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Barrister Babu 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh saying we shall leave before anyone comes. Bondita holds his hand. Sumati, Thakumaa and pandit come there. Bondita says I have much pain in my foot. Anirudh lifts her and takes her. Its morning, Anirudh and Bondita go out from there. Thakumaa and Sumati call out Bondita. Anirudh sees the wire mesh and says we have no way than going from here, Thakumaa is coming. Sumati asks where is my Bondita. She worries. Anirudh asks Bondita to do as he says. Thakumaa sees the fallen pillar and some blood marks. Pandit says I think she came under some pillar and died. Anirudh moves the wires away and gets bleeding hands. He asks Bondita to just go ahead. Pandit says it means she is dead. Sumati scolds him. Thakumaa gets Bondita’s necklace there. She checks the plate well. She gets a watch there and recalls Anirudh.

Sumati cries. Thakumaa says thief always leaves his sign, don’t worry, nothing happened to Bondita, Anirudh took her from here. Anirudh says once we cross Krishnanagar, then Thakumaa can’t stop us, we will go to London. She says to become a barrister babu. He says yes. They laugh. She says I want to apologize to you. He says no. She says I m sorry. He asks her to see their dreams waiting for her. She smiles. He pulls the cart and takes her. She says we reached the limits of Krishnanagar, we will get rid of all the obstacles that stops us from fulfilling our dreams. He says yes, very soon, your dream of becoming a barrister, its journey will begin. They get shocked seeing Thakumaa. Thakumaa stops them. Anirudh says you can’t stop us today. She says I can kill you today, its difficult to get saved from me, I asked you not to touch a stranger girl. Policemen come there. Bondita asks them to save her. Thakumaa asks them to arrest Anirudh and teach him a lesson, he should never try to make any girl escape. Inspector listens to her. Anirudh says she is blaming me. Thakumaa says its my area, everyone knows me here. She scolds Anirudh.

She says your dream to make Bondita a barrister will break down and die in front of you in the jail. Anirudh asks her not to celebrate her victory. He says I will come back from the jail, I will take Bondita with me and educate Bondita. She says I won’t let you come out, its haldi tomorrow, then mehendi and marriage, I will get Bondita married to anyone I find, if I don’t find a good family, I will kill your dreams, its my promise. He says you know what you are saying. He gets arrested. Bondita cries and says leave him. Thakumaa drags her. Anirudh asks the policemen to leave him. He is pushed into the lockup. He says Thakumaa is false accusing me, I m a barrister, I will prove that you are doing wrong. Inspector says you got into the jail because of that girl. Anirudh says her name is Bondita, take her name with respect. Inspector asks what’s your relation with Bondita. Anirudh says its a relation of heart and soul. Inspector laughs and goes. Anirudh says I would have told that our relation is special, but you will never understand it. Bondita argues with Thakumaa.

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