18th year of togetherness – Riansh os #Immj2 – Telly Updates

Hello tu family. This is my 1st os of mine and today is 22jun and today is my parents 18th marriage anniversary 💗 and thought to write os so u can know about my family so

Ridhima as my mumma.

Vansh as my dad .

Riva – me 17th year old girl.

Vanya as my younger sis .

At 6 am .

Sun rays falling on me and my eyes opened and I see the it’s 6 am and I wake up and go my parents room who is sleeping peacefully . I sat between my parents and wish them and they said .

Ridhima (as mumma so I write only mumma) – let me Riva its only 6 am .

Riva – mumma papa it’s your 18th anniversary ♥ u forgot it kya ??

Both in sleepy tone – we know but anniversary come every year what is in New thing .

I kissed my mumma in cheeks and papa in forehead and mumma said

Mumma – now go your room and sleep now .

I came into my room and saw at my sis sleeping in 180 degree and not even space to sleep so I take my mumma phone and on tu and started reading ff in corner of my bed.

Riva pov. – today is my parents 18th anniversary and both are sleeping till now . My parents has arranged marriage in 2003 and in 2005 I born and in 2008 my younger sis born . My family is completed 🙌❤. My dad is so romantic 😍that he sings old songs for my mother every day and always obey my mom order if my mumma said no this means no my dad can’t argue with mumma . Mumma is ver caring, loving etc I can’t express my parents in words . They spend full 18th year together ❤. It’s a big thing.

I am read all my ff and it’s 7 am so it’s my parents lemon water time . My dad wake up and made three glasses of hold lemon water for me , mumma and for her also. We drink it together and doing masti with parents now time for breakfast 😋. All eat breakfast together . My dad going to office, my younger sis have last exam and mumma have to household chores and mine have classes.all were doing there work .

Riva pov – I take all the classes now I so exhausted so thought to watch tarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah to enlighten the mood but asked me to come with him to market because my younger sister school want gard copy of answers sheet till 30th June so we can’t go to noida right now so we have cereal to our tau (badepapa) house so they submitted in school . We go to market and order cake for evening because we have surprise dad . We know that dad doesn’t give us surprise to we have to give . I do my all homework and now its 6 : 30 evening dad has coming home now . Cake is received and we have decorated our hall .

At 6 : 45 .

Suddenly bell is ring . I ( Riva) opened the door with bright smile and dad was surprised to see that decoration .

Dad directtly go to take bath because it’s carona time na . All were waiting for dad to come and then we will cut the cake . I called my all close relatives means video call because my dad got transferred to pune so we came here to stay with dad for 2 months till online class .

We cut cake with virtual call and my parents were dancing and I am making video as memories . We ate dinner together ❤.

Me and my sis – we blessed that we are your daughter.

We all share a grouphug.

…………………… the end .

I know it’s boring but first time I am writing os . I have not idea how to write so just tried 🙃. Hope u liked it .

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