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Anupama 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama replies to Vanraj and Kavya’s criticism of her idea that she liked the idea and presented it and Anuj/AK will rejected it if he doesn’t like it, that is the most can happen. Bapuji feels disappointed of Vanraj and Kavya and walks away. Kavya ries to provoke Baa that Anu’s attitude has changed with AK’s entry. Baa warns her to stop provoking her. Kavya says she was expressing her thoughts. Baa warns to shut her mouth and sits thinking. Kinjal tries to calm Anu down and asks her to not to bother about Kavya’s words. Kavya hopes the deal finalizes and nobody talks about AK after that. On the other side, GK asks AK if the didn’t think of giving a rose to Anu which he is storing in diary since 26 years. AK says he thought of informing her everything on party day, yesterday, and today. GK asks then why didn’t he do that. AK says things have changed, Anu handles things alone and walks on her tough path without seeking any help, she doesn’t need help or support, he is her friend, a few roses’ fate are closed booked. GK says he should have proposed her that day. AK says he wouldn’t have fought in college even after his parents’ and GK’s advice; he was in hospital for 10 days after that fight; when he reached college, Devika informed that Anu’s marriage is fixed; when he wanted to try, his friend Bunty’s broke down and when he reached Anu holding rose, it was too late and Anu’s baraat had already arrived; he saw smile on Anu’s face and it revealed that she was happy with her marriage; her happiness matters to her most, so he returned home that day and left to US with broken heart; he didn’t want to return and called his parents and GK there; Devika used to give Anu’s information to him regularly; he could see Anu after 26 years and that is enough for him. GK asks is it. AK walks away saying he has an important meeting. GK thinks fate brought them together after 26 years and now it will play its role.

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