chapter 12 : silence !!

the chapter starts with kartik and naira walking into the court . they had their seats beside their lawyers. kartik’s lawyer was ms. damini while naira’s lawyer was Mr. Mathur . as the judge came , Ms. damini requested naira to come and stand in the victim box .

Ms. damini: so ms. naira you are a nutritionist if i am not wrong ?

naira : yaa

Ms. damini:  you were there is goa for 5 years with whom and why ?

naira : i was in goa for 5 years with abir , mishti kairav and vedika

Ms. damini: and what are your relations with them ?

naira : mishti is my sister  , abir is mishti’s husband and vedika , she is my best friend .

Ms. damini: you gave the answers of this question but tell me naira ji  why were you staying in goa ?

naira : ummm…voh…i dont have an answer to those questions sorry

Ms. damini: wow ms. naira wow !! i mean for 5 years you were in goa hiding your son without any reason??

though kartik was not liking the way , Ms. damini was talking to naira , because he knew that he was the reason naira moved to goa for 5 years. while vedika , mishti and abir were getting furious at Ms. damini , and naira standing in the victim box was stammering while answering . it was just too much for her.

Ms. damini: leave that question ms. naira , you tell me  what was your source of income when you were pregnant because according to sources , you had not been a nutritionist before.

naira : I was dependant on the people who were living with me , other than that , I used to take care of an orphanage for my living.

Ms. damini: ohh so you were a so called burden for mishti and abir . isn’t it ?

that was enough for abir to shout ,

abir : listen Ms. damini , di was never a burden to us and will never be . she was , is and will be an elder sister to us . so please think before you speak

judge : excuse me mr. abir please calm down , this is a court and not a fish market and Ms. damini you also please mind your own words.

Ms. damini: sure judge

Ms. damini: so judge I would like to continue that by me stating upon the facts that ms naira did not earn a good amount of money for kairav .her monthly salary was only around 40,000 if I am not wrong ms. naira

naira : yaa

Ms. damini: so judge the point to notice is that in 40,000 , a person has rent , food essentials , a person’s living essentials like clothes and infrastructure and all of the money is totally spent on that resulting to no savings which means she is not capable enough to raise kairav all alone .

judge : point noted

while naira was already dead inside , but was just standing in the victim box with a determined face , well she was looking for a hope that she should win the case . soon the family was asked and say about naira in which the goenka family except , Swarna taunted naira very much , from the sighania sadan all the family spoke about the good heart that naira has. but kartik was not given the chance to speak even once as the judge took his decision . naira was seeing expressionless at the floor. it was seen from her face that she can burst into an outburst any time now while kartik was looking at her and felt a flinch in his heart . he was very upset seeing her in such a condition but brushed the feeling off .

while the judge spoke breaking the silence in the court room ;

judge : the custody , the sole custody goes to .. MR. KARTIK GOENKA WHILE NAIRA SINGHANIA IS ALLOWED TO MEET HER SON TWICE A WEEK .


hey peeps !! it was my first time writing a court case , so I tried my best !! do vote an comment!!

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