Can I know makers why you made HAYA’S return along with VIHEER, Yes it could be well utilised for showing three magnificent topics like

1.Parents struggle to establish their transgender child in society with normal attitude by people.

2.A mother doesn’t need to give birth to her own child like maahi..but a ‘transgender’ can also have a true motherly love as saumya has shown so.

3.Men like ‘Harman’ and ‘Viraat’ didnt commited any crime by choosing a transgender as their life partner.

4.Since 90s hearththrob actor Cezanne Khan is brought as matured version of Harman, and is father to a grown up transgender child, he should shown as strong support to his daughter, and i expect it more from him,since he has earlier shown a great emotional bond between ‘Anurag’ and his kids ‘Sneha’ and ‘Prem’..then why are the makers hell bent on showing maahi drama like chewing gum.. Why makers!!!

5. The cast like ‘Kamya punjabi’ and ‘Sudesh Berry’ can be shown as fierce supporter to their Haya and Viheer, whoever oposes them.

6.I am very much fond of the new ‘Viraat’ and ‘Harman’ jodi…the new age sasur and damaad jodi who share more of a friend relationship than monotonous sasur damaad glitch but being younger ‘Viraat’ is very humble towards Harman and same towards Saumya now…

Please spare the viewers from ‘Maahi’s’ sautangiri drama or else be prepared for abrupt ending with lowest trp ever.

As a fan of new ‘HAYA’ and ‘VIHEER’ I find various scope of twist in the serial before it falls prey to abrupt ending.

I hope makers listen to viewer’s expectation and end it with good note leaving a worthy memory to viwer’s mind.🙏

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