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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 19th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jogi says to Mahi I went to get flowers for you, to surprise you. But I got surprised instead. I met Pappu and Chandu and they told me you cleaned their house for a phone. Mahi says this isn’t like they are portraying. He says then you tell me the truth? What happened? Tell me. What would you say.. Mahi is scared. He says I know they were lying. I was kidding. I know they want us to fight but they can never succeed. People like them always plan conspiracies. Why are you upset? I don’t fall for people like them. I don’t know why your family can’t see their real faces. Why can’t your mom see them? Are you even their family?

Pappu Chanda and Renu wait for them to fight. Pappu says this plan is a flop. Renu says wait for the right time. Pappu and Chanda look at Akash. Chanda says he can be our next target. If he is in pain, Mahi would be in pain as well.

Jogi dances with Mahi. He says your love has made me crazy. I can die for you. Mahi stops him. Mahi says love and trust make a relationship. We have to be honest with each other. So I want to tell you something. Renu comes and says drink milk and sleep. Don’t you wanna go tomorrow? Pappu says don’t worry we will go every day. Rupa says Mahi my back hurts, can you apply balm? Mahi goes with her.

Scene 2
Rupa says to Mahi first stupidity that you went to that house and cleaned it. And you were gonna tell Jogi? Did you forget how Jogi is? He was going to kill Jogi. We live our life with dignity. Mahi says I know your dignity matters a lot to you. Rupa says if you knew you wouldn’t be mopping that house. Your respect matters to me as well. I am not like your mom. She is staying at the house where she gets so insulted, she’s still staying there. If she had any respect she would leave. She saw her daughter getting insulted yet didn’t say a word? What kind of people are they? For them, this fake wealth and luxuries are more important than respect.

Mahi says enough bebe, Like I can’t hear anything against you. I can’t hear anything against my mom. I am not the kind of daughter who can see others in trouble. Rupa says I have no doubts about the kind of daughter you are. But your family, mom, and sisters are questionable. They only cared about you till you made money for them. They want to sit back and relax. Don’t do anything that will disrespect our house. Our whole house is disrespected by you. If I can feed my son, I can feed you as well. I don’t have money for luxuries but I can keep this house going with dignity. My family doesn’t have to get disrespected like this. Mahi says sorry bebe. I couldn’t understand anything at that time. I only knew that my mom wanted something and I would do anything for it. I didn’t know it would bother you so much. You don’t have to feed us. We will work hard and handle everything.

Rupa says enough. It all reminds me of what Renu said. It isn’t wrong. Whenever you came into our lives you brought troubles. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or.. Mahi says or? Rupa says or you’re actually cursed. Mahi says do you really believe in all this? Rupa says I don’t want to but when I see all this I have to. Ever since you came to Jogi’s life there have been only troubles with him. My son got hurt, injured, he went to jail, our tabela was attacked. Mahi says but.. Rupa says until something good happens with you and Jogi I won’t forget this and won’t think you’re good for Jogi. Biji comes in. She hears all this.

Scene 3
Pappu stops Akash and says it’s fastfoward time. Don’t keep such slow phone. He gives him a new phone. Akash says you have given me many gifts already. I can’t take this. Pappu says I like to gift you. Akash says we should take gifts we can return. Pappu says you’re a kid. Akash says no we should earn these things not take them for free or it spoils you. He says wow philosopher. Pappu says I heard your team made it to the finals? Akash says we have to win the finals. Pappu says what are the chances? Akash says we are working hard. Pappu says will you take a prize? If you win this cup then you will earn this prize. Akash says sure. Pappu calls someone and bets on the match.

Scene 4
Biji says don’t you know how to behave with your DIL? Didn’t you learn that from me? I don’t differentiate between daughter and DIL in this house. Rupa says I am doing all this for Jogi. Biji says Jogi only thinks from his heart and you only overthink. Learn to trust, everything will be okay. Jogi can never get a better girl than Mahi. Rupa says I hope you’re right. Rupa says I said so many things to Mahi. I should apologize to her. Biji says yes go.

Akash gets many notifications on Jogi’s song video. Mahi makes tea. She recalls what Rupa said. She’s upset. Mahi says I have to do something. Bebe shouldn’t care so much for Jogi. She doesn’t trust him or respect him. She loves him. I have to make bebe proud of Jogi. Akash comes to Mahi. Mahi says I want my Mc 21 at any cost. Jogi and I will start a new business. We will buy old cars and run taxis. We will increase this tabela with a loan. Everything will be great. I will see the respect in Rupa’s eyes for Jogi. He says what are you saying? See this.. So many people liked Jogi’s video. He has become a star. 100k+ people watched it. Mahi is shocked. She smiles. Mahi hugs him. Mahi says you made your sister so happy. Send me this video. Mahi comes to Jogi. He’s asleep. Mahi says the dream that’s in my eyes, we will fulfill it together. You know how to win hearts. Tomorrow will be a new day for us.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi shows the video to Jogi and says Jogi get ready. We have to record a new video. We will get famous and rich. He says I thought you’re not like your family. But you proved you bleong to them. For you also the most important thing is money.

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