Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 95 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Kabir being at his room thinking about Riddhima while he was being very worried about her.

Kabir to himself: I’m so hurt for what has happened with Riddhima. I know that she is now trying her best to live her life normally, but I could feel the pain and hurt that still being scattered so much inside her. Riddhima will never pass such a breakdown that easily. I have to be with her. I have to support her so much.
At that moment, Ishani has came to Kabir.
She has seated beside him.
Then she has got close to him.
She was looking at him in a very caring and worrying way.

She has seated on his lap to be very close to him.
Then she has putted her hand on his face.
Ishani: I know that you are worried about Riddhima bhabi a lot. I know that you are thinking about her and trying to find anything that you could get her out from the mood and make her live her life normally.
Kabir has looked at Ishani in an surprised way.

Kabir: And how you have known that Ishani? Are you having powers that makes you read people’s minds?!
His last words has drawn a smile on Ishani’s face.

Ishani: Of course not, but still I’m able to know what is happening with my Kabir by just looking at his eyes. So I don’t need to read what is being in your mind to know what you aren’t saying it Kabir. As at the end, your Ishani is having her own ways.
She has winked at him.
He has smiled at her. 

Then he has made her closer to him by putting his hands around her waist while she was still being at his lap.
Kabir: I love you Ishani. I love you so much. I wish to always be with you forever. I wish that I could always shower you with all the happiness that you deserve it. God bless you to me my angel.
He has kissed her in her cheek.
Then they have hugged each other a very long hug.
Ishani: I love you more and more Kabir.
At morning, Vyom has came to VR mansion.

He has came to check on Riddhima’s health and be with Sejal and always support her.
Sejal was happy seeing him at the house.
She starts introducing him to Ragini and Kabir as they were the ones who didn’t have seen him before.
Then they all start talking together until Vansh and Riddhima could get downstairs.
At Vansh and Riddhima’s room, Riddhima was getting ready while she was struggling to do that while she was being at the wheelchair.
It was a very hard thing on her and she was very annoyed.

Then Vansh has came and stopped her from going downstairs while she was being that annoyed and isn’t completing her touches.

Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! Does the queen of beauty will leave the room without completely getting ready?! This isn’t fair for your fans sweetheart as you are always nailing it with your beauty so what is happening now?
Riddhima: Leave the beauty aside Vansh. It is hard to even get ready properly whole being at this stupid wheelchair. It is a very annoying thing. I feel that I’m caged while being at this wheelchair.
Vansh came near Riddhima.
Then he has putted his hand on her face in a very romantic and caring way.

Vansh: Relax sweetheart. I’m here and I will fix everything. Just calm down. I told you that this stupid wheelchair is just an temporary thing and we will start from today the exercises that you will need it to try to use the artificial legs so don’t worry I’m here being with you and everything will be fine.
Riddhima: This is the only thing that gives me so much relaxation Vansh which is that you are always being here with me. God bless you to me my hero.
He has hugged her a very long hug.

Then he has kissed her in her cheek.

Vansh: And about your getting ready, leave this to me. It is my pleasure to help my princess.
He starts helping her in completing getting ready.
He was doing that in a very caring and loving way.
He was making Riddhima feel very special and relaxed.
He was doing his best to make her feel that he still do what he was doing it at the past in the same way and it didn’t got changed after what she has passed through it.
Riddhima was feeling that and she was very happy because of it.
She was staring at him so much while he was taking care about her and helping her.

Riddhima to herself: You are the great blessing that I have taken it from God. I could feel your love that didn’t got changed Vansh. I could feel how you still love me in the same way that you were loving me before this accident and that what is making me very happy. I love you so much my supporter.
Afterwards, Vansh has made Riddhima get ready.
Then they have went together downstairs.
They were having an eye look.

They were relaxed being together.
Riddhima was able to be relaxed and forget about what has happened with her when Vansh was being with her.
He was given so much strength and support to her.
They have got happy seeing Vyom there.
They have greeted him.
Then Vansh has introduced Vyom to Riddhima.
Vansh: So here is Vyom that Sejal has told you a lot about Riddhima. Here is the great man that he is doing the rounds with his and his family’s reputation. Welcome to VR mansion Vyom.
Vyom: Thank you Vansh for your warm greetings. It means so much to me. Thank you bro. I’m so happy to meet all VR family once again. I have missed all Rai Singhania’s family members. I’m also happy to meet the new members to this lovely family especially you Mrs. Riddhima.
Riddhima: Come on Vyom don’t call me Mrs. Riddhima. Don’t put this formalities. You are an important person to our dearest Sejal. So you are a family member now, right Sejal?
Riddhima has smiled at Sejal in a teasing way.

Sejal has got shy.
So she has just got silent.
They start all talking together and enjoying their time.
Vansh and Vyom were sharing a very nice bonding.

