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Episode begins with.. 

Riddhim is in the hospital..

She prays.. 

RIDDHIMA: When nothing is in our hand, we leave it all in your hands. Even I’m in this stage. I tied but, I couldn’t. Now, upi are my only hope. Till today, I have just followed my heart. I hope nothing will go wrong. Because, you won’t leave me. Help me.. Do something. I can’t leave this place. At the same time, I shouldn’t lose. The news should not get published. Please, do some magic… 

Meanwhile vansh thinks of virat’s words. He calls sia and asks her to come to terrace. Sia comes to terrace.. 

VANSH: I just called you to ask whether you could do me a favour? 

SIA: Bhai, didn’t you forgive me yet? 

VANSH: I have no time for all this. I hope you won’t do the same mistake again for riddhima. I hope you are not like your husband. 

SIA: Bhai, what’s the matter? Why are involving virat? 

VANSH: Your husband wants to destroy riddhima. Already, she is facing a lot. I need his mobile to stop all this. Actually, today there was a short circuit at riddhima’s office. It’s because of virat. I heard him. He has made all the arrangements to get this news published in the news paper so that riddhima will lose this project. Already, riddhima’s company name is at stake. This might bring a big problem for her. I have already made all the arrangements for preventing the news getting published. Despite that, he has used his influence. I just want to know which news agency he has approached. For that, I need his mobile.. 

SIA: Bhai, you’ll get that mobile.. 

Sia goes.. 

Sia comes to her room and finds viart being happy.. 

SIA: What happened virat? I think you are so happy. May I know the reason for your happiness? 

VIRAT: Nothing like that.. 

SIA: Virat, come with me.. 

VIRAT: Where? 

SIA: I’ll tell you. Come with me first.. 

Virat takes his mobile in his hand.. 

SIA: What are you doing? 

VIRAT: I’m doing what you said. You asked me to come with you, right? 

SIA: I asked only you to come with me. Not your mobile.. I don’t want any disturbance. This mobile will definitely be a distraction. I don’t want it.. Give it to me.. 

VIRAT: But.. 

SIA: Now, you have to choose between me and your mobile? 

VIRAT: Don’t get angry.. Nothing is important than you.. 

SIA: Give me the mobile.. 

Virat gives the mobile. Sia keeps the mobile on the bed and takes virat from there. While walking out sia signs vansh that the mobile is in their room.. Vansh goes to sia’s room and finds virat’s mobile on the bed. He takes it and comes out.. 

VIRAT: Sia, why did you bring me to the garden? 

SIA: Actually.. 

Sia acts like feeling dizzy.. 

VIRAT: Sia, what happened? Don’t know.. I’m feeling dizzy.. 

VIRAT: Don’t worry.  We’ll go to our room.. 

SIA: But.. 

VIRAT: Don’t say anything.. 

Virat lifts Sia and takes her to the room.. 

Meanwhile vansh comes out.

VANSH: His phone is locked.. I don’t know the password.. What shall I do? 

He gets into his car. He calls sejal.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what happened? Why have you called me at this hour? 

VANSH: Don’t ask me anything. I’m coming to your house. Get ready.. I’m on the way.. 

Saying so, he cuts the call.. He comes to sejal’s house and picks her in his car.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what happened? 

VANSH: Sejal, once you have told me about your friend who knows hacking, right? 

SEJAL: Yes.. 

VANSH: Do you know where he is staying? 

SEJAL: Yes bhai. His house is just 20 minutes away from here.. 

VANSH: We must go there. 

SEJAL: But, bhai.. Why? 

VANSH: I’ll tell you later. You first direct me.. 

Sejal directs vansh and both reaches sejal’s friend’s house. Sejal and vansh goes in. Sejal introduces vansh as her bhai to his friend, Suresh.. 

VANSH: I need a small help. You have to hack a mobile and get the dialled numbers from that mobile. Is it possible? 

SURESH: Yes sir.. But, it will take some time.. 

VANSH: How much time will it take? 

SURESH: Almost an hour.. 

VANSH: I have no other option. But, do it as soon as possible. 

Saying so, he gives virat’s mobile to suresh.. 

Suresh starts his work. Meanwhile, sejal takes vansh aside.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, now atleast tell me. Whose mobile is this? What’s going on here? 

VANSH: This is virat’s mobile.. 

