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Qurbaan Hua 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Godambari exclaims that her words are indeed the truth as she belongs to the other religions, Dua asks Neel to witness when Ghazala asks her to bear witness that he would never say anything to Godambari as she is his relative but he would always say awful things to her and will never accept them as his family because they both belong to the other religion, Dua questions Neel if he really loves her, Neel sitting down exclaims that she would not have to worry about his love for her, He also warns Godambari to never dare say anything to his daughter because he will not bear it, Ghazala questions why is he not ordering her to leave the house, Godambari exclaims that she had to listen to such words, she was the one to make them both walk while they were young however she would not live here anymore, she turns to leave the house when Naveli tries to stop her, Godambari rushes inside to pack her belongings.
Dua asks Chahat if Godambari is really trying to leave the house as she cannot live without either of her Grandparents.

Godambari is packing her belongings saying that she would not live in the house anymore, Ghazala comes asking if she has packed all her belongings as she was deciding to mobile into the room, Alka tries her best to stop Godambari explaining Ghazala is always there to ruin the family, Chahat sees Godambari in tears so hugs Ghazala exclaiming she never thought that Misses Baig would be able to fulfil such a plan because now she has been able to throw Godambari out of the house, Godambari then comes in to the room exclaiming if this was the plan so now she would not leave the house, Ghazala and Godambari both start the quarrel when Naveli exclaims she did not understand why Chahat took the side of Misses Baig but has now understood she used reverse psychology on Godambari, so she stays in the house, Naveli mentions this would create more problems as now Godambari would not let her live peacefully in the house, Chahat is ready to live with her frustration if this is what she has to live with. Neel is amazed to see what Chahat is doing so feels she is really taking care of his family.

Agam is drinking wine with Sahil when Aalekh immediately enters questioning where is the money, Agam explains how he informed Aalekh would come and blame him because he did not take the money, Aalekh sees the bundle so picking it up questions what is it because the mark is of their family, Sahil asks if he thinks they are that stupid because he got the money from the destitute center as Chahat has sold the house in Delhi along with the center for old people, he went there to collect his belongings, Aalekh exclaims there is something problematic, he takes Sahil inside the room.

Agam thinks of calling the centre to demand his money. he accidentally dials a video call which Vyas je answers, Agam is not able to believe his eyes and at first thinks that it is his mirror image but then realizes that the person on the other end of the video call is his brother, he calls Aalekh and Sahil to come and see that it is Madhavan on the call, however he drops the mobile and when Aalekh picks it the call has ended, Sahil blames he has had a lot to drink so is just speculating, Agam pressurizes that he saw his brother and warns them of severe consequences, Aalekh thinks that he might be telling the truth as Neel also came saying that Vyas je called him, also the sudden entry of Chahat into his life is a matter of suspicion, he would have to go to Delhi at the destitute center.

Shlok and Dua are both questioning demanding that he in form why everyone always says they both belong from different religions just like Godambari, Neel exclaims that it is not a simple matter so they should forget it, they both question then why do both Godambari and Ghazala always start fighting, Chahat assures that she would explain so Neel asks what is she saying when they promised that they would not talk about religions in front of the children, Chahat explains they have to make them both understand otherwise Ghazala and Godambari might try to create a lot of differences in them both, Chahat asks what do they smell from rose and also what does the taste of sweets have, she reveals since they both have the same taste and smell so just like them they both are the same even if their methods of praying are different but the teachings which the religion gives them is the same and it is off the humanity, this is the same aspect because of which she has married Neel, Dua and Shlok both decide to inform to Naveli and Bopho that they have a new religion which is off humanity.

In the night Neel is painting, Chahat comes questioning what sort of work is he doing that he even forgot to have dinner he refuses to eat but then she forces him to eat the food, Dua and Shlok also come and see Neel painting, the ask what is he doing and what would be the name of the restaurant, Neel shows that the name is HUM, Chahat realizes that he named the restaurant after their house which they named because of their different religions.

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