Chale na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq par zor nahin) Part 3 – Telly Updates

Hey guys.. here is the next part. This part made me very emotional in between when I was writing about how Sonu felt, we all saw that also in yesterday episode of the serial. Hope, wish and pray that no girl should go through all this. And she has a strong support system, at least her family who will be with her through thick and thin, and most importantly trust her. And she feels safe and secured enough to tell if something wrong happens to her. Let’s all together build such kind of families. If anyone can bring a change, its us.

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Ahaan stepped into the huge ballroom where the business association party was hosted. The whole room sparkled with bright lights unlike his life which had become so dark. From afar also he could hear business decisions been made right here.  He should just meet his mentor once and leave from here. He looked around and finally heard his laughter. Mr.Mehra has been his mentor since he was young, had thought him many tactics of how business runs. All his success he owed to him.

He came near Mr.Mehra and touched his feet.

“Ahaan.. my boy, its so nice to see you” he hugged him

“I don’t see you much these days, how are you doing”

“I am fine Sir”

“Hmm… your eyes say something else” Mr.Mehta said

Ahaan averted his eyes. “It means there is something, its ok if you don’t want to tell. But as I always taught you ,if you put your mind and heart to it you will surely get what you want”

Ahaan thinks “It’s only Ishqi on my mind and heart, I wish I get her soon”

“Come on now, don’t be so gloomy, I want to introduce you to someone” Mr Mehta says

They both walked to a girl standing some distance away, with her back to them

“Megha beta” Mr Mehta says and Megha turns

Ahaan looks at her, and she looks at Ahaan. And the world stops.

“Megha, meet Ahaan Veer Malhotra”

“And Ahaan meet Megha, a very successful young entrepreneur”

Ahaan again looks at Mr.Mehta and then at Megha

“Who is megha, this is Isqhi” my ishqi, he thinks in his mind.

Mr Mehta looks at him baffled.

“It’s ok Mr.Mehta” I will handle it, Megha says

Someone calls Mr.Mehta and he goes from there but not before giving a “are you dumb” look to Ahaan

“Why have you changed your name Ishqi” Ahaan asks

“So that no one finds me” and she walks away from there

Ahaan realizes that’s why he couldn’t find her, he had hired the best detectives, and not just one… 5 detective agencies, but none could find her. They couldn’t find her because she didn’t want to be found.

He goes behind and holds her hand

“Please wait Ishqi, I need to talk to you”

“I don’t think anything is left to talk between us Mr.Malhotra”

“I know I don’t deserver it, but please just 5 mins”

She folds her hand to her chest and waits.

“I know the truth, it was sonu who you were trying to save that day. And everyone including me blamed you for breaking the wedding. I am really sorry Ishqi, please forgive me” he pleads

Ishqi was surprised that he knew the truth

“Sonu told me everything 3 months ago, that what all Mayank did, and everything that you did to save her, I am saying sorry again Ishqi, forgive me”

“How is Sonu doing” Ishqi asked

“She must be fine only, I stopped talking to her from then on… she should be punished for hiding the truth and putting all the blame on you” Ahaan said angrily

“Mann kar raha hai ek zor se chaata maru apko(I feel like giving you one tight slap) “ she says more angrily


“Sonu is not the one to be punished, it is you who should be punished. It was you who put some much pressure on her, that the poor girl couldn’t even come and tell her brother what happened to her. For you gals are always at fault right, so you would have blamed her only. So why are you punishing her, she should be punishing you. At a time when she needed her brother to support, she didn’t feel protected enough from you… she got that from me… and I happily gave it to her. And it was not she who blamed me, it was you and your family. Your stupid ideologies about the woman always been wrong, made your sister so far away from you. Our society is such that not even families support their daughter”

She was so angry that she walked away and ahaan just stood there…. Reflecting on what Ishqi said.

He didn’t know for how long he stayed there… but he started hating himself more. He felt ashamed. He had to do lot more than just convince Ishqi, he had to ask forgiveness from his Sonu too… may be deep inside he already knew that he was at fault but never allowed it to surface. That’s why he needed Ishqi in his life, to show him a mirror of truth always. To bring out his deepest feelings.

Night came and Ahaan couldn’t sleep. He had to meet Isqhi and convince her, and then he would talk to Sonu. But ishqi was not ready to talk to him, and then something flashed in his mind


Ishqi was preparing breakfast the next morning and thinking of yesterday’s events. How much ever she wanted to hate Ahaan she couldn’t, and she didn’t understand why…

“Uffff.. mummy ye emotions itne complicated kyu note hai. I should be thinking of Rohan, but here I am , thinking of teen bandar again” she talked to her mom looking at the roof

Just then the doorbell rang. It must be Rohan she though and opened the door

“Good morning Ishqi “Ahaan said placing a big bouquet of flowers in her hands and entering her home as If it was his.

“Where do you think you are going Mr.Malhotra” she questioned.

“hmmmmmm…. The smell is amazing “he said remembering the smell but unable to place it

“Its my coffee, now can you please get out” she said

He started walking and she said again “wait, how did you get my address”

Ahaan laughed “why don’t you decide my dear Ishqi if you want me to stay or go”

Ishqi face opened in a big O.. who was this standing Infront of her.. ahaan was never like this.

“Close you mouth dear, road roller na gusss jaye andar” he said and laughed

“Road roller itna bada hotha hai.. mere mooh main kaise gussega, ek naam teen bandar”

Ahaan just stopped laughing and looked at her, it had been so long she had called him that. She looked at him too. They were lost in each other and the doorbell rang again

They both came out of their reverie…

“sabko aaj mera hi ghar mila hai kya uth kar anne ke liye” she blabbered and opened the door and was met with a huge hug

“Good morning, how is my finance doing today morning “ Rohan said and looked straight ahead and saw Ahaan.

Ahaan too saw him and his blood started boiling… when the hell did Ishqi get engaged.


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So now we know why ahaan stopped speaking to sonu and Ishqan met in this episode but not on good terms.. Ahaan is trying to change for ISqhi.. let see where life takes them.. stay tuned.

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