He tells everything to sejal.. 

VANSH: This riddhima has totally gone insane. She trust that idiot. She supported him. But, he is hell bent interested in making her life a hell. I don’t know why? We have only half an hour left. Before the news reaches the printing office, we should stop it. Only then, well be able to prevent it from publishing. But, there are three news agency in this city. We can’t go everywhere. So, if I get that number then, I’ll find who that person is and to which news agency he belongs to. 

SEJAL: Bhai, does riddhima know all this.. 

VANSH: No.. I heard him talking in his mobile.. 

Just then, sejal receives call.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, it’s riddhima.. 

VANSH: Why is she calling you at this hour? Put it on speaker.. 

Sejal attends the call and puts it on speaker.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, don’t ask me anything. Today my office had short circuit. It was all because of virat. He has planned to publish this in the newspaper. I heard him speaking in his mobile.. 

Sejal and vansh gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, are you in the line? 

SEJAL: Ye. Yes.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, I can’t go anywhere. Don’t ask me anything. I’ll message the address of three news agencies. You try as much as you could. Please go to those agencies and call me. I’ll speak to them. Please do this favour for me. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, you don’t worry. I’ll go.. 

She cuts the call.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what will we do now? 

VANSH: Don’t worry.. I won’t let this news get published. Trust me.. 

Suresh calls vansh and gives the number.. 

VANSH: Thanks… 

SEJAL: Bhai, how will we find to which agency this person belongs to? 

VANSH: I know a friend. He is working in control room. He can help us.. 

Vansh calls his friend and gives that number and asks him to get his details. 

Meanwhile riddhim is in the hospital. She prays.. 

Vansh’s friend calls him and gives the details of the person. Vansh cuts the call.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what happened? 

VANSH: Sejal, his name is sirish. He is working in XYZ news agency.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, it is very far from here. It will almost take an hour to reach there. But, we have only twenty minutes. What will we do now? 

VANSH: Come fast.. 

He runs. Sejal runs behind him. They both sit in the car.. 

VANSH: Put the sear belt. 

Vansh drives the car at very high speed. Sejal gets afraid.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, please slow down.. 

Vansh drives fast.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, you are going in the wrong direction. Bhai.. 

Vansh, without listening her drives fast. 

Meanwhile, riddhima calls sejal..

SEJAL: Bhai, riddhima..

VANSH: Don’t attend the call..

He stops the car in front of a building.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, where are we now? 

VANSH: Printing office.. Be here.. You just move to the driver seat. I’ll go in. I’ll message you within five minutes. Once you receive my message start the car and be ready.

SEJAL: Bhai.. 

VANSH: Don’t worry..

He wears a mask and goes in. He sees the rotating cctv cameras. He goes accordingly in such a way that he doesn’t get recorded in the camera. He notices that all the electronic printers were connected to a main board placed in a room. There were totally 120 wires. 

VANSH: I can’t cut all these wires.. 

He takes a lighter and a cigarette from his pockets. He lights all the wires and cigarette. As soon as the wire catches fire, the fire alarm rings. The printing machines stops. All the staffs and the workers runs towards the power room. Vansh immediately puts the burnt cigarette there and escapes through the window. He sends an empty message to sejal. Immediately, sejal starts the car. Meanwhile vansh while running notices that some papers were already printed. He lights those papers too. He comes to the manager room and finds his system on. He checks about riddhima’s company news and deletes it alone. He escapes from there and comes out. He sees sejal waiting there. He gets inside the car. Sejal drives the car. He removes the mask. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what did you do? 

Vansh tells everything to her.. 

VANSH: Sejal, we were late. So, I came here. Now, they can’t publish the news. Those were electric printers. It will almost take half a day to get it repaired. And the papers that have been already printed also won’t be there. I have also burnt it..

SEJAL: Bhai, do you have any idea about the risks you have taken? 

VANSH: I know.. But, I’ll handle it. Tomorrow morning, I’ll handle them. Definitely, they’ll find that it was me. Let them find. They can’t even touch me. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what about the other two news agencies? 

VANSH: I have already made all the necessary arrangements. Virat has reachea this news agency because the other two are already in my control. He can’t do anything there. Tomorrow, I’ll handle this in my way. For now, we have stopped it. I won’t leave this.. I’ll handle it in my way. You don’t worry.. Before that, we have another work.. 