They were having so many similarities and they were enjoying teaming against the others.
Everyone was enjoying a lot while having this conversation.
Sejal was happy seeing how Vyom has got engaged with the whole family.
Sejal to herself: I could observe that everyone has liked Vyom and that is making me very happy. Now, I could be sure that my choice is right this time.
At evening, Riddhima and Vansh have gone to the doctor.
They were having an appointment there to check on Riddhima and remove Vansh’s bandage and check on his health.
They have checked on Vansh first and everything was fine.
Then the doctor has checked on Riddhima and the results after the surgery.
Vansh and Riddhima were panicking that could be any bad results, but the doctor has calmed them down.
The doctor: Don’t worry guys everything is just perfect. There isn’t any bad results from your surgery Riddhima ma’am.
Vansh and Riddhima got relaxed.
Riddhima: Thank God. At least I will not face any more pain.
The doctor: But still you have to be very strong Riddhima ma’am as what is going next isn’t that easy. You have to be very strong to face it and you have to be very patient.
Vansh: You mean the artificial leg, Am I right or am I right?
The doctor: Yes Mr. Vansh you are right. It is the artificial leg’s journey. You have to be strong to face it Riddhima ma’am.
Riddhima starts to panic.

Vansh was feeling her panicking and worry.
He has came closer to her.
Then he has holds her hand in a very calming way.

Vansh: Just calm down okay. I’m here and I will not leave you. Everything will pass. Please don’t panic.
The doctor: I’m really sorry if you got panicked because of me Riddhima ma’am. I didn’t meant to make you worry. I just want you to know what you are going through. It is a long journey which you have to be very patient and strong while facing it. You have to tolerate the pain and you have to never give up, but I promise you that all the staff here will help you a lot and we will do our best to make you get used to it as if it is normal leg. Just be strong and be ready to start this journey. So are you ready Mrs. Riddhima?
Vansh has looked at Riddhima in a encouraging way.

Riddhima has got the strength from Vansh.
Riddhima: Yes doctor I’m ready. If my husband Vansh is with me, everything will pass perfectly and I will not face any problem.
Vansh has smiled at Riddhima.

Moreover, the doctors starts working with Riddhima in her case and how she could be ready to use the artificial legs.
They were being sure that her muscles could bear something like that now.
They kept stretching and working on her abilities.
Vansh was supporting Riddhima so much.
He didn’t has left her at all.
He was very encouraging and helping.
He wasn’t wanting her to feel that she is alone.
So he was always being with her.
This was giving her very strength.
Everytime she feels weak from the pain, she was always finding Vansh holding her hand.
So she didn’t felt that she is alone at all.
After some time, the doctors have ended the first class in preparing her for using the artificial leg.
They weren’t wanting to give her more pain.
So they have got satisfied with what they have done with her.
They have given her tips to do it at home.
They also have told her to start using the artificial legs as she got to know how to use it.
So they were wanting her to start get used to it.
At night, Riddhima starts doing what the doctors have told her to do it.
She was trying to use the artificial legs.
She was trying to act as if it is a normal legs, but it was very hard on her.
It was painful and not beneficial to her.
She was paining a lot while trying to use the artificial legs.
She was trying to stay strong, but she wasn’t able to do that.
The pain was high and she wasn’t able to bear it.
She starts screaming and crying.
Vansh has rushed to her after hearing her screams.
She was in a very bad mood.
He was holding her protectively.

Vansh: What has happened Riddhima? Are you fine?
Riddhima: No Vansh I’m not fine. I’m not able to bear this pain. It is so painful Vansh. I’m not able to bear it. I’m not even able to use it. It is so hard. I will never move or stand like before Vansh. I give up. I have tried a lot, but it is enough now. I don’t want these stupid artificial legs. I don’t want this stupid wheelchair. I hate all those stuff. Everytime I try to overcome what has happened to me, I find a new struggle that weaken my strength. It is enough. I don’t want this pain.
After Riddhima has said those words, she has thrown the artificial legs away from her and she has thrown herself on the bed before she fall on the floor.
Vansh was understanding Riddhima’s pain and suffer.
He has came near her.
He was looking at her in a very caring and loving way.

Vansh: You can’t give up from the first trail Riddhima. You are very strong. You can’t make anything weaken you. You have promised me that you will never give up. You have promise me that you will do your best to overcome this sorrow and I know that my sweetheart will never break her promise.
Riddhima: But Vansh it is very painful.
Vansh: I know. I do feel your pain, but you can’t give up. You have to do your best to fight and keep fighting till you could return more perfect like before.
Riddhima: Don’t say any words just to support me with it Vansh. No one could return better than before by those artificial legs.
Vansh: And if I made you see by yourself?
Riddhima: What you will make me see?
Vansh: I will make you go to a place that will change your point of view and it will give so much strength.
Riddhima: What is that place?
Vansh: Just come with me.
Precap: Leap.

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