sad song.

Tipsy singing song while taking bath and says bring potato sack from market while coming back. Vibhuti says I’m your husband not your servant what do you do whole day in house. Tipsy says you always scold me. Vibhuti says I got married so that I can outburst on you. Tipsy says listen can you pass me my towel I forgot you can outburst on me when I come out. Vibhuti give Tipsy towel and Tipsy pull Vibhu inside.

Anu and Prem at snacks stall. Anu says I cannot live with Vibhu. Prem says I know you will live with me and you like to live with me. Angoori seeing they both

Angoori says to Vibhu, Anu is getting married to Prem to start her new life. Vibhu says this is lie

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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