SEJAL: What is it, bhai? 

VANSH: I’m sure, this riddhima is stuck somewhere. Call her and ask where she is?

Sejal calls riddhima and puts it on speaker.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, what happened? 

SEJAL: Riddhima everything is fine. First tell me, where are you? What happened? 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, while driving I made an accident. An old lady got injured badly. I have admitted her in the hospital. Since this is an accident case, the doctors refused to start the treatment. Finally, I convinced them somehow. But, they have asked me to stay here, until the police arrives. 

Just then, the police comes there. Both vansh and sejal hears the inspector voice. Riddhima cuts the call.. 

SEJAL: Bhai.. 

VANSH: I told you, right.. She is the favourite spot for the problems.. I have heard that inspector voice, somewhere.. 

He thinks.. 

VANSH: He is the same one who arrested riddhima last time on the fake case. He is virat’s friend.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, will they arrest riddhima? 

He calls his lawyer.. 

VANSH: Vansh raisinghania speaking.. 

LAWYER: Yes sir..

VANSH: I need an immediate anticipatory bail for my wife, riddhima raisinghania.. It’s urgent. It was an accident case. The victim is under treatment. She is safe till now. I need the bail within half an hour. Do whatever you want. I’ll use all my influence. She shouldn’t get arrested. 

He cuts the call..

Sejal looks at vansh. Vansh drives the car fast and reaches the hospital. Just then, the police was about to handcuff riddhima.. 

VANSH: One second, inspector.. 

The inspector stops.. Riddhima gets shocked seeing both seja and vansh.. 

INSPECTOR: Why are you stopping me? This is my duty.. 

VANSH: Of course you can do your duty. Can I know, on what charge are you arresting my wife, riddhima? This is my right.. 

INSPECTOR: Of course, you can.. We are arresting her on the charge of hit and run.. 

Vansh laughs.. 

VANSH: Do you know the meaning of hit and run.. As far as I know she made the accident but still, it was she who had admitted the patient. 

Just then, the doctor comes out and informs that the patient is out of danger.. 

VANSH: Wow, now even the patient is out of danger. So, she is safe. And, doctor who has admitted the patient here? 

Doctor points out at riddhima.. 

VANSH: Inspector, did you hear that. Now you must have got it.. She had even waited here till you arrive. So, this is not hit and run.. Now, you must have understood.. 

The inspector gets angry.. Even then, we have to arrest her. She had made this accident.. 

Just then, vansh’s lawyer comes there. Meanwhile the police was about to handcuff riddhima. Vansh stops him again.. 

VANSH: Now, it’s too late.. You can’t do that.. This is a bailable offence. So, here is her anticipatory bail. 

He handovers the bail. The inspector checks it and leaves.. Vansh thanks the lawyer. Meanwhile.. 

RIDDHIMA: Doctor, is she fine? 

DOCTOR: She is out of danger. But, she haven’t gained conscious. I’ll inform you once she gains conscious.. 

Riddhima thanks the doctor. The doctor leaves.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, how vansh came here? 

VANSH: Actually, sejal called me and informed everything. So.. 

Riddhima stops him. 

Riddhima walks away with sejal. She stops sejal.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, does he know anything about that news? Did you take any help from him? Vansh sighs sejal not to tell anything.. 

SEJAL: No.. I just called him after you told me about this accident. 

RIDDHIMA: How did you stop that news then? 

SEJAL: Actually, I found about that news agency using my friend. When, I reached there, there was a fire accident. All the news papers were burnt. 

Riddhima heaves a sigh of relief. She thanks sejal. 

RIDDHIMA: Convey my thanks to your friend too. Finally, god saved me. Thank God!! Today, he has protected me.. 

Sejal looks at vansh.. 

SEJAL: This thanks must actually reach vansh bhai.. Today, I have seen something in his eyes which I haven’t seen before. His only motive was to save you. He didn’t think anything other than that.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, we’ll leave.. 

VANSH: (thinking) I hope you’ll be safe.. But, I won’t leave that virat.. He won’t be quiet. But, why is he doing all this? Why do I feel that his motive was not your company? There is something else.. 

Vansh thinks of riddhima and smiles.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima and vansh brings ganapathi idol to the house. Virat gets angry seeing riddhima.. 

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