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A/N: The story starts from the current track when Riddhima got trapped in the car filled with smoke, and VaNgre were finding her.

Let’s start:

After a lot of efforts of finding Riddhima in rooms of the hotel, Vansh decided to tell it about Angre so that he may help him.

Vansh (Spotting Angre): Angre, Angre here, listen to me.

Angre: (coming to him) Yes Boss?

Vansh: I am not able to find Riddhima in the whole hotel! I mistakenly in anger asked Riddhima to leave from my life and she being Ziddhima, really left me!

Angre(shocked): But Boss why you asked her this?

Vansh(litle loud): That’s not your concern! Help me to find her!

Angre: Ok Boss, but how, I mean you only checked the whole hotel right?

Vansh: Try to call her as if I will do that, she won’t pick it!

Angre called Riddhima but it was switched off. He told this to Vansh.

Vansh: Damn it! Why she have to do like this! I already told her hundred of times not to take my words seriously when I am angry! Anyways, you find there and I will find in the garage.

Angre nodded. Both of them left to the respective directions. Vansh after coming to the garage, was litle anxious as he could feel her nearby. He started searching then suddenly he encountered a piece of cloth. He looked at it carefully and recognised that it was Riddhima’s cloth! He became crazy after that! He searched all the cars. Then one car was left, but it was translucent so he could not see it properly. He thought to go from there and find somewhere else. But when he was about to turn, he felt a banging sound. He looked hither and thither, then found two palms trying to push the door and break it! He immediately realised and rushed towards the car. He broke the mirror by a metal pipe and saw Riddhima struggling with breathe and the car was full of gas! He froze at the moment. Lots of worst thoughts were coming in his mind! Who locked Riddhima here? What type of gas is this? Is this harmful? What about my baby?
He realised Riddhima was still struggling so he get her out the car. He raised Riddhima in his arms and then move towards the room. Riddhima was semi conscious. But it was enough for her, as his love for carrying her and maybe, forgot and forgave her?

Rehna tu pal pal dil ke paas
Judi rahe tujhse har ik saans…

Riddhima was just smiling widely! There came an inclined plane then, and due to Riddhima being litle heavy because of pregnancy and he was carrying her for almost 5 minutes, it was difficult for him, as he may fall down! He first made Riddhima stand but was still holding her hand tighty, made her cross that plane, and then himself came. Again he raised her in his arms and made way to their room, and Riddhima, she was just smiling at his antics like an idiot!

Khud pe, pehle na tha inta yakeen
Mujhko ho paya…
Mushkil se ghadiya asaan hui
Ab jo tu aaya…

Riddhima was feeling very safe and so special! She kept her head on his chest, and listened to the most beautiful music for her, his HEARTBEAT!

Ik baat kahu tujhse
Tu paas hai jo mere…
Seene se tere sar ko lagake
Sunti mai rahu naam apna…

On the other hand, Vansh was being so relaxed after he saw his love, his life, his jaan, HIS Riddhima safe and secure! Yes, she got some problems in her health after that, but nothing serious happened to his both lifelines, his Riddhima and his baby!

Oh likhdi tere naa’ zindagi zaaniye
Bas rehna tere naal ve zuriye…
Rehna tu pal pal dil ke paas
Judi rahe tujhse har ik saans…

He carefully placed Riddhima on the bed, and turned to leave but Riddhima held his hand. He looked at her.

Riddhima: You will leave me in this condition?

Vansh: I know which condition you are talking about! You are fine, I got to know that from you grin!

Riddhima: I am sorry Vansh, I am really sorry, I know I should not interfere in you business matters, but tell me one thing, if I was shot that day in jungle, and you had to make choice, what would you do? Would you have let me and our baby die, or you would ask you enemies to save me? Tell me, what’s more important to you, me and our baby or tear of laila?
(This is my personal question to Vansh)

Vansh: Riddhima, how can you say that I will let you die? You are my jaan, if you will die, then what’s the point for me to live?

Riddhima: But that is not the answer to my question!

Vansh: Riddhima you are not understanding. For the tear of laila, I have dedicated my whole life, and when I founded it, in just few seconds, you shot that in front my eyes and wasted my whole hard work of God knows how many years!

Riddhima: I know, I did wrong, but can you just even imagine my condition? How I felt when you were shot? I didn’t want our child to live like an orphan just like me(choking on her words), because if you will die, then I will also die.

Vansh: This will not happen, because I won’t let this happen!
(Vansh’s most famous dialogue 😉)

After a pause

Vansh: Well, I am sorry, despite of knowing everything, I shouted on you. I had to do this Riddhima! The world is not safe. I had to shout on you, as there were people who were spying on us. And the most important thing, (coming closer and whispering) the tear of laila you shot was not real!

Riddhima (flabbergasted): What?

Vansh: Yes, the real tear of Laila is with someone else. I had asked all my sources to find out the real thing, and here what I got is…

Riddhima(cutting him): But, there is something you don’t know! And I have to tell you to get successfull in this mission.

Vansh: Sweetheart, I know what you want to say! You are going to tell me about Sara and Black Mamba na?

Riddhima(shocked): But how do you know? You gave me truth serum?

Vansh: Well yes, I gave you but couldn’t get to know any information else than your meeting with Vyom. But if you don’t know, I am Vansh RaiSinghania! My sources are the best in the whole Asia! Then obviously I know right! I know, Sara is an assassin, and I even know who is the Black Mamba!

Riddhima(shocked and curious): Who?

Vansh: That I won’t tell you right now! But I can promise you, I will give the most beautiful life after this. Only you, me and our baby. But for this, I need you support and promise, you won’t judge and doubt me by being influenced by Vyom’s words!

Riddhima: I promise you Vansh, I won’t judge or doubt you! But can you please promise me one thing? Please leave this risky business and let us live a simple yet beautiful life! Please?

She was looking at him with hopeful eyes.

Pyaar hi odhein te pyaar hi khaana
Vich koi aave te pyaar hi aana…
Duniya te vich aisi duniya ton door
Hum naal tere mera har sapna…

Vansh: For the first time you had asked me something, how can I deny, I promise you, I’ll leave all this, and I will protect you from all the dangers. Not only you, but also our baby!

Riddhima(with tears): Thank you Vansh, I love you!

Vansh: I love you too Sweetheart!

Koi nazar na aaye mainu
Tu duinya ton wakhri ho gayi…
Utthan tainu takkda jaawan
Tu hi meri naukri ho gayi…

They both hug each other, celebrating their victory in advance!

Riddhima(fake anger): But you knew the truth, then also you shouted on me and what not!

Vansh: Aww, my cute little Panda is angry?

Riddhima: Haww, what you called me? Panda? (Real anger)Vansh you called me Panda, how dare you?

Vansh: sweetheart listen…

Riddhima(tears): Shut up, now I am fat na, so you won’t love me? Huh!

Vansh: Arre, no no…


And they continued their cute, sweet banter!

Rehna tu pal pal dil ke paas…
Judi rahe tujhse har ik saans!

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