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Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avinash and Indu sitting to do the kanyadaan. Simar gets teary eyes and wipes her tears. Pandit ji asks bride to forward her hand and asks Avinash to give her hand in the groom’s hands. Simar 2 is crying still. Avinash gives Simar 2’s hand to Aarav’s hand. Pandit ji asks them to keep rice grains and tells that no daan is big than kanyadaan, and only parents can understand this, as their lawn will be empty now. He asks the groom to promise and assure them that he will take care of her, like they have done. Aarav nods his head. They keep the paan and other things on the floor. Reema is coming there. Devesh comes there and takes the plate from the table. Shobha says nothing has happened till now. Chitra thinks Gupta ji’s anger can prove costly. Pandit ji asks Gagan to come forward to do the rasam. Gagan comes to Simar 2 and asks her not to take tension, as everything will be fine. He keeps puffed rice in Simar 2’s hand while Aarav is holding her hands. It falls in the havan. Simar 2 cries still. Reema is going to the bridal room, when Devesh hits her on her head. He says Reema Narayan, neither you can become Ms. India nor the bride, you got defeat at both sides. Vivaan comes there and keeps hand on Devesh’s shoulder. Devesh gets shocked.

Pandit asks groom and bride to take the rounds. Aditi jokes. Simar comes to Simar 2 and tells that there is a power in agni devi, and she will solve all your problems and will show you the way. She asks her to take a step. Badi Maa says pandit ji, One min. She tells that this is not just rounds, she understands her next generation to know the value and importance of marriage. She asks Pandit ji to tell the importance of all the rounds. Pandit ji says ok. They begin the rounds. Pandit ji says for one round, husband promises that he will never let the grains in the house less and the wife promises to take care of him and his house thinking it as her duty. They come first round. Pandit ji says husband promises his wife that he take care of his wife in all circumstances. Vivaan holds Reema and asks Devesh how dare you touch her. He hits Devesh. Pandit ji tells that wife will always stand with her husband with courage and power. Vivaan asks Reema to open her eyes. Devesh says this girl is a gold digger and went to Ms. India’s competition leaving the marriage, and tells that when she was insulted there, she came running here to marry Aarav, a rich guy. Vivaan asks how dare you hit her and hits Devesh. Devesh asks Vivaan to save his brother for her. Pandit ji tells that husband promises wife that he will earn money for her and their children. He says wife promises that she will not look at any other guy and her faithfulness is only for her husband. Vivaan sprinkles water on Reema’s face and asks her to get up. Devesh says for whom you are mad, this girl is fooling both the brothers and her family. Vivaan says you shouldn’t have raised hand on Reema.

Pandit ji asks groom to come forward and asks groom to walk behind her. Aarav walks behind Simar 2. Pandit ji says husband promises his wife that he will support her all her decision and will take care of her. She promises that she will keep her husband and family first. Devesh says Reema has betrayed her parents and also made fun of your family. He says nobody can be selfish than her. Vivaan asks why you want to ruin her life and beats him. Devesh says on your Mom’s sayings. Vivaan makes him stand and asks him to say thanks to his mom, for saving his life. Vivaan says my mom can’t do this. Devesh says do you want to know what had happened and tells everything, that Chitra asked him to distract Reema from her marriage for the Ms. India contest. He tells about humiliating Reema on the stage and everything. He says our mom is the mastermind. Vivaan says my mom doesn’t know you. Just then chitra’s call comes on Devesh’s mobile. Devesh shows the call on his mobile and goes from there. Vivaan is shocked and shattered to know that Chitra has ruined Reema’s life. He cries and shouts Mom. Reema is still unconscious. Aarav and Simar 2 completes the round. Pandit ji declares the rounds completed. Chitra gets tensed when Devesh doesn’t pick the call. Avinash goes to side. Indu goes behind him and asks what are you doing, everyone is watching and asks him to handle himself. Avinash says I can’t do this anymore. Indu asks him to think about their daughters and says even Roma is the bahu of the same family. She says our daughter’s future are in your hands now. Gupta ji comes there and looks angrily at Chitra. Vivaan cries sitting there still.

Precap: Aarav fills Simar 2’s maang and makes her wear mangalsutra. Reema tells that today is her marriage. A lady informs her that marriage and bidaai is finished. Badi Maa sees Simar 2’s face and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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