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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautama asking what’s the need for me to sit here when you check the accounts. Gangoba says its good if you are here in Malhar’s absence. Gunu ji asks the man to get the accounts checked by Gangoba. Gangoba says its just a formality, Malhar has given this responsibility to you. Gunu ji says I like it, you said a big thing. Gangoba says Malhar sent a message, he has won over Nizam’s troupe, he will come back in 2 weeks. Gautama smiles. Ahilya comes to give drinks. She sees Gangoba with the accounts. She says its wrong, the figures aren’t matching. Gunu ji worries and scolds the man. He says the papers are here in the bag, accounts can’t be wrong. He shows it to Gangoba. Gangoba checks and says its fine now.

Gunu ji says I was worried, its my responsibility. He asks Munim ji to keep the accounts well. Gautama says its your responsibility, not Munim ji’s, you should have checked it before getting it to Gangoba, you have to keep Malhar’s trust. He says yes. Gautama says Ahilya, we will go to kitchen, I will teach you some new dish, I also feel that your education can be beneficial for this Rajya, amazing. They leave. Yamuna sees them and worries. Gunu ji says I know its my mistake, I would have known it, Ahilya shouldn’t get encouraged, is it right that she speaks between elders, she should let us do our work. Gangoba says sorry, I have to work for my king, I won’t do any Adharm like stopping a voice that favors my king, its my mistake also, I don’t pay attention because you see the accounts, we all should do our work sincerely. He goes.

Gunu ji gets angry. Dwarka comes to him. He says you got the news. She says you should not be careless, you will get my help, you should do your work well, I will accept that this was just a mistake. He says it was a mistake, what else can it be. She says yes. She goes.

Ahilya, Khanderao, Tukoji and Renu play in the palace. Khanderao asks Ahilya to go, he wants to play with Tukoji more. Ahilya says its time for aarti, come to the temple. He says I don’t like to do puja, you can go if you want. She says you remember the last answer of your heirship test, you need Lord’s blessings. Tukoji says she is right. Khanderao agrees. Ahilya asks is anything coming into the palace today. Tukoji says its the grains that come monthly. She recalls. Everyone sits in the puja. Ahilya counts the sacks taken to the godown. Khanderao does the aarti. Ahilya tries to sign her. Harku looks on.

Ahilya signs her to get quiet. She goes. Harku thinks to talk to Ahilya. Yamuna asks the man not to open the door, Ahilya has a sharp eye. Ahilya comes that way. Yamuna scolds the man. He says you can do your work. An old man greets Ahilya. He falls down. Ahilya goes to help. Yamuna goes. He says I don’t see well at night, sorry to trouble. He goes. She thinks if I have seen right, then its a big problem, I have to find the truth. Yamuna comes in the puja. Ahilya asks the man about the monthly sacks number. The man says 300, we don’t use all 300, 60-70 gets saved every time, we use the old grains and then use the new ones. She says it means 240 sacks are used every month, there would be 360 sacks left now in godown. The man says yes, you will get accounts in this book. She checks it.

Ahilya checks the godown. Yamuna comes there. Ahilya hides. Yamuna talks to the man. Ahilya hears them.

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