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The Episode starts with Anirudh asking why can’t you apologize to Thakumaa. Trilochan says it was not my mistake, I did what an ideal son should have done for his family. Anirudh asks what about an ideal person, you should have supported your would be wife. Trilochan asks him not to argue. He says my thinking is different, I m such, you may feel good or bad, I will not apologize to Kalindi. Bondita says until Trilochan apologizes to you, I will not go to Anirudh, promise. She hugs Thakumaa. Thakumaa’s inner self asks her to take revenge on them by using Bondita, Bondita is emotional, use emotions to make Bondita away from Anirudh. Thakumaa smiles.

Anirudh asks how can I a man apologize to a woman, you know you are wrong, you are being egoistic. Trilochan says no, I m not egoistic, else I would have gone back on the first day itself, its not my mistake. Anirudh shouts, you know you did wrong with Thakumaa, you didn’t get married, because of this guilt. Trilochan says I had to take care of you children. Anirudh says its a lie. Trilochan says its the truth. Bihari and Sampoorna look on. Anirudh says fine and goes to get a sword. Trilochan asks where are you going. Anirudh says I m going to get my hands cut down by Thakumaa. Trilochan asks him not to be mad. Anirudh says I have always been mad, I never stepped back from apologizing, you are the landlord Trilochan Roy Choudhary, you can’t bow down to any woman, I did wrong and went there as Roopa, I m going to get punishment, you had sworn that you will get punished and get your hands cut down, its not your mistake, so I will get punished. Trilochan slaps him and asks did you go mad, you don’t know how much I love you, I will get my neck cut down before your hands get cut down. He cries and says you want me to apologize to Thakumaa, I will do this for you. He hugs Anirudh and cries.

Its morning, Bondita comes to Thakumaa and wakes her up. Thakumaa says you know I have much work early morning. Bondita says don’t worry, I have done all the work. Shomik comes and greets her. He asks how are you. Thakumaa says I didn’t die, I m alive, men don’t let women leave. She asks Shomik to take the medicines and go to Calcutta, he has to earn, how long will he do a drama. He says no, I will stay here with you. Bondita says I m here to take care of her. Thakumaa says you go to Calcutta, Bondita is just like me, she does whatever she says. He says fine, I will go. Bondita asks Thakumaa to take rest. Thakumaa thinks I will take revenge on Roy Choudharys using you, I had used anger, power and fear, but nothing happened, she has changed seeing my pain, I will use my pain to control her. Bondita says I can’t go against Thakumaa, I couldn’t see sleep all night after seeing Thakumaa’s pain, I won’t complete my dream until Trilochan apologizes to her. She talks to Tapur. Anirudh says Thakumaa, Kaka wants to apologize to you.

Thakumaa goes to Trilochan. He says I had kept my responsibility as a son, but I missed to keep my responsibility towards you, I m sorry. Anirudh thinks Bondita will be happy knowing that Kaka has realized his mistake, he has come to apologize to Thakumaa, her esteem will get back, everything will be fine. He says Thakumaa, Kaka has apologized from his heart, I request you to forgive Kaka and all of us. Thakumaa asks how shall I believe that he has apologized from his heart, he should bow down and hold my feet, then I will believe it. He says I also fell in your feet and begged you when you took back the baraat, I apologized to you, you should also settle the scores, when the mistake is big, then the apology should be big too, bow down and cry in front of me, beg to me. Trilochan says I will do this. Anirudh says but… Trilochan says I want to end the bitterness, Kalindi has lost her respect and everything because of me, she lost her house as well. Thakumaa thinks you will get punished, Anirudh and Bondita’s relation will burn in this revenge.

Bondita is with Tapur. Trilochan says I want to make some amendments, I want to return your haveli share to you, I have signed it, you also sign on the papers. He gives her the papers. He says I m not buying your forgiveness, I will still fall in your feet. He bows down. Thakumaa stops him. Bondita sweeps the ground. Tapur says Trilochan will apologize to Thakumaa, then you can study. Thakumaa says you want to apologize to get Bondita back, fine, my baraat went back in front of hundred people, you are apologizing in private. Anirudh asks what do you want, tell me. Thakumaa says Trilochan has to apologize in front of everyone, he has to blacken his face and ride a donkey to come to my house, and accept that I was right and he was wrong, that I got punished for his mistake.

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